Why We Suffer

“The greatest struggle that we have today is the struggle of mastering ourselves. It is from mastering ourselves in which we become the master of ourselves and in return, we become the masters of everything we have ever seen ourselves incompetent.” – MansTruth 
cropped-wpid-cute-humanity-photo-photography-picture-favim-com-338457We, humanity, have been detached from our inner selves, our true being, the spirit. We ignore our intuitions, we have become fearful of believing in our own logic, our own faith, but yet adopting that of others. These are the traits of those of us who have been suffering, and yet still can’t recognize the causes of the consistent aches hurting them within, with no signs of it ever going away.
Humanity suffers because we follow orders that our spirits do not believe in, and we force ourselves to adapt in situations which we are not at first comfortable with.
We are a confused race!
And because we are so confused, walking in the dark valley searching for light, the one eyed giant with a torch that suddenly appears, immediately becomes our leader.
Although the whole of humanity is not lost, the percentage of those who are causes an ache in the whole world. This is the “one rotten apple spoils the bunch” rule. When a cancer cell enters the body, it doesn’t just affect one particular part of our body and leaves the rest alone, no, the whole body becomes infected with cancer. Every part of your body both internally and external, will know that the cancer is present. Therefore, we are all in need of some chemotherapy.
We suffer not because we are an incompetent race, but because instead of following what will strengthen us, we follow what comforts us. We love to be comfortable, many of us are at least somewhat aware of the issues that are happening throughout the world and how much America is truly suffering, yet we ignore it because we say that being conscious will do nothing but trouble us out of our comfort zone.
   We will eat the McDonalds, we will smoke the cigarettes, we will digest any and everything that poisons our body, why? Because for those moments of feeling good. For most people, feeling good for a moment is worth more while than living long enough to see their grandchildren, and their grandchildren’s children.


We must step out of our comfort zone if we have any plans for gains of prosperity, long life, and peace.


      It is in our heart space, where we will find the guide that will carry us through our most difficult times. The heard does not lead its love astray. True love is a love that is manifested through God, it is our minds which we are always in tangle with that keeps us roped up in our troubles. God has nothing to do with the choices we free-willingly make. We are confused with the belief that it is by following our hearts, that we are led into heartbreaks and regretful situations. When in actuality, it has always been our hearts that have tried to warn us and save us from our pain.
     The heart is quiet when we give fear its space & time to be present. Doubtfulness, confusion, resentment, and emptiness are all what comes with the rise of fear, along with the spark of our ego. These are all the aspects of humanity’s suffering.
We suffer because we give up the control of ourselves, to entities that control us. Government, controlling organizations, social & economic systems, corporations, our television, our technologies. There is an entity residing in each and everyone of these things that have transformed humanity’s free will into premeditated actions.


Our suffering comes from serving the flesh while falsely believing we are serving the divine being known as God. We cannot serve two masters, this is even made clear in your bible. Yet by doing so, we suffer.
We must come back to ourselves, and figure out who we are internally, what we must do externally, and figure out the cause of our even existence on this plane.
What is our purpose? What is your purpose? Finding and serving to this purpose is the duty for mankind.
Get out of serving the flesh, and get into serving the spirit. What good has serving the flesh done you? left you broke, beaten, damaged, mentally ill, hateful, egotistic, and has been the caused of your death! The flesh is weak, the flesh is vulnerable, while, the spirit is eternal, it is energy, it can never be destroyed.
Once humanity can understand this meaning, its suffering will cease. However, this is not to say that by eliminating one suffering a new one may not appear, for there is a suffering in every lifetime. but as we evolve consciously, as we evolve to live as spiritual beings, the pain that derives from suffering becomes obsolete.
The source for all that I say is in you. Search within yourselves, and you will find where truth lies.

Does My Life Matter?


What is the meaning of life?

  • A corresponding state, existence, or principle of existence conceived of as belonging to the soul.”

No, what is the meaning of life?

  • “The general or universal condition of human existence.”

No… What is the meaning of life? The meaning of life is you. You are made up of all the things that makes life possible. So why shouldn’t you matter?


You are important! Why? Because you are a creation of God.
Anything that God has laid his hands on, has infinite value.
 Today’s message is- Understanding the importance of YOU! Recognize your self worth and the importance of having self love. This will also help you appreciate and respect the worth of others.

       Many of us are in this deadly battle with society. We are either trying to fit in, or trying to find a way we can survive in our own  world while living in the miss of reality. Society sets the standard which is represented by the masses, and it is perceived that, if one does not fit the standards set by society, then they have no equal stand among their peers. People are either trying to fight society’s rules, or trying to change them. In this battle, it truly takes the strong to survive. So many of our young brethren and our young women have lost their lives trying to develop themselves to fit inside of a box that allows them no air to breathe.


        When we don’t know who we are, we become subjects for other people to define, we become the pawns for the chess masters to use and move wherever they see that we fit. When we don’t know who we are, we transform ourselves into the people we idolize or are told to worship. We turn into the people that seem to have all of the things we believe that we need in order for us not to feel worthless, but important. To whom? To whom are you trying to prove your own worth to? For whom’s eyes are you dying to satisfy? For whom are you breathing for? If the first person on your list isn’t you, then I can show you where the problem is, and how the solution begins.

ImproveSelfEsteem_thumb     The problem is in the unawareness of what you cannot see looking through the eyes of the flesh; the problem is not being conscious of the spirit within you, and not knowing that that spirit chose to be in your specific flesh for a reason, to live the life you have been living for a reason, every struggle and every triumph has happened for a reason, you are here for a reason… You have a purpose! knowing this, and identifying that purpose is where the solution to your problems begin.


We must watch what we feed our energy to. Negativity will grant you with negative emotions, depressing things will make you depressed, satisfaction will make you satisfied, and happiness will bring you joy. Life can be so ill when given the wrong medicine, and our bodies get sick, our mental and physical states get weary when we allow ourselves to step out into the cold, with no protection to cover us up from the virus’s in the air. Understand that sometimes, keeping you to yourself, being selfish with your energy, is not wrong at all. Sometimes you only have this choice, either preserve your energy, or give in to pressure and have it drained. How much does your life matter to you? Your answer to this question will be the same answer you receive from all of life around you. When you matter to you the most, your self worth glows so brightly, so that no one could ever mistake your shine.

happy     How bright you shine in this world, depends on the light you provide to yourself… Be worth as much as the air you breathe. Granted, you both work for each eachother.



               I woke up today with a message from my dream, that message was “Progress”, “it must be made.”


     We’re no longer kids. Mother is no longer there to wake us up and tell us “it’s time to get to moving!” We have the responsibility of taking the responsibility of our own lives. We cannot blame anyone for our failures besides ourselves, we cannot blame or account anyone for who we are other than ourselves, and the same goes for success. The way we think, the way we move, and the way we talk is all what attracts the people and things that we come across in our lives.


This is the law of vibrations, the “like attracts like”; the energy we put out is the same energy we will receive. So nothing at all should be surprising. From the state of our relationships, the people who end up being our closest friends, the dreams that finally come true, and the wishes that never seem to get granted all should never seem to be of any surprise to us. The way we move today, is the way our future will be, so having mindfulness of the present is of absolute importance. It is the here and now where we are the path writers of our destiny.


We must choose our steps wisely.
Today and everyday is about progress.
How are we going to move forward towards our goals? What will we do today, in honor of the chance we’ve received to be able to live to see another day? What will we do for ourselves, that will help us do for others?
You, God, and the universe is a three band team, but you need to make sure you’re an contributing team member. Today is about playing YOUR part in the progress of YOUR Life… What will you do?
What will we do?
Let’s make progress…


The Ignored Prisoner

The ignored prisoner

never seen, never, never tend to

ignored like missed signs and blessings gone to waist

his cries

you don’t hear em


you feel it, but don’t heal it

he has chains cuffed on open flesh wounds

kept away from the world of life

where his voice can bloom, and he can sing its tune

but this prisoner still sees

all things, and even though he starves  

he still sits patiently, waiting

waiting for the guard with the keys, you

to wake up, unlock the cell

so that he can feel the sun touch his face

for the first time

taste air, 

for the first time

feel wind

for the first time

move his hands, move his legs, jump high

for the first time

while you want many things that this world provides

this prisoner just want one thing

to be free from inside

for the first time

Sometimes, sacrifices come as the best thing that can happen for ourselves. Sacrificing can be hard to do, and the process may be tough; yet at the end of the day, you know what decision is best for you to make, and if you have to sacrifice something or someone, to be removed from your life so that you can be a healthier and happier person, well then love yourself enough to do what’s best for you. There’s no reason to keep yourself trapped in pain. Don’t be afraid to be free. Remember, freedom is your birthright, and can’t nobody take that from you unless you allow them that power.
That’s a message coming from TruLove, from my heart to yours.
Open up yours hearts, and expand your minds!

How To Rise Up! When Society Tells You To, "Lay Down!"

“You can’t do it!”
“You’ll never accomplish that!”
“You’ll fail, so don’t even bother.”
“You’ll make it far, but not far enough.”
“Yor dreams are unrealistic!”
“You might as well just give up now.”
Noises! Noises! Noises! Said, the noises of society.
How many of you been told if not one, but all of these things? Come on, raise your hand. How many of you when told these things, believed them, and are still to this day, where you were when you heard them. Don’t be ashamed, it’s ok, raise your hand. And how many of you, even when you heard these noises along with more noises ,all coming after you, you still kept going, you still kept believing, and you’ve made it to where you’ve said you were going to make it. Come on, raise your hands with me.
Everyone of us has a dream. Everyone one of us has somewhere we want to be, and something we want to be. I’ve always wanted to be someone who would end up changing the world. As a child, I grew up in a rough area, where I’ve seen things that no child should bare witness. Death, death by murder, death by suicide, seeing attempted murder. Abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, and verbal abuse not only out there in the public, but inside of my own home. I remember a certain conversation I had with my mother.
Me- Mom, why do people kill each other?
Mom- People do bad things to other people when they’re angry.
Me- Are you angry at me?
Mom- *laughs* No baby I’m not angry at you, and your momma would never kill you. You’re all I’ve got, and plus, you’re just too cute to kill! *She grabs me and starts giving me numerous kisses on my cheek*
Me- Well one day, I’m going to put an end to death, I may even ban it!
Mom- Oh yeah? Is mommas baby gonna become president?!
Me- I’m going to show people, that they don’t have to kill each other, that there are other ways. I’m going to show people that all they have to do is be happy, that is all!
Mom- Oh is that so? Just be happy huh?
Me- Yup! Just be happy, Cook for each other, have fun, play video games, be friends, go to the park, and just say I love you! I think that people are only angry because nobody’s telling them that they love them. Well when I grow up, love is going to be a requirement, everyone is going to have to love everybody. That way we can all just be happy, and there be no more death.
Mom- *smiles* I hope you still feel that way when you grow up baby… I hope you still do.
So you see, being a contributor of change has always been my passion, my life goal. Sure there have been many people along my way who have told me that my dreams were unrealistic, that I was daydreaming. And if I had listened to them, you wouldn’t be reading this article right now, there would have never been a trulovexists. I know what it’s like to sit in darkness, to feel like theirs no hope and wanting to turn over on the bed and never to get up out of it.
I know what it’s like to feel alone and that there’s nobody there to support you, I was homeless. I know what it’s like to feel like you have no reason to go any further than a current situation, I was a high school dropout with no job, and I made money by the way I was taught. I know what pain feels like, I know what struggle feels like, and I know what those noises of society sounds like! I’ve heard them in my ears for years, and they never did stop. Yet I still managed to get up. I went back to school, got my GED, I applied for college, got in, and I got an apartment. I did what society said I couldn’t and wouldn’t do, because to society I was just another black male who had failed. Hi society, tell me something, how am I looking to you now?
Many people have given up, many people are still lying turned over on their beds. Simply because, the voices of society, are the only voices they are hearing; so that’s all they know to believe. I didn’t get to where I am alone, I had other voices that helped me see my true strength, that helped me realize that I was capable of winning, even in a losing situation. I’m here to tell you that you too, no matter what situation you’re in, can beat the odds, even when so many are stacked against you.
Here are the ways.


Meet Sgt. Can
Go in the bathroom, look into the mirror, and give yourself the hardest tough love prep talk! I’m talking tougher than the tough love that came from your parents and your grandparents. Tell yourself, “Listen here now! You’re going to do this and you’re not going to give up, because if you give up, you might as well kill yourself! Do you want to die? Because I’ll help you do it too. You’re going to go out there and you’re going to plant your feet into the world and tell it, world, the rules have changed. There are now my rules and things are going to go my way. You’re my bitch now! Ok? ok!”


Get rid of Society’s Messengers
All of those people who tell you that you can’t do this and you can’t make it or that your dreams are foolish, they are society’s little negative messengers and you need to get rid of them. I don’t care how long you’ve known the person, if they are your friends or if they are your family members, get rid of em! I had to do it myself, believe me. They’re the reason why you’re still slumped, they’re the ones keeping you down, get rid of em!


Get Ready, Get Focus
The road to success is not an easy road, and some people actually choose to accept failure because of it. They rather give up, because to give up and accept your place in society takes no hard work at all, you actually can receive help doing it. Decide what it is that you want to do and what it’s going to take for you to get to it. Let yourself know on a daily, how important it is that you reach your goal. This could be looking at your environment, seeing the people who are around you, or even looking into your bank account, to inspire you to say, “I need to change this, now!”


I wasn’t joking when I said that the road to success wasn’t easy. In order for you to make progress, in anything and anywhere, it’s going to take the sacrifice of something. This may be you getting rid of those that you held close to you but were also providing you negative energy, it may mean less sleep so that you can work harder, it may be that you have to give up certain habits, you may not be able to be as idle as you were, or it may be something else that’s personal. Whatever it is that you’ll have to sacrifice, don’t worry about it, because what you’ll end up gaining will let you know that it was worth it.


Love Thyself
My uncle Mike will tell you, “I love me some me!” lol. But I’m going to keep beating this into your heads, because there are not enough people who get the message of how important it is that they have an infinite amount of love for themselves! There are many people out there looking for love, to fill in the void of the lack of love they feel for themselves. I’ve seen this, I’ve felt this, personally. It can really be death-defying. So once again, I’m adding to the list for you to love yourselves! That is how you’re going to progress! That is how you’re going to make it! Be your number one supporter, the reason why you keep going, be your own reason for why you refuse to fail. Love yourself, and I promise you, the only impact that society’s noise will have on you, is making you laugh.
This is TruLove, Opening up your hearts & Expanding your minds! Peace ✌

My Message To You! It's time to believe… In Yourself!


Came across this quote while doing some article reading, and fell in true love with it. Be the biggest influence to your own mind people. Understand that no matter what you do, no matter what you say, whether you are a positive individual or a negative parasite, people will have something to say that discourages your belief. You will have people, no matter what reality you live in, who will put down your view, with the true intentions for you to adopt theirs, Trust in your intuitions before making any kind of decisions. If something feels good and right to you, then move forward in it! If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will believe in you, and you will be as easy as a rag doll to toss around. If it doesn’t feel good, if it doesn’t seem right, if it’s not what YOU believe in! Leave it alone! Ignore it! Walk away from it! Trust in your intuition! Don’t be afraid of what you believe in, don’t ever stop standing for what you originally stand for, just because other people may not agree and differ with you. I have people who are against true love. They say, that I’m trying to misguide the masses with my spread of positive thinking, and love. “A wise man once said nothing.” When one knows truth, one has no reason to ever argue or debate. TruLove is here to stay, TruLuv4Ever! And not a soul will ever, ever, influence me to stop what I’m doing.  Be King. Be Queen. Be True, Be Love ✌🏾️

Once again, this has been TruLove. Opening up your hearts, and expanding your minds! 

Peace and blessings to all, and have a happy & safe weekend! 

The High 5! To How to Feel Good & Keep Feeling Good

How we feel from the moment that we wake up, can ultimately decide how we feel for the rest of the day, or at least the first half of it.

Most of us wake up grouchy about what day it is that we wake up to. This happens for
Monday’s “Ugh! It’s freakin Monday!”
Tuesday’s “Yeah, it’s Tuesday. Who gives a damn? Not I.”
Wednesday’s “I hate camels.”
And Sunday’s “Because it’s no longer Saturday, and tomorrow’s a freakin Monday! I’m going back to sleep. Church can wait till next week.”

See, we let our sour thoughts about our days, create toxic emotions, and that restricts us from enjoying the life of the day! We lose soo much energy doing this, and that is why most of us wake up feeling slouchy and wanting to just roll over back to sleep. It’s because we didn’t even want to wake up!
So, how can we start feeling good and keep feeling good?
Every night before a new day starts, write down everything that you plan on doing the next day, and how much time you anticipate on spending on each thing. This keeps us from worrying about how we are going to spend our day, which also causes stress.

Look forward to every upcoming day as a day full of opportunities. Anything can happen! Which is true, because, who’s to say that tomorrow you won’t win the lottery? Or that you won’t run into the love of your life? Or that you won’t land on a great opportunity? Who’s to say that none of these things can happen? I’ll tell you who’ You! That’s right. Remember, the universe responds to how you feel, and all of your emotions and thoughts, whether toxic or benevolent, it will all come back to you tenfold. So, know your tomorrow, and you will wake up energetic, ready to live it out!
Watch what you eat. Ever heard the saying “you are what you eat?” Of course you have. How true is this? Well, simply put, if you eat junk food, you’ll feel exactly like the junk food, junkies. (HaHa, you liked that one didn’t you?). You will fill like your body is just a bin that accepts and stores trash. Not only will you lack energy, but you’ll gain in negative emotions. You’ll feel grouchy and upset, as well as uneasy. I’m sure these are how the animals who died to become that junk food you are eating, felt as they were being slaughtered… Hmm… Perhaps. Treat your body with respect! We are organic beings in the universe, meaning we are all original, so eat organic. Truly become one with nature and feeling good and thinking good thoughts, will be your nature.
Do good deeds for no reason and don’t tell anyone that you did them. Not too many words are needed to express how the random act of kindness can make a person feel so great inside. It always puts a smile on my day, whenever someone tells me that I’ve inspired them in some way or I intentionally offer my aid to someone I see that needs it. No matter what you’ve done previously, you will feel more accomplish than ever afterwards, but that is not why you must do it. There are people who do “good deeds” in order to boost their ego. You know these people (if hopefully not you), who boast on social media how much they did for a person, or they simp,y state something they did that was good and you can tell in their language that they did it for popularity. Do not do this! Feeding the ego may make you feel good for the moment, but it won’t keep you feeling good, because the ego always needs to be fed. Do good deeds for no reason and don’t tell a soul what you did. Keep it to yourself, your reward will come.
Things you can do may be- give a stranger a dollar, tell a stranger hello and ask how their day is going, being there as company for a loved one, reminding your parents that you love and appreciate them, or like me, send out a positive message that can inspire the world. (You don’t have to say you got it from me. This one’s on the house 😉 )
And The High five for the last but not least  

 Encourage Yourself!
Yes, be your biggest motivator, be your own advocate, be your number one fan! You’ll be surprised at how many people doubt themselves either due to what other people say about them, or their own fear in their own abilities. First, when people talk bad about you, or try to insult you, don’t ignore them, acknowledge what they say about with confirmation “I love myself and all that makes me”. Second, think about a horror movie you may like, or perhaps a super hero movie such as the avengers. Think about both the heroes in whichever movie you chose, as well as the bad guy/villain. Guess what, both the hero and the villain are not really real are they? But when you watched the movie they felt real right? You felt the real emotions of both inspirations and fear right? But yet, the source of the emotions are creations from an imaginative mind put into work. That is what your fears are. They are creations from your imagination put into work. You want to know how to defeat your fears? Think of yourself as the superhero, and your fears as the bad guy/villain, who of course, always gets defeated.
I hope this High 5 list gets you to feel good and keeps you feeling good. Remember, your reality is your world, and you are its creator.
This is TruLove- Opening up your hearts, and expanding your minds! Peace ✌🏾

Anybody have any extra solutions for garfield?