“It’s not who he is with his addiction, but who is he without it?” – MansTruth   I decided to do an experiment today called, “No Phone Tuesday.” I put it as a hashtag on Instagram & Twitter, and just in case anybody else felt intrigued by the idea and wanted to join in the […]

“The greatest struggle that we have today is the struggle of mastering ourselves. It is from mastering ourselves in which we become the master of ourselves and in return, we become the masters of everything we have ever seen ourselves incompetent.” – MansTruth  We, humanity, have been detached from our inner selves, our true being, […]

               I woke up today with a message from my dream, that message was “Progress”, “it must be made.”      We’re no longer kids. Mother is no longer there to wake us up and tell us “it’s time to get to moving!” We have the responsibility of taking […]

If you didn’t have to pay any bills for the rest of your life, starting today, what would you do?     😂😂😂 All we are doing, in this life of ours, is paying to live in a planet which God gave us all to live in for free. All we had to do was obey […]

It’s All in Your Head Life can seem to be so difficult, that’s why it’s easy to underestimate the power of the mind.  -Thoughts become things. – What you believe to be true, is. According to you. It’s your own reality. – As a man thinketh! So is he.  These are all true quotes which identifies our […]