December 24, 2014 There was a riot going on in the streets of Chicago. Today, another unarmed black male was gun downed by the police. “He was a good kid, never bothered anyone, just a few months ago he was accepted in Howard, he didn’t deserve to die.” Yeah, you know the story, didn’t deserve […]

There’s an old Jamaican saying that goes -“Cow Nevah Know Di Use a Him Tail Until Him Lose it”.  What this means is that, the true value of something may very well go unnoticed until its existance is no longer existent. We can also translate that to, “You don’t know what you’ve had or have, […]

I’ve forced women to do some terrible things. Abortions, put their body’s up for pleasure, be unfaithful to their feelings, but worst of all, I’ve made some consider cutting their own life short. Who am I to have so much influence on a woman’s mind? A Queen, the one who gives life, a symbol of […]