The 10 Elements of the Great Power Argument by Gerry Spence

What is a “Power Argument”?

“The Power Argument is an argument so Powerful in its Structure; so Compelling in its Delivery, that when we assume the Power Stance, the argument cannot be defeated. The PA need not fill the air with noise; it need not destroy the opponent. It can be quiet, gentle; it can embrace love, not anger; understanding, not hate; it can employ ordinary language. There’s one compelling, overriding reason, always, to deliver the PA.”

Here are its 10 elements.

1. Prepare, until you have BECOME the argument. Proper preparation requires you to analyze the facts, and assign roles to the parties. Cast our side as the good guys, unjustly accused, wrongly despised, gravely misunderstood.. Cast our side as the underdog.

2. Open the other to receive our argument. Empower the other to do so.

3. Give the argument in the form of story. Fables, allegories, and parables. Remember: All others are conditioned to listen to stories.

4. Tell The TRUTH. Credibility possesses incredible power. Being who we are is powerful. Saying how we feel is powerful. To be open, and real, and afraid, if we are, is powerful. TRUTH IS POWER.

5. Tell the other WHAT WE WANT. Never leave them to guess what we want; for they may guess wrong. Also, it spoils our credibility. Others do not expect honest persons to play games.

6. Avoid sarcasm, scorn, and ridicule. Use humor cautiously. Be careful of the temptation to show contempt and disdain for the opponent. Hold back insult. No one admires the cynic, the scoffer, the mocker, the small and the petty. The employment of humor can be the most devastating weapon in an argument. But beware: attempting to be funny and failing is deadly.

7. Logic is Power. If it is on our side, let’s ride it all the way. If it isn’t, if it leads us to an unjust result…Logic does not always lead us to truth, or to justice. It defeats spontaneity. It is often dull and without spirit. Do not give up creativity for Logic.

8. ACTION and WINNING are BROTHERS. The worst of head-on attacks is often better than the most sophisticated defense. I never permit my opponent to take control. I do not defend when I can attack.

9. Admit at the outset the weak points in our argument. We can expose our weaknesses in a better light than our opponent, who will expose them in the darkest-possible way. An honest admission, having come from us, not only endows us with credibility; it also leaves our opponent with nothing to say but what has already been said and admitted. However, we must not outsmart ourselves by endowing our opponent with a genius he doesn’t possess. How often an opponent voluntarily reveals a flaw in his argument that I would not have seen, but for my opponent’s having shown it to me. We tend to invest our opponents with an intelligence and wisdom they may not possess.

10. UNDERSTAND OUR POWER. GIVE OURSELVES PERMISSION…ONLY…ONLY…TO WIN. But remember: Arrogance…and Insolence…and Stupidity…are very close relatives. Take the Winning Stance. Turn on the Magical Argument. Open Up, and LET THE MAGIC OUT. TRUST IT, TAKE THE RISK; JUMP!!! With all this knowledge-how to prepare, how to deliver, how to feel, how to be…We’re ready to make the Powerful Argument that will win…every time.



Before You Go…

I’d like to say…

When it comes to speaking the truth on pagan holidays and satanic rituals, you know that not only do people have the Pride in defending them both, but what they say is the utmost! 
Pagan Defender: “We need to think about the children. If we take away what we’ve made the children believe then they’ll be upset. They are happy, and they expect to receive gifts. Would God want us to take away their joy?”

What is Joy? And how does one receive it? And is it Joy for the spirit? Or Joy for pleasing expectations? 

The child is the righteous judge. It see’s both truth and falsehood. Never think a child doesn’t know. However, through repetitive manipulation from crippled mind to one developing, the childs purity can turn into something foul. Mind us, what the lies we tell our children does to being, and in return effects our conscience. Were we not all victims of falsehood taught by our own parents to wordhip images that werent our own? The majority of us were and that is why it is the majority of us that are fucked up under a well established, Fucked Up system. We grew up, saw the world, and was like “wtf?”. 

For some and myself included, We look at history and we see that our parents were there at the prime of the black panther movement, tje civil rights movement, Dr. King, & Malcom, and many other revolutionaries & Pan-Afrikanists. They were alive when the chants heard by the whole world was “Fight Black People Fight!” And then somehow the chants faded and black people stopped fighting. Black people were defeated.

For many of us, we look at our parents and ask, “well what was your part in all this?” “Did you even try?” “You were there when our prophets were alive and you didn’t carry on the tradition of the system they outlined for us to follow, so that we will no longer be an oppresed people?” Actually, barely are any of us confronting the elders with this. We’re not putting the accountable on trial, but we need to.

But see, everything happens for a reason, and perhaps the time during our parents youth just wasnt the time for black people to rise. The world had to suffer a little more, we had to cry a little more, and we had to burry a whole lot More.

Now we are here… About to hit 2016 following up one hell of a 15. Black people, we’ve been given every reason to burn America, and every reason has been provoked. We have been mocked, we have been stalked, we have been taunted, and why? Because all “they” expect as retaliation from black people are protests & uncontrolled emotional outbursts. They expect “leaders” to preach and preachers to calm the masses with promises of hope in the sky, and fine rhetoric that gets us dancing again. However, black people, in this new era of terror we have once again been given instruction and a guideline for a system, that will end our days of being an oppressed people. 

Once again, we are in the position of our parents. What will we do? Will black people receive their long awaited overdue birthright of liberty and justice? Will we stop trying to be united with all as if there is no such term as enemy and a precence that goes with it? 20 years from now, will my son or your child write this same letter? Will there still be cries of “R.I.P” “Free…” “….. Lives Matter”? Or will we have advanced. Will we have gained justice?

For Justice to be, we must first hate, despise, and be disgusted by injustice.
That choice is up to us. We have to prove worthy before God really, really, intervenes. We must become servants to only one master, and that master is God. But then you have to figure out… Who is your God? 

Let’s get our answers straight in 2016 ✌🏾️

Why Most of Our Debating is Meaningless 

Horus, Buddha, Mithra, Krishna, and Osiris. The names I have listed are the names you hear in the recent famous debate on whether or not Jesus the Christ ever existed. Could there have ever once lived a man who was born a virgin birth, perfomed miracles, spoke parables to the people, spoke out against the government, introduced new laws, died on the cross and then ressurected? Could there have ever been such a man? And if there were, was that man named Jesus or…

But a better question for me would be, what all was happening during the time they claim the man name Jesus to have existed? What was Jesus recolutinizing for and who or what was he fighting against? Who was the enemy at the time and what were the conditions of the society and the people?

It’s not about whether or not Jesus existed, it’s about the laws and the principles. Its about the princliples and laws from those times, that we are able to see can apply today. Does any historical event seem relative to anything going on today? If it’s relatable, then it must be true, or have some form of truth because you can understand it, Right? Perhaps there are disagreements, and that is fine. When you look at our world today, who is the enemy, and what is the condition of our society and our people? Does any action that the radical Jesus the Christ took against the injustice system in his time make sense to be repeated in our own actions today? Was Jesus a man? Or a principle? All of these questions and more… But it can all be so simple when we rationalize our minds and start thinking root, before we contemplate tree.

Here is why debate over truth is nonsense and debate on opinions should be called for what they are…

Can a man from a nice residential area in the suburbs understand the life of a man who lives in the ghetto? Can someone who has never been broken hearted relate to the story of someone who has? Should someone who Is in a relationship, take partner communication advice from someone who has never been in one? Can a poor man teach a rich man how to hustle? (Maybe by the lessons of his mistakes). Can a fool guide a wise man to a knowladgble source? (Maybe by the lessons of his mistakes).

All that is said to say this…

Sometimes we argue because our ego is defending its pride. I’m at faults for this too. We have to take the emotion out of it if we are planning on ever getting a clear understanding of things, or be able to communicate affectively, and to also get things done. All of US!

I personally find arguments over opinions and personal beliefs to be a waste of breath, especially when they are fielded with emotion. It’s all idle time to me and I personally do not have the time. I’ve denied to partake in many debates simply because I knew they would not serve anything besides the rise and fall of the ego. The only people whom I would debate with are those who have access to the libraries of truth and falsehood, and their status speaks it.


Jesus answers “What is Truth?”

“Truth is the only thing that changes not,” Jesus said. In all the world there are two things; The one is truth; the other is falsehood, and falsehood that which seems to. Now truth is aught and has no cause, and yet it is the cause of everything. Falsehood is naught, and yet it is the manifest of right. Whatever has been made will be unmade; that which begins must end. All things that can be seen by human eyes are manifest of aught, are naught, and so must pass away. The things we see are but reflexes just appearing, while the ethers vibrate so and so, and when conditions change they disappear.”

whether or not this man existed, he spoke no lie.

Men Watch As Girlfriends Get Catcalled 

This is the reality which we all know. Many of us have actually done this form of catcalled and even at a more dissrespectful level. What is your reaction after seeing this? If you’re a catcaller, will you now stop the rude assaults after seeing it from the outside in?
For those of you with a girlfriend, how would you react if you seen a similar video to this featuring your girlfriend?
This is a topic that should be intoduced in conversation.

Raising Queen

Never would I have ever, ever think that I would make it this far…
You taught me how to smile, the first time we looked into each others eyes, the day that I was able to finally see who you were. At first when I came, I gasped with tears looking for you, not knowing what you looked like, only knowing the energy that you held within you. You have always been able to stop my tears, by holding me comfortably and resting my head upon your breasts.
You taught me strength. No matter how many times we were removed from our home or how many shelters we had to reside in, you never signed away on your life. Although food was limited, your hustle was persistent. I don’t remember if there were ever a whole day that went by, where I would have gone without having had something in my stomach. You taught me that with having strength comes sacrifice. You’ve had many sleepless nights,your body had many desires for it to remain for the next day, yet when the next day came, you and your smile still  remained.
You taught me to be humble. Although we never had the world, we had the things that God provided us, which was each other. That was what you told me. I would complain silently for my needs as a child to be able to live as a child. Silently I complained, because so aware were my eyes to the pain you felt each day, but tried to hide from me. I knew that to still have you there with me was a blessing, and God must be real up there, because I remember every night in your prayers, you asking, “Dear lord, If I ever shall die, please have mercy on my daughter and allow her to have another day.” I had wondered at the time, if God ever spoke back to you. I was glad that we always had some place to sleep at night, so I learned that although I may live in struggle, as long as I had something today, there was still a chance for a better tomorrow.
You taught me that love was still real, even when it wasn’t seen. I remember when my need to be a teen, and to live like the people I watched, got the best of me and I began to hate you for what you couldn’t provide for me. I cursed you, I mocked you, I betrayed you, and I left you. Still though, mother, you never left me. Why though? How could you have still loved me while I did so much harm to your heart? You said, “because for nine months we were one, and on the day when for the first time we locked eyes, something automatically became real through you first smile, something that I promised would always remain in my own heart.” Then I would remember everything we been though, my childhood, and how not only did you keep me alive, but the love from both of us combined, is was kept us standing.
You taught me that valuing myself as a woman came first. I remember my first heartbreak, when I cried in your arms, and once again you comforted me with resting my head upon your breasts .I remember me wondering and asking aloud, “what did I do wrong?” and how could I fix it. You told me that the only thing I needed to fix was my level of self esteem and my need to be wanted. You told me that I was born to be a creator, a healer, a warrior, and that I was a nurturer for life, that life depended on me, and I needed not to depend on it, or devalue myself as a pawn waiting to be used. You told me that many things will be said about me and many images will be created, to portray me as something which I must know for myself, I am not. From then I understood my value, and my worth. Watching you as a woman, taught me who I am.
You taught me to love, instead of hate what I didn’t understand. When they diagnosed you, I was angry, I was confused, I had questions but didn’t know where to go to find the answers. So I felt that God was responsible. I felt like you paved the way for everything you’ve been through, in order for you to be able to live a long life. So why couldn’t God have mercy? When that was all you’ve ever asked of him in the first place. But you denied me of my anger, and reminded me how God kept us both in each others lives, and provided for us the means to survive, through our times of struggle. You told me that everything that has life has it’s time, but just because the things we love doesn’t last forever, does not mean that we need to curse it from the time it’s been with us. You told me that my frustration of not understanding something, meant that I wasn’t one with it, and me being frustrated with God for what was happening to you, meant that I wasn’t one with him. You taught me that forgiveness, would provide prosperity for my heart, so I forgave my misunderstanding, and I forgave my own separation, from the life bond that we made.
You taught me that if I were to truly be a forgiving person, I had to let go
of pain.
You taught me so many things, but most importantly, you taught me how to be a strong, standing, faithful, and motivating black woman, who was inspired by her own queen.
On this special day of mine, I dedicate it to you, both me and your granddaughter. Although she remembers you barely, I pass on everything that you have ever given me, to her. On that day when her and I first locked eyes, and I seen her smile for the first time, I understood the bond, and I made the same promise to her, that you made to me.
This is a special day for us all, and I know you’re here celebrating and enjoying it with us. I thank you for being a queen, who raised a queen, who is now able to raise up another queen. Without you, I could not have been possible.
Thank you mother.

What's The Cost of Living? 

If you didn’t have to pay any bills for the rest of your life, starting today, what would you do? 

😂😂😂 All we are doing, in this life of ours, is paying to live in a planet which God gave us all to live in for free. All we had to do was obey his laws. But it’s more than that now. Each and every one of us, idc who you are, everything that you do, everything that you struggle for, all of your tears, pain, happiness, all of it comes from living to pay to live. 

Yeah. We’re all paying until we die, and then to die costs too. As we are living tho, we pay to impress other people, so that they may join us in our paying lives, so we wont have to pay alone. We desire to have someone else join us in our debt to live on earth. We’re all selfish! 

Because of the inherited need to pay cash or virtual money in order to have the satisfactory of living, do you know how divided loved ones are? When there is no money, nobody is happy.


What the hell are we doing? What the hell are we really living for? You even have to pay to watch on tv, other people live. You enjoy it though, I know.You have to pay to laugh or enjoy anything here on earth. Let’s say you have family in another state or across the country, guess what? You have to pay some fees in order for you to enjoy family time. Skype & Facetime isn’t enough, and you still have to pay for that.  

Everyone complains, but when you solve the complaints, they’ll complain about that too.

What’s your goal in life? Hell, what’s any of our goals? “To pay off my bills, pay my mortgage, pay my car note, pay my kids tuition, pay, pay, pay, pay, pay!!!!” 

But hey…. 

Fuck this world and fuck the people who stole us from God.  

Fuck you! Fuck you! And oh one more thing, fuck you! 
(btw I’m in very good standing with the most high, and he is not going to condemn me from having a “curse” word in the same sentence where I him.)

Before I end this, I want you to think about this question I’m about to ask you. If you the opportunity to recieve a billion dollars, but you had to decide to do 1 out of 3 options given for you to do, which you would have to do in order to recieve the money. The three options are,

  1. Rob a close relative
  2. Manslaughter a stranger 
  3. Seperate from a loved one

Which one would you choose? Even if you are let’s say, pure in heart, and choose not to do either one and continue to be in debt to living, there is someone out there in the world who would be recieveing 1 billion dollars and living “debt free”. 

So think deeply about the question in the title.

What’s the cose for living? The answer is a life. There’s a price on your head. 

That is all for my rant…. This don’t happen too often, take precaution. 


I Was Angry…

One time I made a mistake… I remember when I cheated on… I remember how it felt when you…. I wish I could change the past… If only she knew… If only he knew… How much I loved them…. I admit, I lied to you.. My love was never real, I admit I played games… I didn’t know how to make you understand… I miss you… I wish you were still here…
I’m beginning a new vlog called Heart Confessions. Everyone has something that they’re holding deep inside them, everyone has a story, and everyone has that one person who they wish they could’ve did things different with, or that one person who they wish they had a second chance to talk to. Perhaps there’s something that you’ve never said before, because you never knew how to say it. I want to give people an open chance, to share their story. Heart Confessions is your chance to speak to the person who loved you, hurt you, or is no longer here to hear you. Perhaps there is someone who never knew how they made you feel; perhaps there is someone’s voice you wish you could hear. Let your voice be heard through Heart Confessions
I need volunteers to make this project possible, help make Heart Confessions a reality that helps people heal. If interested, email me a video of you speaking your confession to —-
It doesn’t matter who the confession is targeted to, or the topic… This is to help release the mind and the soul, from the toxic emotions that has been sinking inside of you for so long. This is an outlet for you to just tell the truth how it is. Release it with rage, release it with tears, or release it with joy. Either way you choose, release it with Heart Confessions.

Now it’s time to let go…