The 10 Elements of the Great Power Argument by Gerry Spence

What is a “Power Argument”?

“The Power Argument is an argument so Powerful in its Structure; so Compelling in its Delivery, that when we assume the Power Stance, the argument cannot be defeated. The PA need not fill the air with noise; it need not destroy the opponent. It can be quiet, gentle; it can embrace love, not anger; understanding, not hate; it can employ ordinary language. There’s one compelling, overriding reason, always, to deliver the PA.”

Here are its 10 elements.

1. Prepare, until you have BECOME the argument. Proper preparation requires you to analyze the facts, and assign roles to the parties. Cast our side as the good guys, unjustly accused, wrongly despised, gravely misunderstood.. Cast our side as the underdog.

2. Open the other to receive our argument. Empower the other to do so.

3. Give the argument in the form of story. Fables, allegories, and parables. Remember: All others are conditioned to listen to stories.

4. Tell The TRUTH. Credibility possesses incredible power. Being who we are is powerful. Saying how we feel is powerful. To be open, and real, and afraid, if we are, is powerful. TRUTH IS POWER.

5. Tell the other WHAT WE WANT. Never leave them to guess what we want; for they may guess wrong. Also, it spoils our credibility. Others do not expect honest persons to play games.

6. Avoid sarcasm, scorn, and ridicule. Use humor cautiously. Be careful of the temptation to show contempt and disdain for the opponent. Hold back insult. No one admires the cynic, the scoffer, the mocker, the small and the petty. The employment of humor can be the most devastating weapon in an argument. But beware: attempting to be funny and failing is deadly.

7. Logic is Power. If it is on our side, let’s ride it all the way. If it isn’t, if it leads us to an unjust result…Logic does not always lead us to truth, or to justice. It defeats spontaneity. It is often dull and without spirit. Do not give up creativity for Logic.

8. ACTION and WINNING are BROTHERS. The worst of head-on attacks is often better than the most sophisticated defense. I never permit my opponent to take control. I do not defend when I can attack.

9. Admit at the outset the weak points in our argument. We can expose our weaknesses in a better light than our opponent, who will expose them in the darkest-possible way. An honest admission, having come from us, not only endows us with credibility; it also leaves our opponent with nothing to say but what has already been said and admitted. However, we must not outsmart ourselves by endowing our opponent with a genius he doesn’t possess. How often an opponent voluntarily reveals a flaw in his argument that I would not have seen, but for my opponent’s having shown it to me. We tend to invest our opponents with an intelligence and wisdom they may not possess.

10. UNDERSTAND OUR POWER. GIVE OURSELVES PERMISSION…ONLY…ONLY…TO WIN. But remember: Arrogance…and Insolence…and Stupidity…are very close relatives. Take the Winning Stance. Turn on the Magical Argument. Open Up, and LET THE MAGIC OUT. TRUST IT, TAKE THE RISK; JUMP!!! With all this knowledge-how to prepare, how to deliver, how to feel, how to be…We’re ready to make the Powerful Argument that will win…every time.



What's The Cost of Living? 

If you didn’t have to pay any bills for the rest of your life, starting today, what would you do? 

😂😂😂 All we are doing, in this life of ours, is paying to live in a planet which God gave us all to live in for free. All we had to do was obey his laws. But it’s more than that now. Each and every one of us, idc who you are, everything that you do, everything that you struggle for, all of your tears, pain, happiness, all of it comes from living to pay to live. 

Yeah. We’re all paying until we die, and then to die costs too. As we are living tho, we pay to impress other people, so that they may join us in our paying lives, so we wont have to pay alone. We desire to have someone else join us in our debt to live on earth. We’re all selfish! 

Because of the inherited need to pay cash or virtual money in order to have the satisfactory of living, do you know how divided loved ones are? When there is no money, nobody is happy.


What the hell are we doing? What the hell are we really living for? You even have to pay to watch on tv, other people live. You enjoy it though, I know.You have to pay to laugh or enjoy anything here on earth. Let’s say you have family in another state or across the country, guess what? You have to pay some fees in order for you to enjoy family time. Skype & Facetime isn’t enough, and you still have to pay for that.  

Everyone complains, but when you solve the complaints, they’ll complain about that too.

What’s your goal in life? Hell, what’s any of our goals? “To pay off my bills, pay my mortgage, pay my car note, pay my kids tuition, pay, pay, pay, pay, pay!!!!” 

But hey…. 

Fuck this world and fuck the people who stole us from God.  

Fuck you! Fuck you! And oh one more thing, fuck you! 
(btw I’m in very good standing with the most high, and he is not going to condemn me from having a “curse” word in the same sentence where I him.)

Before I end this, I want you to think about this question I’m about to ask you. If you the opportunity to recieve a billion dollars, but you had to decide to do 1 out of 3 options given for you to do, which you would have to do in order to recieve the money. The three options are,

  1. Rob a close relative
  2. Manslaughter a stranger 
  3. Seperate from a loved one

Which one would you choose? Even if you are let’s say, pure in heart, and choose not to do either one and continue to be in debt to living, there is someone out there in the world who would be recieveing 1 billion dollars and living “debt free”. 

So think deeply about the question in the title.

What’s the cose for living? The answer is a life. There’s a price on your head. 

That is all for my rant…. This don’t happen too often, take precaution. 

May Day. Organized Unity

Did you know that today is a holiday?
Welcome to May 1st, better known outside of the United Sates as, International Working Day, although its origin does indeed lie here in the US.
In the late 19th century, the working class decided that they had enough of being a product of capitalism, being treated as if they were machines, and not human men. They worked within unsafe conditions, under 10-16 hour working days, which was common at that time. Workers decided to demand for an 8-hour day, meaning an end to the 10-16 working days, and they demanded there to be drastic change in the economic structure of capitalism. Both anarchists and regular employees came together & organized a plan to achieve the change they wanted.
One of those who was pro for the demand, a publisher, developed a mission statement, which some called a plea, to all working people.
This is what it included:
• Workingmen to Arms!
• War to the Palace, Peace to the Cottage, and Death to LUXURIOUS IDLENESS.
• The wage system is the only cause of the World’s misery. It is supported by the rich classes, and to destroy it, they must be either made to work or DIE.
• One pound of DYNAMITE is better than a bushel of BALLOTS!
• MAKE YOUR DEMAND FOR EIGHT HOURS with weapons in your hands to meet the capitalistic bloodhounds, police, and militia in proper manner.
On May 1st, 1886, there were more than 300,000 workers across the United States who walked out of their jobs, affecting 13,000 business, which became the first May Day celebration in history. The police gunned down hundreds of workers who were on strike, but those on strike were prepared to die for what they believed in. The protesters threw rocks back at the police who engaged them, and the police responded with gunfire, killing many who were innocent. Homes were burned down, places were bombed, women & children died.
A war was fought & Sacrifices were made, in order for justice within the working system to be lived in the future. The innocent and the soldiers were the civilians who organized together to unite for a lawful change. The criminals and the thugs were the police and companies across the US.
This post is not only meant to honor and pay respects to those who united and died for the current working conditions we all endure now which most take for granted, but to state a point.
For years, there has been unlawful crimes against black Americans from both the police & government in control. Recently, there have been a consistency of events regarding young black males being either gunned down or choked out by so called “law officials”. We’ve demanded a change, we’ve demanded justice by screaming and shouting, hoping our voices will be heard yet, more young black males are silenced by arms, and further are we away from receiving proper justice.
I say that we learn from those of this historical day, May Day, as we begin this new month following the most recent death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore. Yes, there were riots and business were attacked, but those from May 1st, 1886, did not just strike against and attack anything. They attacked their oppressors. They were organized, they had a plan that called for all those who were oppressed to unite into one army, fighting for the same cause, and going after the direct source. They knew how to hurt their oppressor, and they were willing to die rather than to continue to live as slaves. Fear was not in the hearts, and fear cannot be in our hearts today.
The people of Baltimore, and all black citizens across the US, must step back and organize a proper plan for solution, and call together all those who are tired. Black America must figure out how they can affect their oppressors, so that they’re no longer heard as only loud & crying voices, but so that they may be taken seriously as voices of demand.
New conversations need to be held within the black communities, and new demands need to be stated. Conversations need to start shifting towards us having our own land, infrastructure, and our own nationhood. We simply need to make a call to have OUR OWN! The problem is that we don’t own anything and we are dependents, none of us are independents! Unless you are growing your own food, your own water, have your own land, and can provide for your community. As long as we have nothing of our own, we cannot continue to throw anger towards a government that is not ours.
Change can be made, together. But separately, this history will never be history, it will always remain yours, and your children’s, present.
These words are engraved on the Haymarket Monument:
The day will come when
Our silence will be more Powerful
Than the Voices
You are Throttling today.


Ciara's Black Girls Rock Performance- A No, No!

First off, I would like to say that the Black Girls Rock event last night on April 5th was beautiful, and our first lady, Michelle Obama, delivered a beautiful speech. Yet, there was one thing off about the event to me. It was Ciara performing her song ‘I Bet’. Now, I’m not saying that she cannot sing or that it wasn’t a beautiful song because, indeed it was and she is indeed a great singer. My issue is that she chose to sing that particular song at the event. With the event’s theme being to uplift young black girls and women, and to show what black women represent, I do not believe that this particular song of sorrow was appropriate. I do not believe that her singing about how she was abused (mentally & emotionally) by a black man, and the separation of a black couple due to a black man who wasn’t able to treat his woman right, was appropriate for entertaining the ears of the many young black girls who were both present at the event, and watching at home. It’s definitely not the type of noise I want my daughter hearing, and you shouldn’t either. Don’t we have enough of these songs already?
Now, before I go any further, I would like to make clear that this is not a post bashing the singer, but a post simply clarifying that as a black man, I’ve had enough of our people adding the fuel to the fire against black people, by speaking more highly on how our relationships don’t work, vs how they do.
I am an advocate for BLACK LOVE because the media is a very strong advocate for black separation. The music, “Reality Shows” such as Love & Hip Hop, and shows like Empire & The Game. You just can’t see a black couple get it right. Marriages never last, and relationships never last long for marriage. And who needs enemy’s when we promote these things ourselves?
I thought about the young daughters and the young sons who were watching this show as well as those in the crowd. No matter where they go or what channel they flip to, they are bound to hear something negative about their own people more so are they are to hear something positive.Now I’ll say this once again, Black Girls Rock was an amazing event, it was beautiful, but children pick up on the smallest thing quick, and they are more interested in figuring out the why’s to a negative, than a positive.
The ceremony should have stayed strict on being an event that promotes black women and the love they bring. For themselves, for their children, and to their husbands.
I mentioned my opinion on Ciara’s performance last night on instagram and someone tried to argue with me, saying that I was overreacting my opinion.She said, “Black men hurt black women everyday. I applaud Ciara. She revealed the naked truth.”
“Is the “naked truth” not revealed enough?” I asked her. It’s shown well enough on all forms of media, especially social media. It’s actually shown too much. So wait a minute.. What is the naked truth? That a black woman can’t be with a black man without him hurting her some way? That a black woman is a subject to a black mans wrath? That a black man is incapable of fully and truly loving his black woman? Yes it’s true, we live in a huge world and a black woman is hurt by a black man everyday as well as a black man is hurt by a black woman everyday. But here are some other truths. White men hurt white women everyday. Asian men hurt Asian women everyday. Hispanic men hurt Hispanic women everyday. But guess what gets shown on TV, and in music everyday, black men hurting black women, EVERYDAY.
This is why I made TruLovExists, to show the other side that does not get seen that often, and does not get as much publicity. 
We get it now, this happens.


We know what goes on in our homes. 
But can we put out more of the image of this…


To our children.
TruLove, Black Love, ladies & gentlemen no matter what they try to tell you, it does EXIST.

Brotherhood & Love : As Religion 

There will be a day, that for everything now that we waste, squander, & take advantage of, people all over the world will be killing each other and going to war for.
Water… Food… Clothing, no matter what name brand or design… Fresh air… Transportation….
All the things that now, receives no true value because money keeps it coming endlessly. People of all religions will find themselves under the same destruction, fighting to have the same freedom. They will see that everything they thought they were living for, was indeed a lie. But it will be too late.
Brotherhood & Love as Religion
Peace and blessings everyone. First I would like to say that this blog post is not a proposal against any religion; it’s rather a proposal for humanity to focus their practices on the same gospels that every mans religion teaches; “Brotherhood and Love”. 
Jesus gave two great commandments to his disciples that was meant for all persons who inhabit the Earth to follow. They were, 
1st– Love God with all of your heart, mind and soul.
2nd– love your neighbors as you love yourself. 
Jesus was not of any specific religion. He never claimed to be of Islam, ChristianityBuddhism, or any other religion. Jesus said himself that he was a prophet of love & brotherhood. He was to teach this to all of mankind. His mission was to speak truth for the ears that listened and the eyes that saw. 
Why is this world in threat of destruction? Why is there poor & Why do the poor weep? Why are children confused? Turning enemy’s amongst themselves as they are still in childhood, receiving parenthood from outside the home. Why are the rich unhappy, and although have enough money to fulfill their desires, still among the unlucky? Why are parents turning away from their children and the children turning away from their parents? 
Instead of love, there is competition. There is hate when one person or a team, is not higher ranks than another.
Instead of peace, there is war. There are court cases, unlawful settlements, death due to disagreement. 
Instead of family, there is separation when needs are not meant to someone’s satisfaction. There is backstabbing, there is betrayal. There is a need for an empire, instead of a home first. 
Instead of sisterhood, there is the need to conquer each other, although all who are women should stand together to be caregivers to not only one another, but to the Earth and the men and children which they breed. 
Instead of brotherhood, there is falsehood. There is always a need for competition, a cause for separation, and the result is always war. There is the need to betray a brothers heart and his faith in his own brother, when that brother desires his brothers woman. There is the need to have what is not yours, for pride and ego fulfillment. 
These are the answers for every “Why there are’s”
In the great book it warned, 
Zephaniah 2:1-2 
 “Gather yourselves together,yea,gather together, O nation not desired; Before the decree bring forth, before the day pass as the chaff, before the fierce anger of the Lord come upon you, before the day of the Lord’s anger come upon you.”
We are all to face the same judgement, yet we act as if there are going to be many Gods besides the one who is almighty, the one who forgives each and everyone of us for every night he decides to allow all us all to sleep through, so that we may see a new morning. But we fight, and we kill, and then ask God in our prayers, “Oh lord, why is the world this way?”. God has ears for all, but not for those who know yet still continue to trash his commandments. 
It is not about race, it is not about color. It is about humanity suffering because of humanities doings. Protesting does nothing, shouting does nothing but creates noise that will soon fade. All people must get the freedom and justice they desire by sacrificing their fear of being defeated. Fear of anything that is not by the power of God is a sin towards God. Be firm to those who are unlawful, as they have been firm towards you. 
It starts by saying No
  • Say no to going against your brother, striking him, desiring his woman, desiring his possessions, and desiring his status in life to yours. 
  • Say no to hate against your fellow women, striking them, putting them beneath you, calling them the same names the oppressors have called them, enslaving them to your command as your ancestors have been slaved to another command. 
  • Say no against not being parents and not teaching your children in the home, but sending them to institutions to be taught by teachers who you have not even tried yourself to see if their teachings were worthy for your children. 
Take the responsibility that is yours, and do not pass it on to another because of your fear of handling. 
Brotherhood and love, should be a religion of itself, practiced by all of mankind. It is the separation of faith, that has divided mankind and has caused this world to be in the order that it is in. 
  • Start by giving, when you have to give. 
  • Start by not judging, when you are in no such authority. 
  • Start by lending, when you know you can afford it. 
  • Start by teaching, when you have been given the knowledge to pass on. 
  • Start by being truthful, so that those around you can feel comfortable, and adopt the practice of  honesty as well. 
  • Start by putting down your own wall; for you are no china. God will not allow you to be broken. He only puts you through lessons so that you will learn, and you will be repaired from the person you were before. 
  • Start by loving just to love, as you love yourself and love God. Stop being persuaded to love and love sincerely. If you find yourself having to be persuaded to love someone else, look into your own heart to answer why, and ask God to guide you. 
  • Start by protecting even those who are strangers. Show off the practices of Brotherhood and Love, so that others will see the fault in their injustice ways, and adopt those practices. 
Be a brother to your brother, and a sister to your sister. 
Be a faithful husband, and be a faithful wife. 
Be faithful parents. 
Be faithful children. 
Be faithful friends.
This is how the world can be changed into a beautiful place. 
Start by passing this on…

It's All In Your Head


It’s All in Your Head

Life can seem to be so difficult, that’s why it’s easy to underestimate the power of the mind.
 -Thoughts become things.
– What you believe to be true, is. According to you. It’s your own reality.
– As a man thinketh! So is he.
 These are all true quotes which identifies our own minds as the illustrator of our lives.
You know that voice in your head? The one that talks back to you. It tells you what’s right and what’s wrong, how you should feel towards a situation vs how you shouldn’t, and we end up in an argument trying to figure out which route to take. We all go through this short dilemma before actually taking action.
 We are the gods of our feelings and our actions. So that means, you can either be your own destruction, or your own prosperity. Ultimately, you decide who the master is, of you. Whether it be yourself, or outside forces that’s been forcing their way inside of your head which you allow in, when you forfeit the fight to remain in control. Stress is the outcome of not being in control of yourself.


 So, what is stress? Stress is the uncertainty about whether or not you have the ability to handle a situation put onto you, effectively, according to how you feel about it. With this uncertainty comes the rush of uneasiness; through uneasiness comes the feelings of anger, frustration, sorrow & pain. What is stress? Stress is a feeling made manifest through how negatively you perceived a situation to be. The thought process created this.


 Let’s say your job cut down your hours, and because you’re thinking about how much you need the money to pay your bills and eat, it’s stressing you out. You’re looking at it as either your boss has something against you or life is just being unfair to you. But what if you switched that around. What if you took that hourly loss at your job as something positive in your life? What if you seen it as leverage granted for you to have time to search for a new job that may end up paying better, and give you satisfying hours. Or maybe you realize that you no longer want to work under anyone else, and the cut back on hours granted you time to start your own business.
You see how much more enlightening the positives are than the negatives? It’s all about what way you choose to accept the things that come into your life.
You either deal with them, or let them deal with you.
Thanks to free will, the choice is always yours to make.


 Now let’s discuss the language of stress. How the way you speak of & on things, can create the feeling which begins in your brain.
 Saying things  like “I can’t”, “It isn’t possible”’ “it isn’t fair” or “I should have”, makes you inferior In a world full of predators, thus leaving you as prey to be devoured by conquerors. Once conquered, you’re a slave to whatever now has a hold on, and control over you. The only way to beat this before it even becomes, is to become conscious of your thoughts and the words you speak. You must hold yourself accountable for any outcome in any situation in your life, because somehow you could have prevented it. It’s so easy to not be in control of yourself, to not be the master of you. You can put blame on others, put blame on the world, say “it’s just life, so I gotta deal with it”, and then you might as well rename yourself Peter Pan, because you’ll never grow out of the life you’re in.


 A deadly word is the word “IF”.
 The way that the word “IF” is used, has a huge influence on why certain things happen the way they do, and how you feel about them.
 “It would be better “IF” this wouldn’t happen or that wouldn’t have occurred…”
 “I’d be able to only “IF” it wasn’t too much…”
 “I’d be happy “IF” she’d allow me or he’d make a way, or if things were like this…
 “I wouldn’t have done it “IF”
 The way “IF” is used in each of these sentences implies defeat, and states your incapability, rather than your ability. Once again, this is all created from thought and ones way of perceiving things.
 Start taking responsibility for the things you blame “IF” for, and you’ll find that instead of complaints, you’ll speak more on solutions.
Now… Scream!



Go ahead, scream aloud and let the pain, the frustration, the misery, and the confusion all exit out of your lungs. Scream it out! Scream at the things frustrating you, and while you are screaming, tell them that you are now taking back control of your life and they no longer have any power over you.


 Now ease the screaming up a little bit… You’ll notice that  this will happen naturally.



Know that it’s alright

Now… Pray.
Black-Woman-praying 168639563
Ask God to help you see that he’s there for you, ask for him to remove all the things that make you forget his presence in your life and the protection he has over you. Ask God for strength.
Once a person knows and accepts that God is not only their superior, but their friend, their protector, their guide. They shall fear no power, nor follow any instruction, that is not sent through by him.
What is Stress? My friends, stress does not exist, only you do. You have the power to decide what is real, and what isn’t.
Peace & Blessings.

For The Quiet Ones

There is a kid at my school whom I am mentoring. He’s 18 years old and the problem that he faces is the lack of self-confidence. He doesn’t believe in himself, and when he identifies a woman that he finds attractive, he freezes up and doesn’t know how to make his approach. For example, one day at our school library he had his eyes on this Hispanic girl. He along with his friends, were discussing in how he should approach. The boy was nervous, sweating bullets. I played the watcher in this scenario. I heard a lot of “how’s” and “I can’ts”. I watched and listened as these guys were telling him all these inspiring things like,

“Don’t worry about anything, just go up and make conversation.”

“Approach her with a compliment.”

“Say something that will make her interested in a convo with you.”

Meanwhile, I’m studying him and this guy doesn’t look like he’d even enjoy a convo with himself. Now if that’s what I’m picking up as an observer, imagine what the girl will pick up as soon as he approaches. She would immediately feel his timid energy.

Here’s what I found interesting about the situation. One of his friends decided that they’ll go and approach the girl and while they’d make conversation, my friend here should then join in. The plan was obvious. One friend approach the girl, then he would go and greet his friend as if it’s their first time seeing each other for the day, followed by the friend introducing the girl and him, which would then be followed by the friends leave. I thought to myself, “this guy has some good & clever friends.

So the plan went to action. When it was time for my guy to make his move over to where his friend and the girl was, he did, but once he did, he just stood. All he did was just stand there for about 8 minutes and said & did nothing besides a greeting gesture to his friend. All awhile he just stood beside the girl. I could imagine her feeling awkward and began to get an ugly feeling of embarrassment for this young man. Inside I was crying for his aid. The rest of his friends made it known aloud that they too, were hurting inside. It didn’t take too long for the friend to realize that it was quite long enough for my guy to have come up with a decent conversation, and left him to take over the conversation. So he did, and so it began.

We watched anxiously as if waiting for the next scene in a horror flick after a woman decided to go against all laws of common sense and open the door to where she heard screams. *facepalm*.

I paid attention the responses of her body language during the conversation. It was clear to she that she either felt uncomfortable, or just wasn’t interested and was waiting for him to leave her a lone. “This guy needs to learn the signs.” I said to myself. Once it was realized that their meeting had come to a conclusion, I watched him get up with disappointment as a makeup on his face. When he arrived back to us, I spoke to him. I told him about the signs she was giving off that was clearly telling him that whatever he was trying to say wasn’t working, and all of the areas where he went wrong. I spoke to him about my blog and his friends recommended that he take some lessons from me. He agreed to become my student, and I agreed to be his teacher.

Now, this is a very nice guy and also quite funny. He knows how to joke on himself as well as laugh along with others who may joke on him, showing that it doesn’t bother him. Although he spoke of being comfortable with his own appearance, his actions did not reflect that. So I asked him,

“Why are you afraid to approach a female?”

He responded.


“What you mean you don’t know? what is it that makes you so repellant?” I asked him.

Then he said.

“I guess I see the guys that are around these women, and I know I’m not that. I see who they like to talk to and the things they like to do, and I’m not that. I’m not their type. So it’s hard for me to find something to say that they’ll relate to”

Then I understood his situation even more. He was afraid of the women he was attracted to. Although he desired these women, he felt inferior to him. Although he claimed to be comfortable being the type of guy he is, he didn’t feel that type of guy was deserving for women. So I said to him.

“Maybe the women who you so consistently want to go after, are actually not your type, rather than you not being their type. You’re putting yourself below these women as though you’re not man enough to be well, a man! That’s like a sin to the father. Listen, you’re idolizing forced attraction. Which means, you’re just going after what makes all men turn heads. one thing you need to understand about these women, they know that they’re attractive so they know when all eyes are on them. With that being, they intentionally make it difficult for any man to approach them and off gate they will challenge any man that does. They feel as if they can tame men and make men shiver by their looks, but what you’ll never hear from their mouths is that they want a man who can conquer that. Your appearance speaks aloud shyness and timidness, which is the first thing that they sense from afar when they look at you and even more when you approach them. And for that, you immediately fail with them.”

Here’s my instruction to the men who lack confidence in themselves & are afraid of women.

Fear is a devil within self, that you must learn to defeat. It is the only thing that keeps you from success in anything that you pursue. It is the only cause of your failure. You have the spirit of God in you. You must seek to identify your inner self to become one with this self. Once you’ve accomplish this, you’ll become confident and know that all what you fear is actually inferior to you. Man who lacks confident in self, is in danger of be consumed till his death-bed, by the image of a person who he is not. Out loud he speaks of his happiness and surety of himself, but pay close attention to an unconfident mans words and you will know that he truly cries of misery within himself. They often stutter and the “truth” never appears the same twice. Men, if you know you have troubles with being comfortable enough to embrace your true selves in the world and to the people in it, do not be afraid to seek aid. Talk to friends and family members. There is mentorship, there are books such as “The Spirit of A Man” IyanlaVanzant, and there is the bible (mans best go-to for instruction).

Women want a confident man. A man who is both confident in his words, and confident enough to stand by her side. Dear quiet man, women respond to the loud man because she feels at least she can hear his words and is glad that he is bold enough bring himself before her. This is what you must do. Show the women who you are without having any doubt in self of who you are, no matter how beautiful she appears to be. For what may look beautiful on the inside, may not be as much of a precious jewel on the inside. Influence yourself to want to learn about women, especially the ones whose appearance you idolize. Then rather you being in fear of what she may ask of you, you can be the one who comes with the questions. Women love a man who shows interest in her. Conversation will then flow smoothly afterward.

Take the responsibility of a man, and do not act as a child. A man is brave, a man is strong, man is not afraid, a man goes after what he desires and man conquers.


I Believe in You SpongeBob!