Understanding Garveyism by: Shaka Barak

Garveyism and Education

“The time has come for the Negro (African) to forget and cast behind him, his hero worship and adoration of other races and to start out immediately to create and emulate heroes of his own.” Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, 1925 African Fundamentalism

The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey born August 17th 1887, Jamaica, Caribbean is one of if not the greatest leader the African race has had in the last 150 years. Garveyism is Universal African Nationalism that has lead the fight for a place for African centricity, which is an intellectual category that allows us to view social and human reality from an African perspective or stand point. Through Garveyism African-centricity will be used to focus on the cultural and human quality of African thought and practice. African centricity will combat Euro centrism, which is, academic terrorism and an ideology and practice of domination/banditry that is based on the fundamental assumption that all relevance and value are centered in European culture alone.

1. Garveyism is first, based on the knowledge that African culture is not only worthy of study and teaching, but also critical to understanding society and the human experience given its key role in each. Second, Garveyism is a methodological orientation, that has proven the most effective and fruitful way of studying and understanding African people from their own perspective and then leading them. Third, Garveyism recognizes the diversity of perspectives and approaches within the African experiences and places itself at the head as the most successful ideology. Fourth, Garveyism recognizes Africa’s dynamic and diverse character and therefore promotes brotherly and sisterly cooperation. Fifth, it focuses on the continent of Africa’s greatness in people, natural resources and beauty to change the image of Africa, as well as the greatness in the African American past and present nationalist struggles and leaders. Sixth, Garveyism is parts of African culture and Afro-centric nation building. In essence Garveyism accepts the tremendous amount of historical and philosophical material that is invaluable to the growth of our race and is a “race first” approach used in the definition, defense and development of African interest.

2. There is a denial by racist historians of the status of Africans as major players in world history. This denial has created, within the African-American community, the need for the development of Africa and African American studies, principally for the protection of the psyches of African-American students. Our students are fed the lie “that, outside of becoming slaves, African people had made no serious contributions to humanity therefore, they are made to feel that they have no historical worth which is often reflected in students’ failure rates.

3. Garveyism is based on the principles of self-determination, confidence, pride and responsibility which will allow them to build a new world based on the principles of truth, justice, balance and order which is in our best interest. Garveyism education of African students from birth through college is fundamental to the continued survival and liberation of African people.

4. We overcome mentalcide, the genocide of the mind, by using Garveyism to reach our optimum state. A person in an optimum state is a person who has a viable and strong mental state of African consciousness and a sense of their collective Africaness, a high priority of self-knowledge, valuing African centered institutions, actively involved in building and rebuilding African institutions and maintains resolute posture of resisting any forms of anti-Africanism. When you see them their behavior consequences are positive affirmations for Pan-African Nationalist Nation building. Their goals, belief, discussion, debate, argument and purpose are to build an African Centered World order for African people.

5. We define the deficit as it relates to a lack of confidence or low self-esteem as a cultural deficit. Through Euro-centric education, they have extracted from us our cultural expression. Garveyism is a way we can revitalize our cultural infrastructure. We plan to look at rituals that are centered in our cultural reality. We will return to our own cultural traditions that were intelligently conceived. They feed an inner core of African and African American student’s psychic reality.

6. It’s going to take Garveyism to produce an African centered education movement that is critical in dismantling the kind of miss-education that defines the legitimate medium for dispensing information. Black Student Unions and African-American studies programs on college campuses must generated the leadership for Garveyism. The battle is for knowledge and information and the minds of the students.

7. Wherever we find ourselves we have to battle to create as much Garveyism breathing space as we can. We have to stretch the limits of whatever environments we are in until we create the space.

8. The objective has to be African nation building no matter where we are, which is the mega umbrella objective or coherent larger plan.

9. Once African people have confronted the issue of Garveyism we have to remain very serious if we plan to survive and save ourselves as African people. We cant slack off once we recognize what we are really up against.

10. Garveyism shows us that the serious nationalist in our community and our history, like the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey is the correct role models for African students and we must elevated him to his proper place of dignity and of esteem.
11. Garveyism allows us to hold up an Africans who projected under the constraint of his conditions some degree of optimization for our people. Then we are using him as a role models to teach lessons of excellence and empowerment.

12. The Euro-centric value system has in some psychological way intimidated us through miss-education into feeling that we are guilty about that African holocaust. In so doing, the best way we can handle our ancestor’s connection is to try to ignore or try to have this selective amnesia to act like they weren’t here and never existed. Garveyism teaches us that spiritually and historically they are our connection to Africa. They are the Africans we came from.

13. Euro-centric education is why we can easily get so confused about whether we are Africans or not and get into that debate because we don’t have that sense of continuity. Garveyism will bring us straight from the African continent through our ancestor of the African holocaust right into the present. We will no longer walk around here and either we don’t remember or we don’t feel any deficiency because we don’t remember. We will learn how to commemorate in a regular way with rituals.

14. Garveyism will expose students to rituals that allows Africans in the Diaspora to go back and spiritually re-enter that zone of the holocaust and re-experience the pain, the degradation, the insult, the barbarity on the psychological and spiritual dimension.

15. Through Garveyism we will understand how our people were overworked to complete exhaustion, maltreated worse than animals, fed unhealthy food rationed down to starvation levels, nocturnal lock-ups, and corporal punishments, such as beatings, torture and mutilations. We need to understand how we used our creative genius given us by the creator to build civilizations and make our distinct contributions to the history of the world. We need to re-enforce both our pain and prosperity into ourselves so that we can see through the eyes of our ancestors.

16. Through Garveyism we will vindicate our ancestors. We are their vindication. We have to relate culturally to our ancestors. We have to counter the erroneous concept of our permanent separation from our ancestors exhibited in the writings like those of E. Franklin Frazier that says, “But, the habits and customs as well as the hopes and fears that characterized the life of their forebears in Africa, nothing remains.” We are Black and beautiful Africans at home and abroad today and tomorrow.
Sincerely Yours

Shaka Barak President of
The Marcus Garvey Institute


Unfit To Be A Slave "Free Book PDF"

How is it that a man becomes free?

He simply says I am free. That’s where it begins.

I can see the hunger for my blood when I

Look in your eyes

You’ll feel the pain in my soul

Know I’m ready to die

Push a levy into the system and just

kiss it goodbye, Goodbye

I’m finally touching the sky

Finally see Martins Dream

The mountain top wasn’t that hard to climb

But still it was a hell of a ride, and I’m a remain here

Just to piss off they white asses

better than a slave to a con master

Your faux ladder

Keep my people climbing forever, tryna figure out whether

They lives matter

You tell em it depends on the weather, My,

eyes sees God when I look in the mirror

I know your eyes hate the design

I hope you gettin this picture

Selfies with Satan,

I sipped wine him while playing scramble

Dominating every word, he was displaying

Picture me rollin with your greatest fear

Third eye blazin, melanated, sun child

see you dead to me there

Couldn’t breathe with me

I can’t breathe with you

Trial murders get foul favors

See I aint free with you

I don’t even wanna eat with you

This aint no hate shit dog,

I’m just better off far from you

keep it real with em dog

That’s why you keep the alarm on you

You and I

We aint so equal

we dead rivals

Wonder why that is

Who controlling this shit

You get on the same page

Maybe we can fix this shit

They still think I’m a slave mama

You still telling my not to kill shit?

Worrying that your son gonna die

Dear mama don’t worry

Christ exists in your son, Bismillah

I got this

I ain’t no slave

I ain’t no slave

You couldn’t find a pair of those in my name

Here it is, my book, “Unfit To Be A Salve”. I hope it touches you in a place that enlightens you. Peace.

Unfit To Be A Slave

"How to Outwit the Devils Trance" Confessed by the Devil itself

Spiritual death, mental death, physical death, separation of family, separation of mind from reality, wars, hate, betrayal, desperation, lust, envy, jealousy, and much more. Could we ever deny that the devil exists or the power that exists within him? The devil has been reigning supreme for a long time now but what keeps the devil in power today, is that it knows it’s time is up, but we don’t. And being that we are not aware that it is time for the devil to be cast from his throne, we still fear him and it is our fear that feeds the devil the strength to survive. The Devils prey is the drifter. What is a drifter? A drifter is an unstable person with an unstable mind. They just move without thought or ration so they are easily persuaded and subjected. Not everyone are drifters, but enough of the population of our world is, which is why the devil is able to work so well. The devil is able entice people through their fear of poverty, fear of loss, fear of death, and fear of loneliness. He gives people what they want and snatches it away right when they get close to comfortable with it, and then phase 1 begins all over again.

There are those who sort of “wake up” and wish to no longer serve this entity but yet cannot avoid it, because they are bound to the devil due to their habit of drifting. It takes a powerful conscious mind to shake the devil off. Is the devil on you? Are you a drifter? Do you want to know how you can break the cycle, and become a part of the army that puts the devil away in the chamber of its own misery?

Below is an excerpt from “Outwitting the Devil” which is a book written by Napoleon Hill in 1938, but due to it being so “controversial”, it wasn’t published until June, 2011 by Sterling Publishing. This book is supposedly an interview that took place between Napoleon Hill and the Devil itself, where Napoleon Hill gets the devil to confess all of its tactics and even the ways to defeat its providence over mankind. The book was ahead of its time, so as “the devil” saids in the interview. A lot of what the devil predicted will happen to the world under his influence has happened. It was even stated that this books presence will be released to the eyes of the masses, right at the appropriate time for the rise of children who will break free from the Devils enslavement. Is the time now upon us?

Below is a piece from Chapter 5 in “Outwitting the Devil” titled “The Confession Continues”…. Read the Devils confession on a few ways that he himself may be defeated…..

Q Now I am beginning to better understand your technique.
You bribe your victims through their natural desires and lead
them astray while you induce them to become drifters if they
respond to your lure. If they refuse to respond, you plant the
seed of fear in their minds or trap them through some form
of misfortune, and hog-tie them while they are down. Is that
your method?

A That is exactly the way I work. Clever, don’t you think?

Q Which do you prefer to serve as your propagandists— the
young or the old?

A The young, of course! They can be influenced by most
bribes more easily than people of mature judgment. Moreover,
they have longer to remain in my service.

Q Your Majesty has given me a clear description of drifting.
Tell me what must be done to insure against the habit of
drifting. I want a complete formula that anyone can use.

A Protection against drifting lies within easy reach of every
human being who has a normal body and a sound mind. The
self-defense can be applied through these simple methods:

1. Do your own thinking on all occasions. The fact that
human beings are given complete control over nothing
save the power to think their own thoughts is laden with

2. Decide definitely what you want from life; then create
a plan for attaining it and be willing to sacrifice everything
else, if necessary, rather than accept permanent defeat.

3. Analyze temporary defeat, no matter of what nature
or cause, and extract from it the seed of an equivalent

4. Be willing to render useful service equivalent to the value
of all material things you demand of life, and render the ser-
vice first.

5. Recognize that your brain is a receiving set that can be
attuned to receive communications from the universal store-
house of Infinite Intelligence, to help you transmute your
desires into their physical equivalent.

6. Recognize that your greatest asset is time, the only thing
except the power of thought which you own outright, and
the one thing which can be shaped into whatever material
things you want. Budget your time so none of it is wasted.

7. Recognize the truth that fear generally is a filler with
which the Devil occupies the unused portion of your mind.
It is only a state of mind which you can control by filling the
space it occupies with faith in your ability to make life pro-
vide you with whatever you demand of it.

8. When you pray, do not beg! Demand what you want and
insist upon getting exactly that, with no substitutes.

9. Recognize that life is a cruel taskmaster and that either
you master it or it masters you. There is no half-way or com-
promising point. Never accept from life anything you do not
want. If that which you do not want is temporarily forced
upon you, you can refuse, in your own mind, to accept it and
it will make way for the thing you do want.

10. Lastly, remember that your dominating thoughts attract,
through a definite law of nature, by the shortest and most
convenient route, their physical counterpart. Be careful what
your thoughts dwell upon.

Q That list looks imposing. Give me a simple formula, combining all the ten points. If you had to combine all ten in one,
what would it be?

A Be definite in everything you do and never leave unfinished
thoughts in the mind. Form the habit of reaching definite deci-
sions on all subjects.

Q Can the habit of drifting be broken, or does it become permanent once it has been formed?

A The habit can be broken if the victim has enough will
power, providing it is done in time. There is a point beyond
which the habit can never be broken. Beyond that point the
victim is mine. He resembles a fly that has been caught in a spider’s web. He may struggle, but he cannot get out. Each move
he makes entangles him more securely. The web in which I
entangle my victims permanently is a law of nature not yet iso-
lated by, or understood by, men of science.


Let us not hate the European so much that we separate ourselves from learning his tactics and his ways of achieving success. Does he not own the banks? Major corporations? Institutions, including the HBCU’s? Yes, we know how he achieved these things in the beginning, however we cannot deny that the European is no fool. We have been the fools by playing chess with our emotions, and not our senses. We can learn from the European just as he has learned from us and has achieved much success by us. If only the black man mastered the art of outwitting the devil, he will go from slave to eternal master.

Forgive & Move On

In this world we are given the freedom of choice.
It’s not every time that we make the right choices.
We make mistakes. We’re human. It’s our right to.
These mistakes have their ways of hurting us. Either physically, mentally, or emotionally. We can end up feeling some sort of pain from certain decisions we make or have made. It’s possible that the pain can be long lasting from a choice that was made long ago. It still aches our soul. And sometimes, the pain we feel is not from something we’ve particularly done. It could be the pain of betrayal, disappointment, and of disbelief that came from the choices that were made by another.

Tears, a lot of tears. Suicidal thoughts, you feel like life just raped all the innocence out of you. You feel so drained. Headaches, pain, the pain in your heart. It seems like it will all last forever and there are two things that you don’t want in your ear, the voice of the person that hurt you, and someone telling you that God will take care of it. You just don’t want to hear it, not at that moment, because if God can take care of your pain, why couldn’t he have prevented it? Is your question. Imagine though, what if you’d never stumbled upon that situation which caused your pain? What if you were never able to feel it, or was unable to see the very thing that from your hurt, made you realize it wasn’t meant to be in your life. Friendship, Relationship, Job or any situation etc.  It would have never escaped you, you would have never known that it had no necessary long term need to be in your life, and it had to happen in order for you to progress. Which allows you for yourself to evolve, to grow, to become a better and much more understanding you. Maybe that sounds a little bit more like Gods love huh? Being able to cancel out the bad in your world, so there’s enough room for the good to come in.

You know the world is a very beautiful place, every individual just chooses to perceive it in their own way. How do you perceive? What do you allow? What do you tolerate? These are the things that decide the kind of world you live in, your answers.

From the spirit to the flesh, we were all born human. We are all spirits who were birthed into a temple which we call the flesh, and it’s our temples we must protect. We must care for it, we must decide its good & we must decide its bad, we can deliver it heaven, or let it live in hell. The choice is all ours. So is the choice of how we allow outside forces to affect our spirits, causing the emotions like pain & suffering. As humans, we carry the emotional trait. We feel things, things can either make us feel low, or make us feel high, but it’s our choice on the matter. Will you allow something to affect you in the matter of which it intends? Yeah, it’s good to hurt sometimes, it’s good to feel pain, because through pain are lessons, and through lessons is evolution, and after evolution is the final product, who you become.

Allow whatever it is that has made you uncomfortable, make you uncomfortable. Don’t fight it, don’t deny it. There is a reason for it. Just don’t let it take you.

There are times which you may not have realized it, when you became lost in your emotions. Completely loosing self-control of who you are, and doing things which latter you realized, would not have occurred, if been in your sober state. This happens when you forfeit your strength, power & ability to control your own situation. Your own mind, your own thoughts, your own actions, your own life. You own it all. Don’t let nobody or nothing, defeat you by stealing from you what is your birthright to own.

Forgive & move on.
Forgive & move on.
Forgive & move on.

Forgive the situation, forgive yourself for being a part of it, forgive the emotions, forgive the person, and move on to the evolving you, the better you. Now stronger than ever, no longer to be defeated by anything that has once attempted to defeat you, & living in your better world…

Forgive & move on.


Message To the Black Man & The Black Woman

Part 2. of My message. I hope that you not enjoy it, but you get a feeling of awakening from this. That you get a feeling of consciousness of not just your life, but lives of those around  you. I hope that from this, you realize that there has always been a solution to your problems and there always existed an answer to your “Why’s”.

For part 1. You can visit my facebook page, link below.


Final Instruction- Young Generation

Final Instruction- To the Young Generation

  1. You are the future leaders of tomorrow, inspired and taught by the leaders of today, understand that with such responsibility, means there is much power which you hold as from now in your hands. Prepare for this leadership with your dreams and your goals of today; do not give up on these things, for they may prosper the world tomorrow.
  1. There is much confusion that comes your way; social media, radio music, & TV media have given you all delusions based on life, love & happiness. These things speak to you as if they are your instructors and while not knowing any better, you take their instruction. Look to your parents, for they are your guide and your instructors, if parents are not around, look to your guardians, for it is they who truly have your best interest in life, not the media.
  1. Do not accept just anyone as your mentor; mentors must not be hypocrites, mentors must live to the life which they preach, mentors must do not for self, but for the benefit of others, mentors must lead you from trouble, not walk along side you in it. For you will know the right mentor by closing watching his character.
  1. The love for thy brother and thy sister is important; strangers are also to be treated as thy brothers and sisters, for the sake of love and community is a necessity for prosperity.
  1. Keep hope in your dreams; listen not to the naysayers and those who may refuse to be your social companion because of your interests, for they are a leech in your life, allow them to be so and you will lose sight of yourself. Keep them distant, for your road will be much steadier without them.
  1. Love your education; for the child that loves to learn is the child that grows to prosper well in abundance.
  1. The Law of Attraction works well around you; be careful of your thoughts, be careful of your feelings; you shall see that everything you encounter in life is nothing but a reaction to both.
  1. Do not feel that there is a strong need to find a significant other, if the time is not now then there is a reason, don’t worry that time will come to you, as so will he/she.
   9. Love thyself passionately; so many have lost sight of whom they are or were never taught the importance of loving self; unless you love self, others will mistreat and abuse the same you that