#BlackDollarsMatter  Everyone is familiar with the energy money brings, and we have all bare witnessed to the effects of the lack of. Murder, theft, and certain jobs having to be taken due to detrimental income. #BlackDollarsMatter strongly matters among HBCU’s. Most students who receive a grant return or “refund” check, end up helping fund to […]

Garveyism and Education “The time has come for the Negro (African) to forget and cast behind him, his hero worship and adoration of other races and to start out immediately to create and emulate heroes of his own.” Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, 1925 African Fundamentalism The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey born August 17th 1887, Jamaica, […]

In this world we are given the freedom of choice. It’s not every time that we make the right choices. We make mistakes. We’re human. It’s our right to. These mistakes have their ways of hurting us. Either physically, mentally, or emotionally. We can end up feeling some sort of pain from certain decisions we […]