Brotherhood & Love : As Religion 

There will be a day, that for everything now that we waste, squander, & take advantage of, people all over the world will be killing each other and going to war for.
Water… Food… Clothing, no matter what name brand or design… Fresh air… Transportation….
All the things that now, receives no true value because money keeps it coming endlessly. People of all religions will find themselves under the same destruction, fighting to have the same freedom. They will see that everything they thought they were living for, was indeed a lie. But it will be too late.
Brotherhood & Love as Religion
Peace and blessings everyone. First I would like to say that this blog post is not a proposal against any religion; it’s rather a proposal for humanity to focus their practices on the same gospels that every mans religion teaches; “Brotherhood and Love”. 
Jesus gave two great commandments to his disciples that was meant for all persons who inhabit the Earth to follow. They were, 
1st– Love God with all of your heart, mind and soul.
2nd– love your neighbors as you love yourself. 
Jesus was not of any specific religion. He never claimed to be of Islam, ChristianityBuddhism, or any other religion. Jesus said himself that he was a prophet of love & brotherhood. He was to teach this to all of mankind. His mission was to speak truth for the ears that listened and the eyes that saw. 
Why is this world in threat of destruction? Why is there poor & Why do the poor weep? Why are children confused? Turning enemy’s amongst themselves as they are still in childhood, receiving parenthood from outside the home. Why are the rich unhappy, and although have enough money to fulfill their desires, still among the unlucky? Why are parents turning away from their children and the children turning away from their parents? 
Instead of love, there is competition. There is hate when one person or a team, is not higher ranks than another.
Instead of peace, there is war. There are court cases, unlawful settlements, death due to disagreement. 
Instead of family, there is separation when needs are not meant to someone’s satisfaction. There is backstabbing, there is betrayal. There is a need for an empire, instead of a home first. 
Instead of sisterhood, there is the need to conquer each other, although all who are women should stand together to be caregivers to not only one another, but to the Earth and the men and children which they breed. 
Instead of brotherhood, there is falsehood. There is always a need for competition, a cause for separation, and the result is always war. There is the need to betray a brothers heart and his faith in his own brother, when that brother desires his brothers woman. There is the need to have what is not yours, for pride and ego fulfillment. 
These are the answers for every “Why there are’s”
In the great book it warned, 
Zephaniah 2:1-2 
 “Gather yourselves together,yea,gather together, O nation not desired; Before the decree bring forth, before the day pass as the chaff, before the fierce anger of the Lord come upon you, before the day of the Lord’s anger come upon you.”
We are all to face the same judgement, yet we act as if there are going to be many Gods besides the one who is almighty, the one who forgives each and everyone of us for every night he decides to allow all us all to sleep through, so that we may see a new morning. But we fight, and we kill, and then ask God in our prayers, “Oh lord, why is the world this way?”. God has ears for all, but not for those who know yet still continue to trash his commandments. 
It is not about race, it is not about color. It is about humanity suffering because of humanities doings. Protesting does nothing, shouting does nothing but creates noise that will soon fade. All people must get the freedom and justice they desire by sacrificing their fear of being defeated. Fear of anything that is not by the power of God is a sin towards God. Be firm to those who are unlawful, as they have been firm towards you. 
It starts by saying No
  • Say no to going against your brother, striking him, desiring his woman, desiring his possessions, and desiring his status in life to yours. 
  • Say no to hate against your fellow women, striking them, putting them beneath you, calling them the same names the oppressors have called them, enslaving them to your command as your ancestors have been slaved to another command. 
  • Say no against not being parents and not teaching your children in the home, but sending them to institutions to be taught by teachers who you have not even tried yourself to see if their teachings were worthy for your children. 
Take the responsibility that is yours, and do not pass it on to another because of your fear of handling. 
Brotherhood and love, should be a religion of itself, practiced by all of mankind. It is the separation of faith, that has divided mankind and has caused this world to be in the order that it is in. 
  • Start by giving, when you have to give. 
  • Start by not judging, when you are in no such authority. 
  • Start by lending, when you know you can afford it. 
  • Start by teaching, when you have been given the knowledge to pass on. 
  • Start by being truthful, so that those around you can feel comfortable, and adopt the practice of  honesty as well. 
  • Start by putting down your own wall; for you are no china. God will not allow you to be broken. He only puts you through lessons so that you will learn, and you will be repaired from the person you were before. 
  • Start by loving just to love, as you love yourself and love God. Stop being persuaded to love and love sincerely. If you find yourself having to be persuaded to love someone else, look into your own heart to answer why, and ask God to guide you. 
  • Start by protecting even those who are strangers. Show off the practices of Brotherhood and Love, so that others will see the fault in their injustice ways, and adopt those practices. 
Be a brother to your brother, and a sister to your sister. 
Be a faithful husband, and be a faithful wife. 
Be faithful parents. 
Be faithful children. 
Be faithful friends.
This is how the world can be changed into a beautiful place. 
Start by passing this on…

5th Instruction- To the Vain


  1. Inconsistency is powerful in the heart of man; an excessive indulgence of this leaves man unstable in his paths; Despair absorbs much of it; and Fear declares it: He said, “Behold, I stand with neither an equal nor a competitor,” yet Vanity rises beyond them all.
  2. Do not feel sorrow over the misfortunes of your human state; rather laugh at its foolish actions to keep you down. Yet, for the man who is obsessed with his own pride, in his hands, life then is but the shadow of a dream.
  3. The public is unstable and ungrateful, no matter how much food you put into their starving stomachs and no matter how many gifts they receive. So why should the wise man endanger himself for fools?
  4. The man who may neglect his present concerns, to focus on how he may be when in greater heights, feeds himself with wind, while his plate is eaten by another.
  5. Act as what you have become and what you wish to be, not as the character of others. With this, you will not walk with shame.
  6. Vanity can blind your eyes and hide your own heart from you. Be careful, for what you fail to see in the mirror, others will discover in plain sight.
  7. Always, the heart of the vain is troubled even while it seems content; the vein’s cares are greater than its pleasures.
  8. Do well and do good things while you live; but give no regard for what is said of it. Be content with deserving praise, and even your future generations will rejoice in hearing it.
  9. Man who needs others approval, demands others to take not of who/what he is, what he possesses. Without this, that man fails to live because he believes that life is worthless when it is not recognized.
  10. “To what purpose,” he said, “is my luxurious life, my fine & flashy things, if the world cannot see it?” Give your clothes to the naked, give food to the hungry, and share your fine things with the unfortunate; so then you will be praised by the world, and will feel deserving of it.
  11. Why plant in every ear the flattery of unmeaning words? Then when these words are returned to you, you give it no regard. It has been understood that you have found that when you lie, you are thanked for it. Speak in sincerity, and you will be able to hear with instruction.
  12. The person who is in vain is always delighted to speak of themselves, but vanity prevents them from seeing that others are not as delighted to hear them talk.
  13. When the vain has done anything worth praise, if they have something which they feel is worthy of admiration, their joy is to proclaim it, their pride to hear it reported. This desire makes one their own worst enemy. Sincere people do not say: “Look! He’s done it,” or “See, he’s got it,” but “Look how humbled he is.”
  14. The heart of man cannot attend at once to too many things. He, who stages his soul to be on show, loses touch with reality.
  15. Vanity has grown to be highly existent in this world. So many people have more of a need to be seen, than to just do for good reason. Social Media has shaped the souls of many to be so vain that they when they don’t receive the attention desired, or as that of another, it literally destroys them. Do not mind those who receive a consistent large amount of attention, for that attention is not pure and neither are they. For they have an obvious weakness, it is the attention they receive, without it, then what or who would they be?

Fourth Instruction- UNITY


1. The gifts of the understanding are greatly valued in the eyes of God; and He appoints to everyone his portion, in what he as well measures to be good unto Himself.
2. Has God furnished you with wisdom? Has He enlightened your mind with the knowledge of truth? Communicate it to the ignorant, for their instruction; communicate it to the wise, you will find there will be improvement upon yourself.
3. True wisdom is less followed on than is foolishness. The wise man doubts often, and has change in his mind; the fool is stubbornly adhering to one’s purpose, he agrees with everything and doubts nothing; he states that he knows all things, but his own ignorance.
4. Having so much pride to the point where you are in denial of your own lack of, is shameful; and to talk much, is the foolishness of the fool; nevertheless, it is the part of wisdom to hear with patience their absurdity, and to pity their senselessness.
5. Do not be stuck up in your own fancy, neither should you boast of superior understanding; the clearest human knowledge is but blindness and foolishness.
6. The wise man has knowledge of his own flaws, and he is humbled; he works on his own vanity for his own approval but the fool peeps from the shadow stream of his own mind, and is pleased with the pebbles which he see at the bottom; he brings these pebbles up into the light to show them as pearls and with desires an applause for his own satisfaction.
7. Do not be too proud to be of aid to another, to not be so vein to where you feel as if you are better than the person who may have a lack of pride.
8. Accept the hand of another, accept the smile of a stranger, and return the favor with honest giving of appreciation. For when people can come together, bond their ideas, with either brotherly or sisterly love for each other, than a “Master Mind” is formed.
9. Cultivate your mind with knowledge; Feed the utility of your knowledge to the public and honor will be received.
10. Allow your fellow folk to know that it is ok to live life without fear, that they can find love without having denial of it or being afraid of the harm which people have said it brings. For when people feel safe to bong with others, destruction decreases; death decreases, pain decreases, hurt decreases, and tears will be no more.
11. Love thy brother as if thy mother birthed him, love thy sister as if she was yours to protect, and love thy neighbor, because although not connected through a line of blood, you are each others family.

First Instruction- Young Men


Every day for this week, I will be posting instructions (One instruction per day) for both my current and future readers, as well as intending to be passed on to a family member or significant other. With these instructions, I intend for my readers to be able to understand, practice, and live by the standards that keeps humanity bounded together, which is love, truth, peace, freedom & justice. If taken & understood correctly, the instructions to come will guide my readers on how to understand & care for oneself, as well for humanity. The goal intention of these instructions is to mentor, instruct, & guide the generation of today.
I will begin this week with a message to the young men of our generation
1. Be cautious, young man; be cautious and aware of all the temptations of those who shine in front of you with their luxurious life and lavish charm. Protect yourself from the girl who is sexually unrestrained and does not hide her desires by exposing her sacred self to the world…

2. Being obsessed within your desires, playing a running game to be at one with a life that has no concern with you or your well being will only hurt what you wish to attain; from the blindness of this worldly obsession, you shall only run upon destruction. Not the finish line which you’ve imagined.

3. Therefore do not give not up your own self, do not give up the person who makes who you are, or your heart, to those who will lead you on with exciting hopes and or desires. These things are known as fancy clothing, they are known as rappers, and a few of these temptations come in the form of which we all love even as young man, the form of the woman… They call the women who falsely temp men Jezebels, whores, or in new translations- THOTS. Be careful to not sell your soul to be enslaved by either one of these charming delusions.

4. Youth does not last forever. Do not be conceited, your looks which you use to get you by in life will not last forever. Soon the time will come when the days of your fine things and fine looks will no longer be of any worth. Your fine things will decrease value both to the world and your wallet, as well will your looks lose value to yourself and the women you used it to please.

5. It is up for you to now, to prepare for the day of old age, so that every morning, the sun will not be as bright as it once was, but instead brighter.

6. Understand that, not all women who shine bright like the stars and have a figure that attracts many eyes of men, is out to due you harm, nor are they all Jezebels. Just because her figure attracts the eyes of men, does not mean that her bed does. There are women who are of moral excellence and have care for herself as well as others. Do not be blind to such woman, and be careful to not be of any reason for this woman to have a blind eye towards you. Keep yourself in the manner just as you would expect your woman to keep up herself.

7. There is a young woman out there for you young man, and her purity exceeds with excellence; her smile is more delicious than a garden of roses.

8. The innocence of her eyes is like soul food for your soul; simplicity and truth dwell in her heart. When she allows you a part of it, it is then your duty, to not do it any harm.

9. The kisses of her mouth are sweeter than honey; the perfumes of Arabia breathe from her lips. Do not kiss these lips, if your lips pursue more into lies than truth.

10. Do not abuse her love; the purity of its flame shall elevate your heart in high degree, and soften it out of honest innocence to receive the fairest impressions, and equality.

Brotherhood Matters "Part 2"

Today was both an emotional & inspirational day for me. Today I saw what is rarely seen in today’s America. Today I both witnessed and was a part of, brotherhood. I’m in a mentoring group called the R.I.T.E program at my school and what we do is, we reach out to young black males who we see have a potential that they don’t know yet to exist. I personally reach out to the young black men of my generation who I see are living to the expectation that was put on them, that is dysfunctional, ignorant, & wild.


I was asked a question today that I too at one point in time, had asked of myself. It was, why do I care so much about the black race, and why do I have so much focus and desire to show my fellow black men love, support and help raise them up. Well it’s quite simple for me. I’ve lived among the poverty, I was it, halfway through my life I was raised in the ghetto, I was a part of it, I was on the corners with the hustlers, pimps, & old heads that played pastor, and I was a part of them. I witnessed my own people treat each other worst than they say white people treat us, literally like humans who have no point in existence… I’ve seen brothers die in the hands of another brother, a man begging another man for a drug and women offering their own body up for a hit of something that would make their body numb. Everybody wanted to be numb. Numb to the pain they felt everyday just by waking up and looking into the mirror, the pain they felt by looking at themselves. They wanted to be numb to their own existence. I’ve witnessed a mother tell her own children to go into the other room while she took some pills which she hoped would take her life, she was so tired. I have seen my own people give up on themselves because they believed that there was a limit to how far they could reach in life.

I never finished high school. I’m able to continue my education with the aid of a GED. This is very important for why I care so much about my people because, I know people who have received their high school diploma, yet have stood still in the same place. They were the ones who had inspired me to go back for my education. I was witnessing the class I would have graduated with get ready for graduation, taking pics of their caps and gowns and at that time, I envied them while feeling disappointed in myself. I just knew that everybody was getting ready to leave and go off to college and I was sick with the thought of not being able to move onto that next level with that. I wanted to be able to catch up and enjoy the college life with my graduating class. So I did it, I went to a community college and received my GED within 3 months and moved off to the next level by leaving town, and moving into student housing. I moved so fast that when I looked behind me, I noticed how empty the room was. I realized that when I spoke I heard echoes, and it was only my voice that spoke back to me. I realized that I was the only one who had moved on, the boy with the GED, while all of my friends stayed behind with their high school diplomas, I was lost with questions. It took some time but I was finally able to understand why. The people who had stayed, all of my friends and those who I was not so close to but were my associates on Facebook, stayed because they never had nor have they ever seen any inspiration to move on to the next level. I began to think back and memories became clear. I remember seeing men & women who I remember being in their teens & early 20’s when I was younger, at the time when I was getting ready to leave, still living in the same ghetto, and now as the wannabe pastors who they once joked about and told us youngsters to never be, and some became the mothers who just wanted to numb the pain of living.


I realized that there was a trend, a trend of hopelessness, a trend of just dreaming and not living, and a trend of failure. I know that the young generation does not necessarily listen to the older generation for various reasons, so I knew that although not given to me, I had a responsibility. That responsibility was to continue my education, follow every single one of my dreams like they are the reason why I breathe and if for some reason I couldn’t achieve them, my life would stop. I had to adopt this way of thinking, I had to become serious, and I had to become somebody who would inspire the reason for those who stayed to say, “Wow, he did it? Well I can do it to. I’m going to be somebody because he just showed that it was possible, and this is the same guy that was smoking weed & laughing on the corner with me. Wow, and with a GED. Imagine what I could achieve.” There are so many young black males, plenty that I know personally, who have nobody to look up to besides the people who teach them to look down, and when they look to their fellow brothers of their same generation, they’re looking down right along with them. These brothers are also used to seeing one of their own looking down on them because that person may have made it to college or simply just stepped up in life, but at the same time forgot about their people. I can’t forget about my people. I believe that God wouldn’t even let me try.

So why do I care so much about the black race? Why am I so passionate about brotherhood and reaching out to black males who are either the same age as me or younger? It’s because they need to see at least one of their own giving a rightful damn about them. They need to see one of their own make it. They need to see a reason to believe, and they need to see that success is possible.

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Today consisted of another step in helping me show the existence of brotherhood. Today, me and my group went out to get fitted for suits. We decided that we’re going to promote professionalism attire, and this group consists of men all from different places, all with a different story. There was so many shocked looks on people’s faces when they seen us all together, getting fitted for our suits and showing how much love we had for each other. Those looks gave me life, and those looks will grow even further once we start walking around in those suits, showing & proving to be proud black men, united. I am the youngest out of this group, and my goal is for young brothers to see us all in this attire and immediately feel a spark of determination, and want to be a part of something that is already theirs.


We have been our own worst enemy for so long and not only do I feel, but I know that once we as a people learn how much we need to love & respect each other in order for us to get anywhere, we as the current future can set the stage for our future, to be able to have a future, so that they can look forward to a future.
The women look up to us men. They watch and listen to everything we do, and they take it in. Believe it or not, but we inspire their character, we inspire how they think, especially about men in general. They need us men to be men, not only to be good husbands, but great fathers. And that’s why it starts with us, the brotherhood…


"I Can Breathe" – Brotherhood Matters

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Brotherhood matters…. I know the current protests are that black lives matter which is true indeed and it is a blessing to have the world unite for such cause… But why have these protests started? Eric Gardner… Mike Brown…. Two cases that have struct an uproar in not only black communities, but amongst varios races worldwide… Who were these two men? These two men were young black brothers who were brought to their final breath, by the hands of police officers…  No they were not related, but they were indeed brothers, as we all are. Yet there is this belief that, if one is not blood, he cannot be my brother and I cannot have the same care or have affection towards him as I would my own flesh and blood… 


For that is why I say, Brotherhood Matters.. Why? Now this is to my fellow black communities, look with me.  Are my eyes alone in seeing a common consistency in our black men fighting each other rather than “holding each other down”? The jealousy, the hate, the animosity, the injury brothers cause brothers. A black man pointing a gun at another black man, who may be a father, a husband, looking into a mothers childs eyes,  and taking his life… It’s been happening for years.. How do you not get sick? When you have knowledge of what our people gone though, what we have came up from, what we have survived! How do you not get sick when you use your own hands till kill one of your own? To take the life of your own brother and then have the nerve to call out a so called “enemy”….

There was once upon a time when we were kids and our only enemy’s were The Grinch, Plankton (Spongebob), Frieza (DBZ) , Mojo Jojo (powerpuff girls), or even Bison (Street Fighter). As kids we would come together in the video games with the goal to beat these villains or watching the cartoons rooting for the villain to be put down by the hero… (How does it feel to reflect back on your childhood? Yeah.. Those times existed). The point I’m making here is that we all had a common enemy, whether black or white, we were together on the same team, but now our common enemy is each other. Now obviously we have grown up and we cannot carry on as children believing that these villains are our real enemies today, but it seems to me that we had more sense as children, because no matter what, we saw each other as family. Now I question black men, how can you call the white man the true enemy when you still can’t trust your own color? The sense in that fails to come out to me as being commonly correct.. Look in the mirror and ask yurself, why are black people dying so consistently? Who is killing them? Who is aiding in adding to the graveyards another black body in a casket? Is it me? 

I cannot afford.. We cannot afford for a continuation of black men being against black men to keep on years down the road. I need.. We need, our brothers to understand the concept and importance of brotherly love. Only then is when we can all proudly call ourselves, Strong Black Men! 

So love thy brother. Feed thy brother. Take care of thy brother. Unite with thy brother.. If not for me, if not for the women, if not even for yourselves, do it for the children. The children need to grow up seeing that love conquers over anything hate has to offer. Create a future that is safe for them, because most importantly, they also matter..

I can still hear my brother crying

I Can’t Breathe

See my people in the struggle and

They Can’t Breathe

Now I’m talking to my people like

All we need

Is for us to come together so

We Can Breathe