It seems like every other week there is a new social media trend that hits worldwide, and gets everyone on their pages and live on each others timeline. This weeks trend is #GrowingUp…
It began with #GrowingUpBlack, which became so popular that other hashtags began to follow. Such as, #GrowingUpWhite, #GrowingUpMexican, #GrowingUpGay, & etc…
These hashtags is supposed to provide a comedic insight on what it’s like to be of a certain race, ethnicity, and culture background. Well, I’ve paid attention to these hashtags that were showing up and couldn’t help but notice that a certain one was missing. A particular one which I personally feel has an unarguable importance to be included. A specific hashtag which will undoubtedly stand out in the midst of the entertainment aura of this trend.  It began with #GrowingUpBlack, however, our young men should have a pleasant reminder of their ascendance, who & what they rise from, besides just having shoutingi n their mental “I’m growing up black!” No! We’re born, and we are growing up  Kings!
In case you aren’t aware, allow me. I’ve taken the liberty of beginning a hashtag of my own titled, #GrowingUpKing
Let’s begin…












 A moment of Silence & Black Fists Up for
Langston Hughes
Ben E King
Michael Jackson
Biggie Smalls *Notorious
Tupac Shakur
George Jackson
Malcolm X
Martin Luther King Jr.
And every other King that lived & gave his life, for the lives of his people. We love you! And we will never let your spirits die! Now my people, you know what it means, to grow up King.
Stay Black, Stay in Love, Stay Proud ✊🏾

I Father

In the womb, the child begins its development. From birth, the child begins its evolution. The lessons, the love, and the leadership passed from father to son, are the products of design that aids to growth, of child to boy, and from boy to man. Fathers are not that well appreciated, because they do not seek acknowledgement for their kingship. Although we are too well aware of abandoning fathers, because the study of evil can block ones vision of what’s righteous. Today we leave from that, as we should do every other day. We must honor fathers, for what they have given, which is life, without fathers, mothers could not produce. We must honor fathers, for what they have given, which for each individual, is something special that one could never put into words. A father is glad, he is satisfied, when he see’s all that he has done, all that he has sacrificed, shown as worth, in a child that he, whether along with his rib or alone, help to evolve. Give thanks to the man, the father, that has been in your life, that has helped you to develop, into who you are today. 

Me and the man who made sacrifices for me, during my childhood. Who kept me from the dangers of the street, who taught me how far a man would go, for the love of his first born son. A man who saved my life as a child, who never left me in need of a father. A man who did not let me lead my own self astray as I was growing from child, to boy, to teen. A man whom I must thank for the presciousness of life. 



Jamaica! Jamaica! Haha. Me and the man who adopted me in my early adulthood, my late teen years. Who taught me that it’s not always blood that is thicker than water. Who taught me that unconditional love can from someone who you have never known before in your whole life up to the time of meeting them. The man who didn’t give up on me. Who saw my potential longer than I did. The man who inspired me to get up and do something! Who showed me that I had a second chance, and would give me hell every time I showed laziness or wasn’t living up to my potential, putting myself to waste. To a man who refused to give up on me, even though he had no obligations to me, who made me get up when I wanted to lay down. I could never go a day, a month, or a year along my journey, without giving much praise and honor to this man. For if it was not for this man, I could not have made it, as far as I have made so far up to this present moment.
From TruLove,

Happy Fathers Day everyone! 

Brotherhood & Love : As Religion 

There will be a day, that for everything now that we waste, squander, & take advantage of, people all over the world will be killing each other and going to war for.
Water… Food… Clothing, no matter what name brand or design… Fresh air… Transportation….
All the things that now, receives no true value because money keeps it coming endlessly. People of all religions will find themselves under the same destruction, fighting to have the same freedom. They will see that everything they thought they were living for, was indeed a lie. But it will be too late.
Brotherhood & Love as Religion
Peace and blessings everyone. First I would like to say that this blog post is not a proposal against any religion; it’s rather a proposal for humanity to focus their practices on the same gospels that every mans religion teaches; “Brotherhood and Love”. 
Jesus gave two great commandments to his disciples that was meant for all persons who inhabit the Earth to follow. They were, 
1st– Love God with all of your heart, mind and soul.
2nd– love your neighbors as you love yourself. 
Jesus was not of any specific religion. He never claimed to be of Islam, ChristianityBuddhism, or any other religion. Jesus said himself that he was a prophet of love & brotherhood. He was to teach this to all of mankind. His mission was to speak truth for the ears that listened and the eyes that saw. 
Why is this world in threat of destruction? Why is there poor & Why do the poor weep? Why are children confused? Turning enemy’s amongst themselves as they are still in childhood, receiving parenthood from outside the home. Why are the rich unhappy, and although have enough money to fulfill their desires, still among the unlucky? Why are parents turning away from their children and the children turning away from their parents? 
Instead of love, there is competition. There is hate when one person or a team, is not higher ranks than another.
Instead of peace, there is war. There are court cases, unlawful settlements, death due to disagreement. 
Instead of family, there is separation when needs are not meant to someone’s satisfaction. There is backstabbing, there is betrayal. There is a need for an empire, instead of a home first. 
Instead of sisterhood, there is the need to conquer each other, although all who are women should stand together to be caregivers to not only one another, but to the Earth and the men and children which they breed. 
Instead of brotherhood, there is falsehood. There is always a need for competition, a cause for separation, and the result is always war. There is the need to betray a brothers heart and his faith in his own brother, when that brother desires his brothers woman. There is the need to have what is not yours, for pride and ego fulfillment. 
These are the answers for every “Why there are’s”
In the great book it warned, 
Zephaniah 2:1-2 
 “Gather yourselves together,yea,gather together, O nation not desired; Before the decree bring forth, before the day pass as the chaff, before the fierce anger of the Lord come upon you, before the day of the Lord’s anger come upon you.”
We are all to face the same judgement, yet we act as if there are going to be many Gods besides the one who is almighty, the one who forgives each and everyone of us for every night he decides to allow all us all to sleep through, so that we may see a new morning. But we fight, and we kill, and then ask God in our prayers, “Oh lord, why is the world this way?”. God has ears for all, but not for those who know yet still continue to trash his commandments. 
It is not about race, it is not about color. It is about humanity suffering because of humanities doings. Protesting does nothing, shouting does nothing but creates noise that will soon fade. All people must get the freedom and justice they desire by sacrificing their fear of being defeated. Fear of anything that is not by the power of God is a sin towards God. Be firm to those who are unlawful, as they have been firm towards you. 
It starts by saying No
  • Say no to going against your brother, striking him, desiring his woman, desiring his possessions, and desiring his status in life to yours. 
  • Say no to hate against your fellow women, striking them, putting them beneath you, calling them the same names the oppressors have called them, enslaving them to your command as your ancestors have been slaved to another command. 
  • Say no against not being parents and not teaching your children in the home, but sending them to institutions to be taught by teachers who you have not even tried yourself to see if their teachings were worthy for your children. 
Take the responsibility that is yours, and do not pass it on to another because of your fear of handling. 
Brotherhood and love, should be a religion of itself, practiced by all of mankind. It is the separation of faith, that has divided mankind and has caused this world to be in the order that it is in. 
  • Start by giving, when you have to give. 
  • Start by not judging, when you are in no such authority. 
  • Start by lending, when you know you can afford it. 
  • Start by teaching, when you have been given the knowledge to pass on. 
  • Start by being truthful, so that those around you can feel comfortable, and adopt the practice of  honesty as well. 
  • Start by putting down your own wall; for you are no china. God will not allow you to be broken. He only puts you through lessons so that you will learn, and you will be repaired from the person you were before. 
  • Start by loving just to love, as you love yourself and love God. Stop being persuaded to love and love sincerely. If you find yourself having to be persuaded to love someone else, look into your own heart to answer why, and ask God to guide you. 
  • Start by protecting even those who are strangers. Show off the practices of Brotherhood and Love, so that others will see the fault in their injustice ways, and adopt those practices. 
Be a brother to your brother, and a sister to your sister. 
Be a faithful husband, and be a faithful wife. 
Be faithful parents. 
Be faithful children. 
Be faithful friends.
This is how the world can be changed into a beautiful place. 
Start by passing this on…

Man Up

There are Three D’s of Success that every young black male needs to conquer before he gets older.
They are: Discipline, Dedication, & Determination.

That is what a speaker, during a Minority Male Initiative event at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (also known as A&T), said to an auditorium full of high school students. He told them that without applying the Three D’s into their lives, that as young black men, either the streets, or a cage which they call jail, would be what awaited them. He wasn’t just speaking at them. He was speaking to their subconscious, he was talking to their imaginations. He knew what these young men desired, it’s the same desires we all had when we were in high school. Money, women, and the lifestyles that were flaunted to us in rap videos. It’s the same lifestyle flaunted to these young men, just broader than before.


The truth was broken down. These young men were here for a reason, they had plans for furthering their education. Whether it was forced or voluntary, it was in their thoughts. They were told that in college, life is like a free-roam game. Every action, and every reaction to an action is all based off of the choices you make. Your parents are no longer here to be your guide, to instruct you, and they are not there to make sure you wake up in the morning so that you make it to class. It’s all on you. The choices you make in college, and in life general, is decided based on how disciplined you are. How affordable is your life? The answer to that is yours only to make. You show your self-worth to others based on the choices you make. People are watching, and at most times they bystanders are the people you’ll end up meeting later in life, or may need for whatever reason. Based on how you show respect for yourself, people will either treat you 10*times worse, or 10*times better. Speak appropriately for the occasion, dress appropriately for the occasion, and be quicker to say “No”, before you say “Yes”.


“Some people really are, still dreaming”. One of my favorite lines from a Nas song titled “Still Dreaming”, featured on his “Hip-Hop is Dead” album. That one line is a global truth. There are more dreamers than there are doers. That saddens me because I can only imagine how many beautiful dreams people in this world are having, that if only they were pursued, this world would be a reflection of that beauty. I, as well as the speaker that day, knew there were some big dreamers in that auditorium. We already knew that one of their dreams is college, and in college, nothing counts so much more than how dedicated you are to accomplishing what you dream to be, and conquering your fears of failure. Fear is an illusion created by thought. Success is a reality, but only when decided. Look in the mirror. Don’t pay attention to who you see now at first, vision the future, look at the dreams in you and see the man you want to be. Now come back to the present, and decide for the young man you see staring back at you, that he will be the man you want him to be.


If you want it bad enough, no matter what it is, based on how much thought and fight you put into getting it, you’ll get it. In order for these young men to be successful in life, they would have to be determined to keep themselves disciplined, and determined to stay dedicated to their goals until they became conquerors of all the trials & tribulations that tested them. As I looked around the auditorium I saw lives awaiting to be sprung out of the seeds that were being groomed and watered everyday. I saw bright futures with the possibilities of being dark, if these young men didn’t learn from now how to Man UP against everything that was against them, because they were young black men.

The speaker said something which resonated deeply in my own mind. He told us that 1/4 in the ranges of 18-33 year old black men, are either in jail, on probation, on the streets, or on the parole. That means there are 75% black men in the world who are actually doing the right thing. Wow! Who would believe that?

When you see 95% of this


And only 5% of this


It’s because black men who are apart of the 75%, are not speaking up for ourselves and are not speaking up for our people! It’s just like in a relationship. A woman is with a man who doesn’t treat her right. He doesn’t take her out as much, communication is a stranger in their relationship, he speaks as if he doesn’t respect women, and his actions say he has multiple women. She doesn’t like this one bit. She complains about her situation to her friends, her family, yet does not confront the one person who needs to hear face to face, exactly how she feels. Yes, she’s brought it to his attention multiple times, but after some fancy words what she knew as a problem for that brief moment, was no longer a problem. Her unhappiness lasted up until the one day when she had enough. He had put his hand on her. It was the first blow from his fists that struck her face that caused her to have a flashback of her father. She remembered how her father treated her mother as if she was the queen of the universe, and she remembered how her father told her that from birth, she was born a queen, and that not even her father had ever struck her. Did she strike her boyfriend back? No. She stood up, held her face, and told him “thank you”. Then walked away deciding from then that she would never let anyone on this planet ever treat her less than a human, and a woman. No matter how much he cried for her to come back, she knew what she was worth and she knew what she needed to stand for, and that was her womanhood.

Black Men, we need to stand up for our Manhood. The same manhood that they’ve been raping us out of since we were little boys. Yes, there are black men who are in prison, there are black men who have killed and have raped women. But I do not recall the Caucasian man, or the Hispanic man, or the Asian Man, or the Indian Man, being any type of saints above all saints. Every human being has had their wrong in life. We have all sinned. A black male is not a mascot for jail and failure. We represent success, we represent powerful men, we represent good fathers. But a child will never know that if a father doesn’t take a stand for it. It takes more than one man to say “we are kings” and “we need to represented better”. A Woman will make sure you respect her right? You’ll think twice before you call her a “bitch” or a “hoe” right? Well make them think twice before they even think of trying to call you a criminal… Black Man


For The Quiet Ones

There is a kid at my school whom I am mentoring. He’s 18 years old and the problem that he faces is the lack of self-confidence. He doesn’t believe in himself, and when he identifies a woman that he finds attractive, he freezes up and doesn’t know how to make his approach. For example, one day at our school library he had his eyes on this Hispanic girl. He along with his friends, were discussing in how he should approach. The boy was nervous, sweating bullets. I played the watcher in this scenario. I heard a lot of “how’s” and “I can’ts”. I watched and listened as these guys were telling him all these inspiring things like,

“Don’t worry about anything, just go up and make conversation.”

“Approach her with a compliment.”

“Say something that will make her interested in a convo with you.”

Meanwhile, I’m studying him and this guy doesn’t look like he’d even enjoy a convo with himself. Now if that’s what I’m picking up as an observer, imagine what the girl will pick up as soon as he approaches. She would immediately feel his timid energy.

Here’s what I found interesting about the situation. One of his friends decided that they’ll go and approach the girl and while they’d make conversation, my friend here should then join in. The plan was obvious. One friend approach the girl, then he would go and greet his friend as if it’s their first time seeing each other for the day, followed by the friend introducing the girl and him, which would then be followed by the friends leave. I thought to myself, “this guy has some good & clever friends.

So the plan went to action. When it was time for my guy to make his move over to where his friend and the girl was, he did, but once he did, he just stood. All he did was just stand there for about 8 minutes and said & did nothing besides a greeting gesture to his friend. All awhile he just stood beside the girl. I could imagine her feeling awkward and began to get an ugly feeling of embarrassment for this young man. Inside I was crying for his aid. The rest of his friends made it known aloud that they too, were hurting inside. It didn’t take too long for the friend to realize that it was quite long enough for my guy to have come up with a decent conversation, and left him to take over the conversation. So he did, and so it began.

We watched anxiously as if waiting for the next scene in a horror flick after a woman decided to go against all laws of common sense and open the door to where she heard screams. *facepalm*.

I paid attention the responses of her body language during the conversation. It was clear to she that she either felt uncomfortable, or just wasn’t interested and was waiting for him to leave her a lone. “This guy needs to learn the signs.” I said to myself. Once it was realized that their meeting had come to a conclusion, I watched him get up with disappointment as a makeup on his face. When he arrived back to us, I spoke to him. I told him about the signs she was giving off that was clearly telling him that whatever he was trying to say wasn’t working, and all of the areas where he went wrong. I spoke to him about my blog and his friends recommended that he take some lessons from me. He agreed to become my student, and I agreed to be his teacher.

Now, this is a very nice guy and also quite funny. He knows how to joke on himself as well as laugh along with others who may joke on him, showing that it doesn’t bother him. Although he spoke of being comfortable with his own appearance, his actions did not reflect that. So I asked him,

“Why are you afraid to approach a female?”

He responded.


“What you mean you don’t know? what is it that makes you so repellant?” I asked him.

Then he said.

“I guess I see the guys that are around these women, and I know I’m not that. I see who they like to talk to and the things they like to do, and I’m not that. I’m not their type. So it’s hard for me to find something to say that they’ll relate to”

Then I understood his situation even more. He was afraid of the women he was attracted to. Although he desired these women, he felt inferior to him. Although he claimed to be comfortable being the type of guy he is, he didn’t feel that type of guy was deserving for women. So I said to him.

“Maybe the women who you so consistently want to go after, are actually not your type, rather than you not being their type. You’re putting yourself below these women as though you’re not man enough to be well, a man! That’s like a sin to the father. Listen, you’re idolizing forced attraction. Which means, you’re just going after what makes all men turn heads. one thing you need to understand about these women, they know that they’re attractive so they know when all eyes are on them. With that being, they intentionally make it difficult for any man to approach them and off gate they will challenge any man that does. They feel as if they can tame men and make men shiver by their looks, but what you’ll never hear from their mouths is that they want a man who can conquer that. Your appearance speaks aloud shyness and timidness, which is the first thing that they sense from afar when they look at you and even more when you approach them. And for that, you immediately fail with them.”

Here’s my instruction to the men who lack confidence in themselves & are afraid of women.

Fear is a devil within self, that you must learn to defeat. It is the only thing that keeps you from success in anything that you pursue. It is the only cause of your failure. You have the spirit of God in you. You must seek to identify your inner self to become one with this self. Once you’ve accomplish this, you’ll become confident and know that all what you fear is actually inferior to you. Man who lacks confident in self, is in danger of be consumed till his death-bed, by the image of a person who he is not. Out loud he speaks of his happiness and surety of himself, but pay close attention to an unconfident mans words and you will know that he truly cries of misery within himself. They often stutter and the “truth” never appears the same twice. Men, if you know you have troubles with being comfortable enough to embrace your true selves in the world and to the people in it, do not be afraid to seek aid. Talk to friends and family members. There is mentorship, there are books such as “The Spirit of A Man” IyanlaVanzant, and there is the bible (mans best go-to for instruction).

Women want a confident man. A man who is both confident in his words, and confident enough to stand by her side. Dear quiet man, women respond to the loud man because she feels at least she can hear his words and is glad that he is bold enough bring himself before her. This is what you must do. Show the women who you are without having any doubt in self of who you are, no matter how beautiful she appears to be. For what may look beautiful on the inside, may not be as much of a precious jewel on the inside. Influence yourself to want to learn about women, especially the ones whose appearance you idolize. Then rather you being in fear of what she may ask of you, you can be the one who comes with the questions. Women love a man who shows interest in her. Conversation will then flow smoothly afterward.

Take the responsibility of a man, and do not act as a child. A man is brave, a man is strong, man is not afraid, a man goes after what he desires and man conquers.


I Believe in You SpongeBob!