How to have Anything & Anyone that you want?

If someone came up to you right now and asked you “what do you want?” What would you say? Or when you think of all the things that you do want, what is it that you say to yourself?
Perhaps what you say go along with the lines of:
“I want happiness”
“I want a new car”
“I want to be wealthy” or “I need money”
“I want a beautiful woman” or “I want a beautiful man”.
“I want to have more friends” or “I need to meet more people like me who I can enjoy life with”
“I want”. “I want”, “I want”, “I need” “I need”, and “I need” You see the routine?


So why aren’t you receiving these things?
Why don’t you have more money? Why aren’t you wealthy? Why aren’t you driving in that Ferrari or Benz? Why are you still single?


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The answer is very simple. It is due to the fact that the universe responds to two things; how we are feeling and what we believe in.

What you have been doing all along, and what many are at fault of doing, is sending signals out into the universe that you do not have nor are you in the state of having, what it is that you’re saying you want. The universe is simply responding with, “ok”.

You say, “I want to be wealthy” or “I want to be with my dream girl/guy”, and the universe responds, “ok”. What the universe is actually saying to you is, “yes, I know what you want. You’ve been wanting these things for quite a while now and guess what, you’ll still want the same thing tomorrow and the day after, along with the day after, until you get tired of wanting the same thing and begin wanting something new. Then the cycle will repeat itself. You’ll continue to want, want, want, yet will remain in lack of. You’ll continue to be a wanter and not a claimer.”

In order for you to receive the things you’re telling yourself you want to have, you have to first graduate from the stage of “I want”.

“Does this mean that I have to stop wanting?”

It is important for us to know what we want because if we didn’t, we would all be stuck in the pursuit of wanting something, and never being able to identify it. Minorities want freedom and justice from oppression, however, they have trouble identifying the bed where freedom lays. It’s asleep until awoken. This is what you have to do. Wake up from your dreams and being working on manifesting.  However, when you do come across whatever it is you’ve been wanting, and yet continue to be blind to its presence, your desires will lose faith and the vibes will never coincide. This is the law of attraction.

“So how can I finally receive what I want?”
You have to change your “I wants” and your “I needs”, to “I have” and “I am”.

Didn’t I tell you that the answer would be very simple?

Instead of saying “I want to be wealthy”, say, “I am wealthy” or “I am because I am worthy”. Instead of saying, “I want that new car”, say “I have that new car that I’ve always wanted, and I could see myself driving in right now.” Call your friends and brag about your new car as if you’re dangling the key as you speak. Instead of saying “I want a beautiful girl/man”, say to yourself, “I am beautiful, therefore, I only attract beautiful people into my life.” Or once against simple say, “I have what I want because I am already worthy of it.”

You have to believe yourself to be worthy.

See it’s all about visualization as well. Notice how in the alter statement of “I want that new car”, The suggested saying is, “I have that new car I’ve always wanted, and I could see myself driving in it as well.” We create the world that we live in based on how we first believe the world to be. It’s all about perception.


What do you see? If you see the world as a beautiful place, when you look around you all you will see is a beauty. The same goes for the fact that if you see the world as a cruel, unfair, and hateful place, not only will you see the world in such way, but in response, you will also become that of what you feel. WE are a part of and are connected to, the world. As the late king of pop Michael Jackson once said, “We are the world.”

And we are all connected to the universe. The universe is Gods assistant (some say the universe is God) and it is here to help us to dominantly, make a reality of the world which we believe in.

“How do I visualize what I want if I don’t have it?”
Close your eyes and imagine.


Is it childish? Think about this, when we were all kids, we had no reason to have the majority of the emotions we’ve all attained when we became adults. We had no desire to feel hateful, greed, or jealousy. We did not hate the world, heck, we weren’t watching the news or anything of that sort so we were not aware that there was anything to worry about. We loved, we saw the world as a place of endless possibilities, because we used our imagination to create endless possibilities. When we wanted to fly, we grabbed our bed sheet, created a cape and simply said, “I can fly, I’m a superhero!” When we wanted to step away from mommy and daddy, we created tents or fortresses as many of us called them, and we were in our own worlds, we saw our own universes. And who’s to say none of this is true? When it made us happy, we were able to see things that mom and dad would call us foolish or took us as joking, when we’d tell them what we’ve seen, what we’ve believed.
To visualize what you want, the method is simple, tap into your inner childhood and use your imagination. You wouldn’t know what you want if you hadn’t already seen it before. So now all you have to do is see that very same thing in your hands, within your arms, you at one with it and it at one with you.

“What’s next after that?”
Become connected with the process. Take action.


First, we think it, then we speak it, we believe it, and now we take action. The law of attraction does not just work by thinking something and it coming true from thin air, although thinking it and believing it, is the top priority, number one most important step. The universe will provide for us as long as we work with it, as long as we put in action into getting what you say you want.

“What do I do?”
Do what you love.

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Love has an energy that cannot be defeated nor surpassed by any other energy. Energy manifests all things into being. How were you created and brought into this world? Through your parents connected energy, the passion, the love that was happening while they were having sex. Love creates. So do what you love. The money will come, the car will appear, the woman or the man will enter into your life because the energy of your love will attract them. Do what you love and be passionate about it. Your passion is what will manifest your desires into being, and passion is the partner of love. Love works through passion and passion works by love.

Know who you are, know what you desire, believe in it, become in it, and there will nothing that you cannot achieve.


Now Go Manifest those dreams!


To Not Loose Sight "Ivans Lesson"

There’s an old Jamaican saying that goes -“Cow Nevah Know Di Use a Him Tail Until Him Lose it”.  What this means is that, the true value of something may very well go unnoticed until its existance is no longer existent. We can also translate that to, “You don’t know what you’ve had or have, until you have nothing.”
There was a young boy, named Ivan, who while in college, was recieving a good amount of money every month which kept him financially stable. He felt good, and he was happy, but he still had a few worries. His worries were that he never had enough. He believed that he never had enough food, and for the food he did had, he felt they were not good enough for him to be able to make himself a satisfying meal. So he would either buy more groceries, plenty of which he did not use, or go out for something to eat simply because, he knew that he could afford it. Ivan also believed that he did not have enough clothes, and felt that the clothes he did have, were either not suitable for the weather or were limited for him to be able to put together an outfit. So he would purchase more clothes which would cost him quite a flawless penny. He would always go out, believing that to just rest at home would dull his life and nothing could ever be attained while sitting still in his apartment. The flow of money Ivan had, kept him on the go and at most times. His friends would hit him up consistenlty hoping to kick some time with him, but would claim to  be too busy  as he had got used to going out, having temporary conversations and moments with people that he would meet at diners and bars. Strangers who he would never see again. His girlfriend began to complain that she was not seeing enough of him and that they hardly talked nor have they in a while,  spent any time together. Yet, he ignored her feelings of neglect and in return neglected them with arguments, claiming that she was the one being selfish and desiring way too much of him. She warned him that although she truly loved him, if he would not shape up soon, she would grow tired and leave, he ignored that as well.
School was now over, and the money had stopped flowing. While comfortable with the flow of currency, Ivan never felt the need to get a job, therefore he was unemployed with now only a few dollars in his bank account and a very tight budget. Since he was now unable to go out and splerge as he used to, he now found good reasons to stay home, and actually found himself to be very productive, now reading books and excersising. He realized that his budget grew too tight for him to just go out and buy food whenever he got hungry, and was very surprised to discover the amount of meals he could make with the “little food” that he did have. He began to see things like snacks, and other edibles that he never knew existed in the pantry. As far as clothes go, with now no other choice but to use what he has, he was amazed at how many outfits he was able to put together with clothes he had neglected to wear. Also now, his phone had stopped rigning, none of his friends were calling him anymore,  they had accepted that his life was to busy to include them in it, so they gave up. His girlfriend though, was still there, and is actually the only one still consistent with including herself in his life. He came to realize how foolish he has always been, able to see now what he can live without, and also, what he can’t.
 This is an important message for each of us. For us to wake up, and not keep our minds so clogged that we neglect to have any time to notice the things and the people, in our lives, who really matter, who really love us, and desires to have a connection to us more than we even desire to have a connection with ourselves. Many of you already had those people in your lives, and if you didn’t pay good enough attention to their presence, you’ll notice that they’re gone. Let Ivans lesson, be an insight for you all. Don’t let it be too late that you no longer have what you’ve always had.


You may feel neglected, out of place, or feel that you don’t belong. You may especially feel as if, no one understands you and that no one would ever be able to. You are not alone, we have all felt that way, I know I have.


There have been many times where I looked at people, looked at the world, and decided that I lived in my own planet and I was the only one living in it. I was so sure of it too. I claimed myself as a walking ghost in the planet earth who only a few people could see. I purposely neglected people, strayed away from friendships, and stayed inside my invincible bubble. By me feeling this way, and accepting myself as an extreme loner, I was indeed alone, with no one to love or love me back, because I never allowed anyone the opportunity to get close enough to show me love. I soon found myself depressed and stressed, and finding every complaint to be made about people and the world itself, I was angry for no real reason, and I envied people with family and close relationships.


I attracted all of this into my life.

Once I started reading books like, “The Spirit of A Man” by Iyanla Vanzant and “Why do I love these people?” By Po Bronson, as well as watching YouTube videos on universal law, I began to understand that I was the initial creator of everything that manifested into my life, and that all of the issues I believed to have seen in people, were actually unsolved and unattended problems I had within myself. I learned the connection I had with the world, and all of the people in it.
I began to study myself, through meditation and looking at the affects of my past actions. I found that What I held inside for so long , was an repellent towards attachment, because growing up, I wasn’t so used to things or people really, staying attached. Everything was more so separated in my world.
We have all been afraid, we have all been doubtful, we have all felt hate, we have all felt anger, we have all felt stuck, we have all felt some type of way. But, that doesn’t mean we’re done and it sure doesn’t mean that we aren’t worth anything.
Every new day that we wake up, opening up our eyes and breathing in the air of the new day, we have made it. We have made it out of those feelings that kept us stuck and we are given a chance. A second chance to have life in a way that we didn’t have it the day before. We are given this chance, each and everyone of us, and you have the power to make the decision for what you’re going to do with your chance given.
 We have all, at some point in our lives, felt the same way. We have all had that thought of “I am alone. I have no attachment to anything neither does anything have any attachment to me.”
You are not alone, you will never be.
There are people who understand you, there are people with testimonies that can help guide you, and there are so many people who love you that if you don’t know them now, you will soon come to meet them. You are not alone, you are not detached, we are all…. One.


I am You

I am not a mystery
I am not difficult to find
I am all men and all women and all life
I’m their very thinking but they do not realize this
You do not have to look deep to find me
You do not have to search through the thousands of books which have been written about me
You do not have to go to the monasteries and temples where they teach of me
I am always right here
I am everywhere
There is no formula or great hidden secret for finding me
I have always been right here
The truth is so simple and so powerful
That man overlooks me
I am not hidden
I am not under tons of earth nor am i deep within the flesh
I am always everywhere
You need not do many many mantras
You need not endure many starving days of painful fasting
I am always with you
I am always present
I am You
I am not hidden as they think
I am all
Every part of you I am
I always have been and i always will be
Do not search deep you will bypass me
Do not withdraw from others
Ununited you will never find me
For i am in all life
I am in every man and in every woman
I am your very being, your every action, your every thought
Oh man, seek not so deeply
Open thy eyes that tho may see me
For i am everywhere
I am not hidden as you have thought
I am your soul

Credit for these words is due to audioenlightenment. Follow their youtube page which is “Youarecreators”. Visit their website @, for an audio version of his. 

Second Instruction- Young Women

Instruction for Young Women Whom Reside in the Jungle

Jungle– Place of poverty, referred to as the hood and the home of the minority.
– Young woman, you are in survival amongst savages, savages who work to make a savage out of you as well as keep you amongst them. Keep your head turned from these savages.

– Be careful not to follow in the footsteps and to not allow yourself to be influenced by other women, whom are either friends or family, that have accepted their lives to be rested in the ever so tormenting hands of poverty.
– Recognize your beauty and understand your worth; your naturalism means more than the state of your being. So value yourself, while nurturing and caring for the temple which your soul rests within.

– Conquer stability; if you are not happy, I warn you to remove yourself from your state of unhappiness. Have the understanding that the state of being unhappy is a meantime feeling/situation which only continues on further according to how much energy and focus you put into its negative aura.
– To the woman who wonders why she’s consistent with unstable or unfortunate men, and cannot figure out why her relationships tremble: you attract what you are & you are what you attract. Figure out whom you are, pay attention to how you are constantly feeling and the thoughts which are as well consistent with you, then you will see high similarities in your men.

– Your human nature is to love, care & support; do not abort this nature.

– Avoid those who are skeptics of men. They are those who speak ugly of men on a daily basis and foolishly believe that they can have a life without a man being included. Give distant ear to their gossip and you will recognize that it is actually themselves who they really speak ugly of, and it is the wise who can avoid them.
– To the pregnant woman, your life is neither over nor are you required to halt at your current position. Indeed your child is a blessing, but there are many more blessings to come for you. Do not be discouraged, do not be afraid, nor shall you be ashamed to accept the sincere aid from family & friends. Blessed is the woman who does not see her blessing from God as a form of punishment upon her life; blessed is the woman who is genuine in her praise for guidance from the lord for both herself & child.

– Do not push for hate or divinity between you and the father of your child; do not do harm to his mind where he feels in himself, that he has no other choice but to depart from his family. Be careful not to push away the undeniable much needed part of your child’s life; foolishly believing that your child will prosper from a mother that adopts both roles. Beware of the karma that may come which may be the discretion you receive from your child once they grow of age.
– To the gender confused woman, God did not bless in your mother a seed of man; your mother birthed a woman. To honor thy mother and thy father, as well as the lord which you give praise; Be a woman, think and reign as a Queen, care as a woman, and love as a mother.

– To the woman who shed tears of her suffrage; although you may live in poverty, poverty is not who you are nor does it in any way define you. Poverty is an illusion, that only when accepted as a barrier for progress, does it conquer you. Blessed is the woman who does not allow this, blessed is the woman who can rise above poverty because she knows that poverty is not who she is, and it does not determine her final resting place.



The other day I decided to begin a journal. Although I have my trials & tribulations in life, I find that there are so many things for me to be thankful for, things that I’d be afraid to loose because, I honestly wouldn’t know how to live without them if they were to suddenly dissapear, and things which feed to my happiness. I wanted to actually give appreciation to these things, I wanted to feed the motivation that I know I needed in order to stay motivated. I call this journal, 5. In it I write everyday in the morning, 5 things I’m grateful for so I can begin my day with a reason, and so I can begin my day already knowing the answer to the question- “why?”

Why am I here?

Why do I continue to do this?

Why is this person in my life?

Why should I smile?

5, answers all of these questions for me as I at the same time, provide it will all of my answers. So far, I’ve became more appreciated of life. I find myself smiling more, my social life has already evolved, and I’ve noticed that people are starting to come up and talk to me, rather than me just sitting at a table and being anti-social (yes this was me).

I reccomend that you start your 5, (Talking to YOU reader), find a book you’re not using or go ahead and buy a composition book and start every morning, to write down the 5 things you are grateful for, the 5 things that keep you alive! I promise you, that you will find life so much more enjoying, and the vibes you are sending out into the universe will respond in your favor.

Here are my 5 things of grattitute for today

1. Being able to live this day

2. My jacket that keeps me warm

3. This ipad that allows me to blog anywhere, anytime

4.Being able to have breakfast with my girlfriend

5. All of you readers & rebloggers! What would my life be without you? I Love You All!

The You that You don't see

Are you somewhere today that you weren’t the day before? A month before? What about a year before?
If so, then congratulate yourself.
You have progressed, you have evolved, you are a different you!
Life moves so fast for most of us and in this day and age, everything is so fast paced that at times we forget to notice ourselves. I know it’s the case for me.

As a college student, and working a part time job, I’m always on the move from one thing to another. It’s always school or homework. I can’t finish homework because work is in the next hour. I go to work, come back, try to finish homework so I can get a little sleep in, then wake up the next day to repeat the process.
Now what is one thing I did not mention me doing? Eating.
That’s right, I hardly have time to eat and when I do, it’s usually a Snicker bar to sustain my hunger, and several bottles of water to keep me hydrated. Obviously this is very unhealthy. I don’t have time to make sure I am eating healthy meals or cooking me a decent meal, which causes my school ethic to suffer.
A lot of college students have to juggle with work and school as well, and for the lucky ones who don’t have to work, they’re still juggling with large amounts of school work, while trying to prepare themselves for their future careers. When this happens, we all forget to work on the most important thing, and that’s ourselves. We forget to pay attention to ourselves and at the same time, we actually forget to live.

Think back for a minute. Clear your mind of everything including this blog, and think about a dream you once had, or a goal you’ve set for yourself. Go ahead; you can go as far back to your childhood…….


How was that flashback? Did it make you smile? Or did it disappoint you?
Are you living that dream? Have you reached that goal or close to it? If not, then why? What has been holding you back? If not well guess what, I’ve got some good news! It’s not too late! You just need to take time to see who and where you are now.

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and really looked at who you are?


I’m not talking about looking at yourself before and after you put your make up on or when you freshen yourself up to look good for a date or a party. I mean really analyzing the person you are starting when you look into the mirror…
Can you believe it? That’s you!
Take some time to ask yourself:
Are you happy with you?
Are you content with you?
Do you hate you?
Do you love you?
Do you regret you?
What kind of advice would you give you?

These are important questions because that you who you’re looking at, may not be the same you that you’ll see looking back at you tomorrow. With just one unconscious decision, your life can change for the worse.
There are many people in the world who focus hard on impressing other people, come to find out, they’re not even impressed with themselves. Are you impressed with you? Or do you have a little bit more work to do?

By being conscious of who you are and by having a clear understanding of what you want and need, your next decision could land you on a million dollars, or it could land you into joining hands with the man/woman of your dreams. You can change your life! I feel like at times we forget that and most of us believe that someone else is going to do it for us. So when we look into the mirror we see another reflection looking back at us because subconsciously, that’s who we want to be and that’s who we want to please. So who inspires your vision?

Do you want to be a Jay-Z? Well look in the mirror and see yourself as the next iconic hip hop artist. Or do you want to be an actor like Denzel? Well look into the mirror and see yourself holding that Oscar. Or what about a lawyer, doctor, astronaut, or a writer? You need to start seeing yourself as that already.


Or how about you ladies, are you inspired by Michelle Obama? Do you want to be the next Beyonce? Or be as successful as Oprah Winfrey? You can be and it doesn’t even have to be any of these or any celebrity that inspires you. You too can be that lawyer, doctor, astronaut, or a successful writer like J.K Rowling. Just look in the mirror, and start seeing an educated, strong & powerful Black Woman, because that’s who you are. You are not what they portray you as on TV. Say it to yourself, “I am not what they portray a black woman to be on the media”.
There you go, because those are actors, and damn good ones for the way they’ve been able to convince the minds of young black women and even men. Too many young black women are putting themselves down lower than their own standards. Isn’t that crazy?
It’s all possible!
But many of our women don’t even notice how they’re portraying themselves out to be in the eyes of the public because they’re moving at a fast pace trying to keep up with trends that change about every other week, or they want to please a “man” or “men” so bad, that they lose themselves.

Subconsciously we forget who we are because we never have time to pay attention, and then we become someone else that we never intended to be because we never took time to notice who we were becoming… This is the you that you don’t see, the you that’s dying.

You are important. Not the people who you want to please or who you like, or who you even claim you’re so crazy in love with when in reality they don’t even love you as much as you’re so fascinated with them.

Become fascinated with you because you are your number 1 priority; a most time consuming needed investment.