Resurrection of The Black Woman PDF

Want to know the state of a nation? Look at the state of its women.

Want to know how to make a nation weak & vulerable? Make its women weak and vulnerable to you.

Want to make the women feel as if she is weak without your presence and is always vulnerable to you? Weaken the husband right before her eyes.

Want to become master of Gods most precious creation for mankind? Get control over the woman’s womb.

The woman is the key to this nations weakness, as well as its strength. IT all depends on whom she calls master, because without her even having a choice in the matter, she was conflicted and oppressed so that she only has choices.

Want to break a woman down to a bitch? Make her forget her nature…

Resurrection of the Black Woman



Dear White People

Deutronomy: “They have corrupted themselves, their spot is not the spot of his children. They are a perverse and crooked nation…. For they are a nation void of counsel, neither is there any understanding in them. Oh if only they were wise, if they understood this, they would consider their latter end…. For their vine is of the vine of Sôdöm, and of the fields of Gø-môr’rah , their grapes are grapes of gall, their dusters are bitter!”……

Dear White people, and I am at means to regard the caucasian race of people who are still in defensive for their forefathers knowing the destruction they caused a people, peoples, a nation, nations, this “country”, and countries. It’s not all of you who are playing stupid.
I commend you for your loyalty to your descendants. They are a people of savages who became rulers and then parasites who wrecked havoc on Gods creation. They even went as far to claim their gods and self identified with the title “God”.
Exodus 20

“You shall have no other gods before me. “You should not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above…”

Woe, they even mock “their own laws”. So I get the lack of understanding for “Black Lives Matter”, your “justice system” pretends not to understand us, and the people who follow the system never gained any understanding. If a man sins while not knowing what he is doing is a sin, then he can be forgiven for not being aware. So the ignorance is understood. But how many among you are truly ignorant? Acknowledge, reality, it must set in. Even the fool has to face it. All that is happening is of no coincidence. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear will know that these are all wake up calls to the children of God. They must be ready to rise again, and those who have been ruling for this long must prepare to be humbled just as they once humbled the slaves. There is no era of evil without justice. This is simply the law of compensation. So black people must now stop their mourning, come together with yourselves and with your people, organize, plan, act. The test is, can you bare the travel to the kingdom of heaven? Those who can will indeed “see the mountain top”.

Be mindful of the distractions from your agenda and the agents of distraction. The devils best victims are the drifters. Beelzebub is only affective because the popular of the masses don’t truly know who it is, yet fear its presence.
Dear White people, claim your rightful identity. Bare witness to the sins of your fathers and to the truth that has been for long kept hidden, until it was categorized as “4biddenknowledge”. Acknowledge that justice must be served. This is not more so of a proposition, but a demand from
The Law of Justice… 

& all those who chant “Black Lives Matter”.


Let's Love

 I’ve always adored family, family is what kept me strong when I was young, it maintained my youth, it expressed to me, life. See, family brings those things you long for when you’re alone like, love, safety, nourishment, good times, connection, and meaningful existence. Now, some may say, “well I get those things all on my own”, ok, maybe you’ve trained your mind to be so positive but your heart still has a void. Some of us are so afraid of listening to out hearts that we train our minds to have a voice that blocks it out.

Where would I be without you Love? For it is you that gave me identity. -Apollo

We’re missing something and we are afraid to admit it.
Family is special, it brings us things that we cannot find anywhere else outside of it. Now, family does not mean those who share your tree lineage and exclude everyone else. It expands beyond that, which is the beauty of what family is. You can meet some people today and as you all continue to connect and grow, you become a family. Your homeboy is your family, your best-friend girl is your family. We are all sisters & brothers.

Family is important, and it is definitely a necessity for the black man and black woman. Have you noticed the divinity in our communities? Our schools? It’s getting better, but a separation still exists, and that separation is between the “self” and “identity“. Many of us don’t know who we are pass the flesh and from that, many of us have become our insecurities. Belief systems are creating “believable” existences.


Wake up from the trance!

 Many of us don’t know how to love, many of us have hate in our hearts because we’ve never experienced love or when we thought we knew love, we were let down by our expectations. Love requires no expectation nor any force. Love is not lust, which is temporary desires for affection, however many times it is mistaken for it. Love simply is and it will simple be, that’s true love. We must bring love back as a constant word in our vocabulary and manifest it as our daily habit. What makes us strong is our ability to love, it makes us powerful and eternal because God is love and God is in each and everyone of us.

Let’s love. Lets love in our communities, lets love in our homes, lets love in our schools, in our work, in our conversations, in our actions, in our circles,

Let’s love.