Who Am I? Justice 

Who Am I?

They call me N-I double G, ER

If I aint in a cell, you can find me 

In the ER

Dead on Arrival 

Who shot me?

Take em to court trial

And they free on arrival

Jury texting during Judge sentence

Judge beating off to my 

body pictures

Shooters looking down

at my body like

He wouldnt listen 

Stupid nigga, 

showed him the badge

And he wouldn’t kiss it

Basic nigga

I should’ve listened 

What the fox say?

He was nothing but a thug

Bound to die by his own blood

Anyway, just another slave

And all I get from my president

Is God bless, protect the innocent

Let there be no more, same incident

The sweet Lucy rhetoric

I wonder

When he’s done with the office

Will he be black again?

Will he feel my mothers pain

Will they take one of his?

I dont wish death on no one

My country been wanting 

Me gone 

Successful, I clap for em

I’ve done died many times

Shots loud, hollows in the sky

Cried many times 

Still my people snoring

I wish I can dream still

But its too much of a 

Cold world in dreamville 

Why we battling to be kings?

Why everybody shouting out

To be seen?

You saw how I died,

You saw them shots fired

Arms around my neck

Chocking me to death

I couldn’t breath 

In that cell, they hung me

Put my blood on my own hands

Get it? 

My own blood on my own hands

I wont lie

I once shot my own man

Turned on my own brother

For money

Lustin for honeys 

Stealing from bee hives

So how do I expect to be seen

In devils eyes?

Yeah I know how to stay alive

Too bad I already died 

Justice! Justice!

Where is the justice?

Did I die just to die

Or was it all a message?

They call me 

Trayvon Sandra Mike Gardner Mcdonald

My people thinking 

consciousness Stops at leaving


Debating over who’s from where

Who knows what

And how loud they can gather

A cheer,

How many sheep, they can fill

In a chair

And here I am breathless

I guess I gotta keep dyin

Signs in the fog

Guess God gotta keep tryin…


"Advice To The Young" Poem by Fedrick Douglas Harper


Be true to your eyes, ears, thoughts, and feelings
Listen to your heart but yield to your mind’s best Judgment
Be kind and wise in spoken words, for surely your Words will follow you
Be not afraid of risks but be cautious
of actions Driven by emotion, confusion, and false friends
Avoid jealousy of others’ achievements and possessions
Don’t live with an insatiable greed
for more than You can appreciate or use
Don’t eat more than your hunger’s call or Drink beyond your thirst’s needs
Listen to spirits that favor you and offend not Those that oppose you
Absorb yourself in an activity worthy of your unique Talent,
and develop as many common Potentialities as you desire and can
Whatever you do, do it as well as you can
Live comfortably with your conscience, And be at peace with your soul
Be courageous in life, while always respecting Death’s luring and lurking 
Rest when tired and think when you are uncertain
Be kind to the sacredness of life and respect the Natural order of the universe
Follow no one or no thing except your own judgment
And your own divine wish
Love and respect yourself and your family
Be all you can by developing yourself
Do all you can in helping worthy others
And live a quality and meaningful life.
When the time arrives where we must pay for what we’ve done to this world, all that we’ve contributed and haven’t contributed to the land on that which we place our feet, and the air for which we so selfishly take for granted. When it comes time for us to come face to face with our fate for all that we have done, will the argument at that time, be race?

Smile Lil Bit

Hey lil bit
Why won’t you smile?
A lil bit
Turn that frown upside down
Just a lil bit
Don’t you know that scar ain’t nothing?
But a lil bit
Didn’t they tell you who you are?
You a star
Got a shine in you
And it ain’t just a lil bit
I know life been kicking you round
Just a lil bit
They tryna say
You ain’t a thing
But a lil bit
All that you could ever be
Is just a lil bit
Your heart speaks louder
Than them lil bits
Lil bit
So use it
More than just a lil bit
When they frown
As they look at the clouds
I need you to smile
Just a lil bit
The sky ain’t the limit
All it takes is a lil bit
Of lil bit
Lil bit, you are infinite
Whatever you dream
You can be
All it takes is just a lil bit
Of lil bit
Climbin up that ladder of faith
And then claimin it
So hey lil bit
Why won’t you smile?
A lil bit
Turn that frown upside down
Just a lil bit
You know I think you should laugh
Just a lil bit
Cuz life ain’t nothing but a test you can past
All it takes is a lil bit
Of Lil Bit



What makes you so beautiful? Is it your eyes? Is it your body?
Is it the shape of your body or the tone of your beautiful skin?
No. What makes you so beautiful are all of the things that people don’t see.
Why can’t they see it? Because your beauty is not simply seen by the naked eye that glances your way when you walk pass.
To see this beauty takes focus. Focus of the mind, and your own focus with your inner being.
For one has to be in tune with self to see your beauty.
Your beauty tells no lies and it sells no dreams, that it cannot promise.
Your beauty is made up of the same elements that make mother nature, your beauty is organic.
Your beauty is soundless but loud in the essence of the spirit.
Your beauty makes me mourn, your beauty make me laugh, your beauty makes me, connected to everything.
Fine like wine, no, just say your beauty is fine for infinite time. You, are infinite.
Your beauty makes love seem so real, even when it seems so invented.
Your beauty brings love so close, even when it seems so distant. That’s why I vent it.
What makes you so beautiful? If I ever tried to define it I’ll be lying, because for your beauty, there is no definition.
Only recognition, of the one so blessed to carry such beauty, miss special edition.
Within your eyes is the world of heaven, I can see the angel within you.
Thats why eye contact is the best contact,
because they take me to a place that most people believe they have to wait to die in order to see.
Your beauty gave me the order to see. I float heavenly in your sea.
Is it your eyes? is it your your body? Is it the shape of your body or the tone of your beautiful skin?
Maybe it’s your soul, your tone, your soul, your laugh, your soul, your touch, your soul, your energy
Maybe it’s your soul…Yeah
Infinite love, infinite peace, infinite energy
To and fro I’ll forever go for your infinite beauty.
Queen, sometimes you don’t even believe and you don’t even see the very thing that keeps me out of me and inside of you
Tearing up our “Me’s” and our “I’s” Making us one “Us” and one prime
But believe in me and I can help you more than visualize the vacation that I take, within your eyes.     Beautiful

Charleston Review

Dreams of Martin, in distant lands

Malcolm’s presence forgotten

perished in never land

where children are

forbidden to ever land

so fates of black faces

are ever lastin’

D’jango chains, still made

keepin slaves

lives get shot down

when followin passion

where are the masters?

The promised leaders,

of the masses?

Lives get shot down

when tryna lead them

tryna teach em 

how to climb a ladder

but eyes see’s bastards

those with badges

collectin ashes, that’s what cash is

While behind closed doors laughin

closed caskets

mom’s askin, where has Jesus been?

the devils mouth is wide open

screamin commandments

Behold a pale horse

gave no brail corpse

it was night talk, soul clarity

for a master piece, to master pieces

I hold a might torch, with a life source

for whoever need it

I know my people need it

Men & women in church prayin

wit they nose high

tryna get a whiff of somethin

heaven scented

then some shots rang

body’s fall, spirits rise

somebody cries

Look what heaven sent in

Dreams of Martin, in distant lands

Malcolm’s presence forgotten

Perished in never land

Garvey is a memory, Drew Ali

is never seen

young black faces, could never be

what they never see

only what they’re told to believe

forced to believe

in D’jango chains

that keep them chained

believe they sane

so they keep they names

don’t believe in slaves

but believe in aids & disorders

Prophets perished to the 

love of order

So now they outta order

innocent lives, kept in

Status stations

beautiful girl don’t know herself

or what fate she’s facin

Young knight 

only threat ain’t night

now the sun can shine

and any moment

Son can loose his life


to those days of

marriage life

cuz black faces don’t like black faces

and black faces get killed

no matter what the race is

Dreams of Martin, 

in distant lands

Malcolm’s presence forgotten

Where is the Promise Land?

The Ignored Prisoner

The ignored prisoner

never seen, never, never tend to

ignored like missed signs and blessings gone to waist

his cries

you don’t hear em


you feel it, but don’t heal it

he has chains cuffed on open flesh wounds

kept away from the world of life

where his voice can bloom, and he can sing its tune

but this prisoner still sees

all things, and even though he starves  

he still sits patiently, waiting

waiting for the guard with the keys, you

to wake up, unlock the cell

so that he can feel the sun touch his face

for the first time

taste air, 

for the first time

feel wind

for the first time

move his hands, move his legs, jump high

for the first time

while you want many things that this world provides

this prisoner just want one thing

to be free from inside

for the first time

Sometimes, sacrifices come as the best thing that can happen for ourselves. Sacrificing can be hard to do, and the process may be tough; yet at the end of the day, you know what decision is best for you to make, and if you have to sacrifice something or someone, to be removed from your life so that you can be a healthier and happier person, well then love yourself enough to do what’s best for you. There’s no reason to keep yourself trapped in pain. Don’t be afraid to be free. Remember, freedom is your birthright, and can’t nobody take that from you unless you allow them that power.
That’s a message coming from TruLove, from my heart to yours.
Open up yours hearts, and expand your minds!

"Jesus Wouldn't Like That" Poem


I stand by the cross
The bible says those who abide by Christ, never lost
So I
Do my best to keep my honor
Churchless souls, I eat they flesh like piranhas
What you wearing? Who you dress like?
That’s not Christ
Who you worship? How many times you pray? How strong your faith?
If it’s not like mine, I’m sorry I
Can’t accept you
You not my sister, Can’t be my brother
I can’t feed you
When you go to places that accept sinners in them
Gotta be separation
No integration, a little hatred, is necessary
Against those who don’t follow Christ name
May they feel pain
While we saved, and we pray
Amen Amen Amen
Don’t you dare curse
Jesus wouldn’t like that
Don’t come to church every Sunday? Oh no
Jesus wouldn’t like that
So we don’t have that
You having sex? You not married?
Guess what, you going to hell because
Jesus wouldn’t like that
Give your soul to my religion, and put Christ in your intentions
Jesus would really like that
Let me put my hand on your head
I’ll raise the dead
Because the way you living, isn’t living
It’s Satanism, and if I allowed it to continue
Jesus wouldn’t like that.
Message:  God loves. All the messengers that God sent to this earth, in their messages were instructions for the world to abide by peace, love, unity & faith. Jesus himself was of no religion, he was a man who represented brotherhood, and in all his preaching’s were messages for all to come together and love one another, not judge. To judge is the right or the action which God himself commands that he is the only one with that right of action. He warned of false prophets as well as those who use his name and the name of his messengers, in vain and in falsehood. Do not feel bad or ashamed because you’re not abiding by a certain ritual that you were told you should swear to. God wants you to be happy, God wants you to love all of his children, and most of all, God wants you to live the life he’s blessed you with, along with the free will that he granted you.
Peace & Blessings.