It seems like every other week there is a new social media trend that hits worldwide, and gets everyone on their pages and live on each others timeline. This weeks trend is #GrowingUp… It began with #GrowingUpBlack, which became so popular that other hashtags began to follow. Such as, #GrowingUpWhite, #GrowingUpMexican, #GrowingUpGay, & etc… These […]

In the womb, the child begins its development. From birth, the child begins its evolution. The lessons, the love, and the leadership passed from father to son, are the products of design that aids to growth, of child to boy, and from boy to man. Fathers are not that well appreciated, because they do not […]

There are Three D’s of Success that every young black male needs to conquer before he gets older. They are: Discipline, Dedication, & Determination. That is what a speaker, during a Minority Male Initiative event at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (also known as A&T), said to an auditorium full of high school […]

There is a kid at my school whom I am mentoring. He’s 18 years old and the problem that he faces is the lack of self-confidence. He doesn’t believe in himself, and when he identifies a woman that he finds attractive, he freezes up and doesn’t know how to make his approach. For example, one […]