Understanding Garveyism by: Shaka Barak

Garveyism and Education

“The time has come for the Negro (African) to forget and cast behind him, his hero worship and adoration of other races and to start out immediately to create and emulate heroes of his own.” Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, 1925 African Fundamentalism

The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey born August 17th 1887, Jamaica, Caribbean is one of if not the greatest leader the African race has had in the last 150 years. Garveyism is Universal African Nationalism that has lead the fight for a place for African centricity, which is an intellectual category that allows us to view social and human reality from an African perspective or stand point. Through Garveyism African-centricity will be used to focus on the cultural and human quality of African thought and practice. African centricity will combat Euro centrism, which is, academic terrorism and an ideology and practice of domination/banditry that is based on the fundamental assumption that all relevance and value are centered in European culture alone.

1. Garveyism is first, based on the knowledge that African culture is not only worthy of study and teaching, but also critical to understanding society and the human experience given its key role in each. Second, Garveyism is a methodological orientation, that has proven the most effective and fruitful way of studying and understanding African people from their own perspective and then leading them. Third, Garveyism recognizes the diversity of perspectives and approaches within the African experiences and places itself at the head as the most successful ideology. Fourth, Garveyism recognizes Africa’s dynamic and diverse character and therefore promotes brotherly and sisterly cooperation. Fifth, it focuses on the continent of Africa’s greatness in people, natural resources and beauty to change the image of Africa, as well as the greatness in the African American past and present nationalist struggles and leaders. Sixth, Garveyism is parts of African culture and Afro-centric nation building. In essence Garveyism accepts the tremendous amount of historical and philosophical material that is invaluable to the growth of our race and is a “race first” approach used in the definition, defense and development of African interest.

2. There is a denial by racist historians of the status of Africans as major players in world history. This denial has created, within the African-American community, the need for the development of Africa and African American studies, principally for the protection of the psyches of African-American students. Our students are fed the lie “that, outside of becoming slaves, African people had made no serious contributions to humanity therefore, they are made to feel that they have no historical worth which is often reflected in students’ failure rates.

3. Garveyism is based on the principles of self-determination, confidence, pride and responsibility which will allow them to build a new world based on the principles of truth, justice, balance and order which is in our best interest. Garveyism education of African students from birth through college is fundamental to the continued survival and liberation of African people.

4. We overcome mentalcide, the genocide of the mind, by using Garveyism to reach our optimum state. A person in an optimum state is a person who has a viable and strong mental state of African consciousness and a sense of their collective Africaness, a high priority of self-knowledge, valuing African centered institutions, actively involved in building and rebuilding African institutions and maintains resolute posture of resisting any forms of anti-Africanism. When you see them their behavior consequences are positive affirmations for Pan-African Nationalist Nation building. Their goals, belief, discussion, debate, argument and purpose are to build an African Centered World order for African people.

5. We define the deficit as it relates to a lack of confidence or low self-esteem as a cultural deficit. Through Euro-centric education, they have extracted from us our cultural expression. Garveyism is a way we can revitalize our cultural infrastructure. We plan to look at rituals that are centered in our cultural reality. We will return to our own cultural traditions that were intelligently conceived. They feed an inner core of African and African American student’s psychic reality.

6. It’s going to take Garveyism to produce an African centered education movement that is critical in dismantling the kind of miss-education that defines the legitimate medium for dispensing information. Black Student Unions and African-American studies programs on college campuses must generated the leadership for Garveyism. The battle is for knowledge and information and the minds of the students.

7. Wherever we find ourselves we have to battle to create as much Garveyism breathing space as we can. We have to stretch the limits of whatever environments we are in until we create the space.

8. The objective has to be African nation building no matter where we are, which is the mega umbrella objective or coherent larger plan.

9. Once African people have confronted the issue of Garveyism we have to remain very serious if we plan to survive and save ourselves as African people. We cant slack off once we recognize what we are really up against.

10. Garveyism shows us that the serious nationalist in our community and our history, like the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey is the correct role models for African students and we must elevated him to his proper place of dignity and of esteem.
11. Garveyism allows us to hold up an Africans who projected under the constraint of his conditions some degree of optimization for our people. Then we are using him as a role models to teach lessons of excellence and empowerment.

12. The Euro-centric value system has in some psychological way intimidated us through miss-education into feeling that we are guilty about that African holocaust. In so doing, the best way we can handle our ancestor’s connection is to try to ignore or try to have this selective amnesia to act like they weren’t here and never existed. Garveyism teaches us that spiritually and historically they are our connection to Africa. They are the Africans we came from.

13. Euro-centric education is why we can easily get so confused about whether we are Africans or not and get into that debate because we don’t have that sense of continuity. Garveyism will bring us straight from the African continent through our ancestor of the African holocaust right into the present. We will no longer walk around here and either we don’t remember or we don’t feel any deficiency because we don’t remember. We will learn how to commemorate in a regular way with rituals.

14. Garveyism will expose students to rituals that allows Africans in the Diaspora to go back and spiritually re-enter that zone of the holocaust and re-experience the pain, the degradation, the insult, the barbarity on the psychological and spiritual dimension.

15. Through Garveyism we will understand how our people were overworked to complete exhaustion, maltreated worse than animals, fed unhealthy food rationed down to starvation levels, nocturnal lock-ups, and corporal punishments, such as beatings, torture and mutilations. We need to understand how we used our creative genius given us by the creator to build civilizations and make our distinct contributions to the history of the world. We need to re-enforce both our pain and prosperity into ourselves so that we can see through the eyes of our ancestors.

16. Through Garveyism we will vindicate our ancestors. We are their vindication. We have to relate culturally to our ancestors. We have to counter the erroneous concept of our permanent separation from our ancestors exhibited in the writings like those of E. Franklin Frazier that says, “But, the habits and customs as well as the hopes and fears that characterized the life of their forebears in Africa, nothing remains.” We are Black and beautiful Africans at home and abroad today and tomorrow.
Sincerely Yours

Shaka Barak President of
The Marcus Garvey Institute

Resurrection of The Black Woman PDF

Want to know the state of a nation? Look at the state of its women.

Want to know how to make a nation weak & vulerable? Make its women weak and vulnerable to you.

Want to make the women feel as if she is weak without your presence and is always vulnerable to you? Weaken the husband right before her eyes.

Want to become master of Gods most precious creation for mankind? Get control over the woman’s womb.

The woman is the key to this nations weakness, as well as its strength. IT all depends on whom she calls master, because without her even having a choice in the matter, she was conflicted and oppressed so that she only has choices.

Want to break a woman down to a bitch? Make her forget her nature…

Resurrection of the Black Woman



Unfit To Be A Slave "Free Book PDF"

How is it that a man becomes free?

He simply says I am free. That’s where it begins.

I can see the hunger for my blood when I

Look in your eyes

You’ll feel the pain in my soul

Know I’m ready to die

Push a levy into the system and just

kiss it goodbye, Goodbye

I’m finally touching the sky

Finally see Martins Dream

The mountain top wasn’t that hard to climb

But still it was a hell of a ride, and I’m a remain here

Just to piss off they white asses

better than a slave to a con master

Your faux ladder

Keep my people climbing forever, tryna figure out whether

They lives matter

You tell em it depends on the weather, My,

eyes sees God when I look in the mirror

I know your eyes hate the design

I hope you gettin this picture

Selfies with Satan,

I sipped wine him while playing scramble

Dominating every word, he was displaying

Picture me rollin with your greatest fear

Third eye blazin, melanated, sun child

see you dead to me there

Couldn’t breathe with me

I can’t breathe with you

Trial murders get foul favors

See I aint free with you

I don’t even wanna eat with you

This aint no hate shit dog,

I’m just better off far from you

keep it real with em dog

That’s why you keep the alarm on you

You and I

We aint so equal

we dead rivals

Wonder why that is

Who controlling this shit

You get on the same page

Maybe we can fix this shit

They still think I’m a slave mama

You still telling my not to kill shit?

Worrying that your son gonna die

Dear mama don’t worry

Christ exists in your son, Bismillah

I got this

I ain’t no slave

I ain’t no slave

You couldn’t find a pair of those in my name

Here it is, my book, “Unfit To Be A Salve”. I hope it touches you in a place that enlightens you. Peace.

Unfit To Be A Slave

Defining Afrocentricity- A Counterculture to White Supremacy

Whose Narrative is Being Told?

For many years, scholars across the fields of Social Science have honed in on the definition of blackness. There has been careful and strategic construction of the Eurocentric perception of the Black family. These ideas have been propagated in global media outlets and have shaped the understanding of the identity of Africans in America. Many use these ideas of blackness as a basis for determining the worth of black men and women within the larger society, as well as to justify the oppression of the black family as a whole. Have we really digressed into this lower version of ourselves or have we just become so docile in objecting to the White Supremacist view with our own definitions that we are contributing to our own death? I propose that both are problems which must be examined and solved and we can start by turning the television off.



Redefining Black Culture

Defining ourselves for ourselves is not just about the influences of the media but the relations amongst our community. We must acknowledge the truth in the misconceived notions of our culture, and expose the black man and woman for their role in their own oppression. This information is not meant to shame blackness but to focus on how we must uplift ourselves. Afrocentricity has been defined in many different ways but I believe the definition given to us by Molefi Asante to be quite comprehensive and simple. “Afrocentricity is a mode of thought and action which the centrality of African interests, values and perspectives predominate.”  Many question how this word, popularized and misused in its Eurocentric redefinition, could help raise positive racial regard for black people but when practiced correctly this idea has the possibility of reconstructing the black mind. Controlling the black mind has been the key to enslavement and has evolved into self enslavement which was outlined by Willie Lynch in 1712 to the crackers, the slave owners, in the colony of Virginia.


“I shall assure you that DISTRUST is stronger than TRUST and ENVY stronger than ADULATION, RESPECT or ADMIRATION. The Black slaves after receiving this indoctrination shall carry on and will become self-refueling and self generating for HUNDREDS of years, maybe THOUSANDS.”


And so we have! We have regenerated the negative aspects of our ancestry and become divided in our manner of thinking. The purpose of Afrocentricity is the unification of the Black mentality. It is a global movement of the social, spiritual and psychological uplift of the black man and woman. This idea is essential to rebuild the black family; to provide structure to counteract the White Imperialist ideology that has broken apart and divided our community. Before we can redefine ourselves and our culture it is imperative that we begin to critically reflect on the ways in which we barricade and imprison ourselves. We must acknowledge the ways in which we have oppressed each other, Black man and woman. Huh? I said we must acknowledge the ways in which we have become death to one another, how we have become chaos to one another, how we objectify one another. There have been problems of interaction between the black male and the black female because of our over-investment in Eurocentrism.

There has been a shift in the past 3 years towards Afrocentric ideas but we have become too invested in the materialistic ideas and not concentrating on building political and economic structures. We have focused on the vague changes of our identity and have not invested in becoming life for one another. Robert Oppenheimer spoke in 1945 and he proposed that we as humans have become God, that we as humans have become death. We have gained the capacity to rain down death on this Earth like it has never occurred before, to kill at will and in our case to dispose of our brothers and sisters as if we are not aware of the Revolution. As if we are not aware of the White Imperialist government unifying to commit genocide on our youth. Before we can become life we must properly understand the ways in which we commit death, in which we perpetuate death: with our words, our actions, our minds, our souls and our very existence. We must be existentially reflective so that we may ascend past our lower selves and find the God within us, within each other.

Acknowledging Our Truth

We have become the countenance of Death! We have become the weapons by which our brothers and sisters shed blood. We have become hyper-masculinity we have become “gangsterism” and we have become the denigration of the Black woman, Black man. Huh? I said we have become the sleuth, we have become uncontrolled hormones and we have become apathy towards the Black woman, Black man. We have become reflections of our enslaved ancestors by which we allow our women to be unprotected, our children to be unruled, by which we allow apathy, pride and fear to rule our mentality in the name of individualistic survival. Black men, all black women are not the enemy! We are there to compliment your evolution into manhood, to study together, to struggle together, and to grow; but we will not shoulder the burden of your inadequacies and insecurities. You must transcend past the weakness that is your sexual nature, you must transcend past your anger, and you must discipline yourself! Take your place in the household of the Black Family and lead. Every 96 miafrorosesnutes a black male is killed by the police state in America, In 2013 Non-Hispanic black males comprised 37% of the full prison population.

They are removing you as a factor in the black household, but YOU ARE HERE! As you are here it your duty to protect your women and children. Declare war on the malignancy that is threatening to remove you from your family, your future families and your ancestry. Attack the system with a downpour of economic and political autonomy; remove yourself from dependency on the system that oppresses you! You must organize with your brothers! You must organize with your sisters! You must be ready to fight!


We have become co-creators with Death! We have become the weapons by which our brothers and sisters are mentally enslaved. We have become the reproduction of self hatred, we have become insecurity and self loathing and we have become dishonorable, Black woman. We have become the denigration of our bodies, we have become unbalanced emotional and psychological energies, and we have become intolerance of the Black man, Black woman. We too have become reflections of our enslaved ancestors by which we abandon allegiance to our Black men, deprive our black children the knowledge of self, and allow our souls to be misled by greed, scorn and fear in the name of sacrificial survival. Black women, we have gained dependency on the white afroroses2supremacist system to provide our resources. We look to the European for protection, for love and acceptance, for peace. We must let go of the superficial binds of this society and replenish our spiritual wealth so that we may educate our children, so that we may educate our men, so that we may become the countenance of life that will reconnect the between the black man and woman. We must be great wives, mothers, organizers, educators, physicians, and we must heal the wounds of ourselves, our children, and our men. We must be patient, forgiving, and loving. We must properly understand the denigration and blatant abuse the black man has endured at the hands of the system we climb into bed with, cuddling up to the killer of your husbands, fathers, uncles, sons and nephews. Declare war on the executioner of our people, committing genocide against us for over 500 years. Assist your brothers in their attack on the system.

Destiny by Haki Madhubuti

“Under volcanoes & timeless years within watch
and low tones. Around corners, in deep caves among
misunderstood and sometimes meaningless sounds.
Cut beggars, outlaw pimps & whores. Resurrect work.
Check your distance blue. Come earthrise men
deepblack and ready, come sunbaked women rootculture on the move.
Just do what you’re supposed to do, what you say you gonta do
not the impossible, not the unimaginative,
not copy clothed as original and surely
not bitter songs in european melodies. Take hold
do the necessary, the possible, the correctly simple
talk of mission & interpret destiny
put land and selfhood on the minds of our people
do the expected, do what all people do
reverse destruction. Capture tomorrows”

The Collective Black Organism

This destruction of our culture was intentional: the enslavement, hangings, beatings, castrations, burning of bodies, implanting of diseases, poisoning of our food, political exclusion, economic deprivation, educational limitations, and murder. Murder of our spirituality, our collective mentality, our men, women and children, it was all intentional. The European oppressor is responsible for all of these misfortunes but we are responsible for rebuilding our communities. We are responsible for capturing tomorrow for ourselves. It is time to stop using the abuse we have endured, however legitimate, as an excuse for what we continue to do to each other. It is time we recreate our identity rooted in Afrocentric politics, familial structures, spirituality and education. We must recreate the positive attributes of our ancestral culture.

We have are passing through a very dark tunnel of self reflection but now we are at the end, we are now freeing ourselves and bonding ourselves in this collective struggle. I believe that the Black man is God and Light as the Black woman is God and Earth. Our job is to work interchangeably to survive, to protect our younger generations and to restore the memory of our ancestry. NOW is the time to unify and revolutionize. Reconstruct our minds, nourish our bodies, protect our souls and aggregate our resources. We will educate ourselves and be patient within our growth. We will gain discipline and structure. We are under strategic political and economic attack, we will defend ourselves! Now is not the time to be stagnant, intolerant, divided, and consumed with self loathing or ego. Now is the time to study, evolve and gain peace with one another; for we are weak alone but a mighty force together.

“Magic my man is you turning my body into a thousand smiles.

Black magic is your touch making me breathe.”- Sonia Sanchez

“Magic my man is you turning my body into a thousand smiles. Black magic is your touch making me breathe.”- Sonia Sanchez


Do You Believe in Magic?

After we have acknowledged where we are stagnant the next step is to evolve. We can make a difference for our future generations and we can become life for one another. Black men and women have stopped loving one another; we have stopped trusting one another and in many ways we perpetuate death as we experience our existence in opposition to one another. There was a time when we were life for one another; where our struggles bonded us and made us fight harder against white supremacist culture. There was a time when we unified against oppressive forces instead of being complicit in our own deaths. We can and will unify again. Brothers and sisters it is time for us to exhibit that magic that Sister Sanchez talked about.

We exist in a political era where it has become normative to murder an entire race of people, men women, and children, while it is witnessed globally; no one doing anything to stop it. It is clear that it is time for us to begin our spiritual consummation with one another. There are many ways to touch and uplift one another. There are many ways that we can remove ourselves from our negative psychological conditioning and transcend into our higher selves. Let us begin by falling back in love with ourselves again, trusting one another again, respecting each other. Let us touch, kiss, smile and make love with each other again Let us revolutionize together. Let us shower each other with positive thoughts, emotions, and actions. We must become balanced again and then we can begin to build our Nation!

Divine blessings and revolution to us all, may our paths collide in the creation of our future.

Mo dupe, Ase.

Author: Wema Shujaa


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