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Economic Investment Plan 4 College Students Receiving Financial Aid



               I woke up today with a message from my dream, that message was “Progress”, “it must be made.”


     We’re no longer kids. Mother is no longer there to wake us up and tell us “it’s time to get to moving!” We have the responsibility of taking the responsibility of our own lives. We cannot blame anyone for our failures besides ourselves, we cannot blame or account anyone for who we are other than ourselves, and the same goes for success. The way we think, the way we move, and the way we talk is all what attracts the people and things that we come across in our lives.


This is the law of vibrations, the “like attracts like”; the energy we put out is the same energy we will receive. So nothing at all should be surprising. From the state of our relationships, the people who end up being our closest friends, the dreams that finally come true, and the wishes that never seem to get granted all should never seem to be of any surprise to us. The way we move today, is the way our future will be, so having mindfulness of the present is of absolute importance. It is the here and now where we are the path writers of our destiny.


We must choose our steps wisely.
Today and everyday is about progress.
How are we going to move forward towards our goals? What will we do today, in honor of the chance we’ve received to be able to live to see another day? What will we do for ourselves, that will help us do for others?
You, God, and the universe is a three band team, but you need to make sure you’re an contributing team member. Today is about playing YOUR part in the progress of YOUR Life… What will you do?
What will we do?
Let’s make progress…


What's The Cost of Living? 

If you didn’t have to pay any bills for the rest of your life, starting today, what would you do? 

😂😂😂 All we are doing, in this life of ours, is paying to live in a planet which God gave us all to live in for free. All we had to do was obey his laws. But it’s more than that now. Each and every one of us, idc who you are, everything that you do, everything that you struggle for, all of your tears, pain, happiness, all of it comes from living to pay to live. 

Yeah. We’re all paying until we die, and then to die costs too. As we are living tho, we pay to impress other people, so that they may join us in our paying lives, so we wont have to pay alone. We desire to have someone else join us in our debt to live on earth. We’re all selfish! 

Because of the inherited need to pay cash or virtual money in order to have the satisfactory of living, do you know how divided loved ones are? When there is no money, nobody is happy.


What the hell are we doing? What the hell are we really living for? You even have to pay to watch on tv, other people live. You enjoy it though, I know.You have to pay to laugh or enjoy anything here on earth. Let’s say you have family in another state or across the country, guess what? You have to pay some fees in order for you to enjoy family time. Skype & Facetime isn’t enough, and you still have to pay for that.  

Everyone complains, but when you solve the complaints, they’ll complain about that too.

What’s your goal in life? Hell, what’s any of our goals? “To pay off my bills, pay my mortgage, pay my car note, pay my kids tuition, pay, pay, pay, pay, pay!!!!” 

But hey…. 

Fuck this world and fuck the people who stole us from God.  

Fuck you! Fuck you! And oh one more thing, fuck you! 
(btw I’m in very good standing with the most high, and he is not going to condemn me from having a “curse” word in the same sentence where I him.)

Before I end this, I want you to think about this question I’m about to ask you. If you the opportunity to recieve a billion dollars, but you had to decide to do 1 out of 3 options given for you to do, which you would have to do in order to recieve the money. The three options are,

  1. Rob a close relative
  2. Manslaughter a stranger 
  3. Seperate from a loved one

Which one would you choose? Even if you are let’s say, pure in heart, and choose not to do either one and continue to be in debt to living, there is someone out there in the world who would be recieveing 1 billion dollars and living “debt free”. 

So think deeply about the question in the title.

What’s the cose for living? The answer is a life. There’s a price on your head. 

That is all for my rant…. This don’t happen too often, take precaution. 

It's All In Your Head


It’s All in Your Head

Life can seem to be so difficult, that’s why it’s easy to underestimate the power of the mind.
 -Thoughts become things.
– What you believe to be true, is. According to you. It’s your own reality.
– As a man thinketh! So is he.
 These are all true quotes which identifies our own minds as the illustrator of our lives.
You know that voice in your head? The one that talks back to you. It tells you what’s right and what’s wrong, how you should feel towards a situation vs how you shouldn’t, and we end up in an argument trying to figure out which route to take. We all go through this short dilemma before actually taking action.
 We are the gods of our feelings and our actions. So that means, you can either be your own destruction, or your own prosperity. Ultimately, you decide who the master is, of you. Whether it be yourself, or outside forces that’s been forcing their way inside of your head which you allow in, when you forfeit the fight to remain in control. Stress is the outcome of not being in control of yourself.


 So, what is stress? Stress is the uncertainty about whether or not you have the ability to handle a situation put onto you, effectively, according to how you feel about it. With this uncertainty comes the rush of uneasiness; through uneasiness comes the feelings of anger, frustration, sorrow & pain. What is stress? Stress is a feeling made manifest through how negatively you perceived a situation to be. The thought process created this.


 Let’s say your job cut down your hours, and because you’re thinking about how much you need the money to pay your bills and eat, it’s stressing you out. You’re looking at it as either your boss has something against you or life is just being unfair to you. But what if you switched that around. What if you took that hourly loss at your job as something positive in your life? What if you seen it as leverage granted for you to have time to search for a new job that may end up paying better, and give you satisfying hours. Or maybe you realize that you no longer want to work under anyone else, and the cut back on hours granted you time to start your own business.
You see how much more enlightening the positives are than the negatives? It’s all about what way you choose to accept the things that come into your life.
You either deal with them, or let them deal with you.
Thanks to free will, the choice is always yours to make.


 Now let’s discuss the language of stress. How the way you speak of & on things, can create the feeling which begins in your brain.
 Saying things  like “I can’t”, “It isn’t possible”’ “it isn’t fair” or “I should have”, makes you inferior In a world full of predators, thus leaving you as prey to be devoured by conquerors. Once conquered, you’re a slave to whatever now has a hold on, and control over you. The only way to beat this before it even becomes, is to become conscious of your thoughts and the words you speak. You must hold yourself accountable for any outcome in any situation in your life, because somehow you could have prevented it. It’s so easy to not be in control of yourself, to not be the master of you. You can put blame on others, put blame on the world, say “it’s just life, so I gotta deal with it”, and then you might as well rename yourself Peter Pan, because you’ll never grow out of the life you’re in.


 A deadly word is the word “IF”.
 The way that the word “IF” is used, has a huge influence on why certain things happen the way they do, and how you feel about them.
 “It would be better “IF” this wouldn’t happen or that wouldn’t have occurred…”
 “I’d be able to only “IF” it wasn’t too much…”
 “I’d be happy “IF” she’d allow me or he’d make a way, or if things were like this…
 “I wouldn’t have done it “IF”
 The way “IF” is used in each of these sentences implies defeat, and states your incapability, rather than your ability. Once again, this is all created from thought and ones way of perceiving things.
 Start taking responsibility for the things you blame “IF” for, and you’ll find that instead of complaints, you’ll speak more on solutions.
Now… Scream!



Go ahead, scream aloud and let the pain, the frustration, the misery, and the confusion all exit out of your lungs. Scream it out! Scream at the things frustrating you, and while you are screaming, tell them that you are now taking back control of your life and they no longer have any power over you.


 Now ease the screaming up a little bit… You’ll notice that  this will happen naturally.



Know that it’s alright

Now… Pray.
Black-Woman-praying 168639563
Ask God to help you see that he’s there for you, ask for him to remove all the things that make you forget his presence in your life and the protection he has over you. Ask God for strength.
Once a person knows and accepts that God is not only their superior, but their friend, their protector, their guide. They shall fear no power, nor follow any instruction, that is not sent through by him.
What is Stress? My friends, stress does not exist, only you do. You have the power to decide what is real, and what isn’t.
Peace & Blessings.

Understand It

My senses are numb. I can’t feel it anymore. Soul, where have you gone? It seems like time took you with it, and you changed too. Will you not come back?
It saddens me to have to say that we have lost. Who are “we”? The black man, my fellow kings, and the black woman, my soul Queens, we. “What do you mean we’ve lost?” Well, it is impossible to claim victory, when you can also claim defeat. The mental destruction for the majority of my fellow brothers (the black man) is the woman he is with. And the soul lost by many black women, is due to the little boy, whom she believes is a man, whom she has allowed to use her heart as a Rubik’s Cube. But, he could never get the puzzle right. There is no blaming the white man for this. If we are indeed the intelligent beings which we claim to be, then our claims should not allow us to put faults on anyone but ourselves. Take the responsibility. I too have been amongst those without sight, without ear, and without tongue. And I am still a student of life. But that does not mean I cannot beat into the minds that are caught up in the storm, the lessons which I have learned.
Men, a countless number of our actions are in response to our woman. Certain things we do, we do to please our women. And there are things that we don’t do, due to the response we know we would receive from our women. This is how society has molded you. Ever been called whipped? Or have you ever tried calling someone else whipped? Well what does whipped mean?
The Dictionary defines whipped as, Exhausted, tired, beat; to be subdued or defeated.
Men are like, “I ain’t defeated by my woman! I haven’t bowed down to her! What you mean by subdued? You calling me a pussy!” Well, I didn’t quite say it like that. I’ll break it down. For whom it may concern.
You allow your woman to call you a nigga. You let your woman watch things that condition her mind to hate you. You never mind it when your woman is incapable of nurturing, and you don’t believe that it is necessary for her to at least have hunger, for what she lacks. You allow your woman to be the kind of woman who believes that glory is in the amount of likes she receives on Instagram. You don’t allow yourself to be a man for your woman. Now I’m not telling any man to go out and control his woman or that it’s in a man’s place to control his woman. But we are men! There are times when it is needed for us to put our foot down. See that is where the respect has been lost. You have your class A who are afraid to put their foot down and be the Man, that his woman naturally desires him to be; then you have your class B who believes that putting his foot down, means tossing a few blows to his lady’s rib cage. Then they get pissed off when you don’t identify them as a “Real Man.” Women have no respect for either class. Why should they? But they either pretend to, or boldly show it (depending on which class you fall in). Ego, it restrains us all but from doing what is actually right.
You know the devil is real when there is a “baby momma” and a “baby daddy”. The children have been forgotten. Our pride is more important. Men fear to be fathers and women fight the thought of having children. Though, once a child has arrived in the picture, there is a parent missing from the portrait. This is known as something normal. Men run away from home because they cannot take the mental beat down he receives from his woman, which she has been instructed to do. Some men don’t know how to be fathers, and some women are too lazy to be mothers. Therefore, the children are adopted by the streets and the world around them. They are taught how to hate themselves, and to fear, not fight, what has enslaved them. Out of confusion, they love it.
So yes king, you have been subdued. Your man spirit is quiet; it has been restrained from your heart so you’re handicapped from being able to see, understand, respect, and see True Love. You’ve been beaten in the mind to live backwards by understanding evil more than you can practice what is good. Digest these different portions of a meal that I have prepared on one plate for you. Feed your soul and get back your man spirit.
Queen, Queen, Queen. You beat & batter yourself, love. Lovers of God, miss independent, the strong black woman who could never be defeated, love, you’ve got to stop. You have to stop lying to yourself thinking that it keeps you healthy because you have a few fans of your words. God is not your go to for guidance, understanding, & direction. How could he be? It’s nice to hear pastor preach his word. You feel good for that moment or perhaps the whole day. But what truly happens when you leave that church? What do you leave still sitting still at the same place where you and everyone around you were seated? Faith, in him. Once the world steps in and tells you “this is how it is and this is the proper response for that”, your faith turns, to it. You hear those lyrics (we don’t fuck with you, we don’t fuck with you nigga, we don’t fuck with you) repeated in your head or this fantastic line (I hit the strip with my trap queen cause all we know is bands) Beautiful. Now the whole, “love thy neighbor”, “I shall have an open heart cause God told me so”, thing goes out the window. You’ve just been instructed that you should have a “fuck people” mentality. No matter what you believed in on Sunday. The past no longer matters. You’ve been instructed that the type of Queen you are is one who traps (helps her man sells drugs and keep alive the system which conditions the minds of her own people to believe that they aren’t made to survive). Now all you know is bands. When that money reaches your hand then, who’s God?
I’m active on social media; I’m regularly in public/social environments where I can study my people. I study the world. My people sing, “we are kings & queens! We have to get our birthrights back! Yo they really stole from us! We have to get in touch with our ancestors again.” Although it somewhat warms my heart to hear my people speak out that they are consciously aware, I’m having trouble believing if my people are identifying who they are, or are we caught up in a trend and all of this is just a game of follow the leader.
We are in the reality era. It is necessary to please the ears and eyes of watchers, in order to be identified as a somebody. You have your different categories of a somebody. You have the things you value and people you want to know that you exist. They require that you fit in at least one category in order to be counted as someone who is alive.
My Kings, My Queens. It’s nice to call ourselves that, but that is not who we are, not right now. It is who we once were when we once had a different understanding of the universe and its laws, and we owned our knowledge of self. It is possible for us to be the Kings & Queens we say we are and be respected as such. We have to let the world and its ways go. We have to leave behind the things that we know are toxic, and not look back on its memories. Give up the fear of judgment, the fear of loss, and fear itself. Let go of anger, frustrations, and desires. We have to look in the mirror and say “I love you” not to your human, but to the presence of God in you. That is the true way to have a connection and true love for God. To know that he lives within you and you are a manifestation of him. Recognize this, without disbelief or denial. “Black people”, cannot “awaken” without the knowledge of the power of the spirit within us all.
We can be the soul food for our planet but as of now, we are its fast food. Once we’re ordered in, we’re taken out.


For My Sweet America

War… Who initiates it?
Hate… Who practice it?
Crime… How does it exist?
Death… Who aids in its coming?
Why is there an inability to unite as a people of one nation, so that we the people, under one God, can be invisible and have liberty, & justice for all? Miss Sweet America, can we truly be lovers of God, if we are unable to love our own neighbor? If we speak and think hate, if we kill, if we can deny our own people because of either physical, mental, or characteristic differences, in what deity do we trust? This is what you teach my Sweet America. To hate thy neighbor, to not trust thy friend, to question thy lover, and to kill, not love, thy enemy. By the choices that we choose to make, it defines who we are. For each individual, it means disrespect to the holy name to say that we love God, when we abandon him in our actions.
Who are we Black people? We fear and hate our own yet we yell out to the world with our voices so proud and strong, “Black Lives Matter!” Yet, this is only when it’s the white man who kills him, because we can understand when it’s our brothers own blood on our hands? Who are we black men? Are we honorable? Are we worthy to announce ourselves as kings or Gods when we disrespect the one who brings life unto this planet, the black woman? Who are you black woman? Are you the Queen you wish to be respected as, and approached as if you are such, when you degrade yourselves, and allow yourselves to be degraded in a manner that puts you in a place that is less than human?
To the new age of Revolutionaries who say they love their people, how hypocritical are you? Do you truly love your people? In your groups, which you form for protests and gatherings, do you accept all of your own to be among you? Would you accept a homeless man who is your “brother”? Do you still not judge your own behind curtains? Do you not still look down upon your own people? Are you not still present & active in the same events which you say you’re against? That you shout is “degrading!” Alcohol consumption, drug taking, spending your money within non-black owned businesses. Is what you speak to the public the complete opposite of what you speak among yourselves in private? So what are your motives as a revolutionist? Is it for popularity? Is it to gain a higher rank in a social status, to fulfill your own ego? Or is it because it will look pretty on your resume? Perhaps these are just the times when it is cool to shout “Black Power”.
Unless we as a collective, quit preaching and start taking action on bringing together our people regardless of where they are from, who they are, with the intentions to create a system of peace & love, so that black lives do not have to fear for their own lives when they in the company of their own brothers and sisters, we are no revolutionaries. Unless we can bring the truth as it is meant to be given, so that we will not have to fear our lives around anyone and anywhere we go, we are no revolutionaries.
My dear revolutionaries, as the Author Iyanla Vanzant said in her book “The Spirit of A Man”, “Doing is physical. It is action. Being, on the other hand, is spiritual.” I hope what you take from that quote resembles what I was able to attain from it.
We live in a country that feasts on competition; there is always someone who must prove that they are better than someone else. It is against the law of our ego which we value to be so high, for us to allow anyone to overshadow or outshine us. We are fed with currency to aid us in this competition. We are competitors in the survival of the fittest game “Hunger Games”. Man will use money so that he can look better than another man, and with hopes that he’ll attract the eye of another woman. Man will spend money to get rid of another man, and then seduce that same mans woman. Man uses money to exploit his own brother, to sacrifice the love for his own mother. A woman will use money to outshine her sister, so that she can gain the eyes of all men. A woman will use the value of money to begin a war between men, just to show the power she is capable of having. Woman is pimped by money to be a hoe to the game. Man believes that he must be better than another man. He believes that there can only be one lion who rules over the jungle, instead of unity that would create an army of lions. Woman believes that there should be no other woman who stands before her, and than any woman who shines and is not she, must be a “bitch” or a “whore”.
Everything I have said are all things which I have witnessed right before my eyes. Competition will never end, because there can never be a last man standing.
We are the children of America, the richest country in debt, debt in good, yet rich of so much evil. The country where when foreigners arrive for a better life, their feet walk with innocence until one encounter with us. Then they are seduced into a life they can never escape. We the people, help made America what it is; the country that decided to turn against God in order to be God and the land claimed by many gods…
The judge of all things different, the assassin of all persons who speak against it, the decision maker for where lives should be and how they shall be lived, and we the people raise our children to love these gods. Miss Sweet America. When our children begin to hate, degrade, kill, and laugh as they do it just as they’ve seen in the actions of the gods they look up to and worship, we send them to institutions that train them to be far worse than from which they came.
There is no solution to this. As long as America continues to teach her children to be as sweet as she is and WE, the people who know, continue to allow it, there will be no solution. People will continue to say they love when their hearts hate. People will still kill, yet mourn at funerals. People will continue to say that they love one God, as they worship many.
My sweet America, from this land you’ve inhabited for your unrighteous gain, when shall you let my people go?…


Take Your Life Back

Happy Saturday!!!

Stop looking down and Start Looking Up!

There is a world out there that you are missing, and I promise that it’s a beautiful one too! Although we live in a world where many of success stories derive from the use of mobile phones and tablets, just imagine the opportunities of happiness that you are missing by investing more time into your mobile life, than the life where nights come and days pass so quickly that by the time you do look up, you ask yourself, “Where did all the time go?”  Time left you when you stopped paying attention.

Stop looking down and Look up!

Want to know why most relationships whether intimate or friendship fail? Someone tried to give me an answer to this question by saying, “no trust”. Yet, how can trust properly exist to be seen and appreciated, when you have more trust in what you hold in your hands 24’7. Honestly, people still look into their phones both while walking and driving, trusting that they wont crash or they wont run into a pole… Instead of waking up and greeting their partner, most couples today when they wake up, immediately go grabbbing for their phone rather than greeting the person laying beside them (their significant other).

Your relationship has grown distant in your blind eye, you didn’t even notice her leaving.

You txt,post & like pics so often by the minute girl, you didn’t even see when he cheated and it was right in front of your face…

Pay attention to your real time line until it reaches to the point that when you finally look up, you realize you haven’t even lived, and you notice that the people who were once so important to you, have completely vanished…

When was the last time you had a real date? When was tthe last time you and your girls had a proper night out? When was the last time you and your boys sat around and really enjoyed a game? When was the last time you and your friends all got together and decided to just go out and have fun? I bet you can remember the last time you turned down an offer to go out and instead you just stayed at home on your phone posting miserable status updates and liking random pics…

Go out! And leave your phone at home! Or keep it in your pocket and don’t use it unless it’s for an emergency…

Take back your life!

Feel the feeling of love again and just dedicate the day to you and your partner

It’s Saturday! The sun is out, the sky is clear, and life is just waiting for you to come back and enjoy it again