How To Stop Chasing Your Pain

The message is,

“Stop chasing “WHO’s” leaving you, when there is already “SOMEONE” who’s reaching for you.” – MansTruth
This is the cause of your pain.

We have to start singing the same song to our pain that we sing when it rains. “Pain pain, go away, don’t come back another day!” Then follow it up with a Jay melody, “We don’t need you! You mean no equal!” Why are we trying to equalize ourselves with the things that hurt us, and then disturbingly question the pain?
We see the rain, yet we still go outside with no umbrella! Why? Why is it that when we know that we must protect ourselves, we don’t? We go for it anyway. Now, I am all down for taking risks, but there is a thin line between sky diving with a parachute, and sky diving with just the belief that you could fly.️ Even God’s doing the face palm.

Side Note:  I told someone yesterday, “Become the sun, the sky needs you.” Really? She asked.
Well on a day where everyone is gloomy, it’ll be nice if someone brought in some shine right?… Right!

Many of us are chasing after a sickness, when the medicine we need is right behind us calling our name, “Apollo! Apollo! You fool I’m right here! I’m trying to heal you!” We are chasing this sickness because we have this toxic belief that what makes us sick, will also heal us… Where did that idea come from? 👀
Don’t kill the messenger! I’d like to know the source too.

The beginning quote is actually something that came to me while I was meditating in the shower (we all do it). All praise is due to my teacher, because I definitely needed the jewel.

Have you ever had someone break up with you, or have someone who you were interested in but they didn’t share the same feelings, however you kept trying to get their attention and trying to figure out why they were keeping their distance from you? All the while, you have someone who is completely interested in you but yet you were paying them little to no mind. We have this tendency to chase after what we can’t get and ignore what we already have, and this is why we are all accountable for our own suffering.

Keep ignoring the one chanting your name. Soon they will stop chanting and begin chanting for a new star that what’s to light up their earth. Now you’re just left lonely and single because soon you had also realized that the person who you were chasing was never going to slow down for you to catch them. So now what?

0 (2)  Why do we chase after our pain? Why are you chasing after something that serves you no good? If she left you why the hell are you still calling her phone? Calling his phone? These are questions which I have found to have left many people in doubt of themselves. It’s because we believe that we need answers. It’s because our hearts have gone into an emotional shock, and the mind is playing big brother saying, “hold on now, let’s go find out what’s really going on, because we-need-answers!”

No we don’t, we don’t need to do that. We don’t need to commit to an energy that drains our life right from under our noses, literally. All this does is serve us on the plate left to be eaten by our own dilemma. When God does something, we don’t need to ask him why he did it and what was his intentions. We just need to let the situation be the situation and go on with our lives.

So how do we stop chasing after our pain? How do we let go? We accept the pain as a part of our natural growth process and allow ourselves to grow through it, and eventually rise above it. We have to learn how to accept what is, and wake ourselves up from our illusions! The mind will play tricks on you my friends, but the heart… The heart will take you to where you need to go.

Imagine this, you’re running after trying to convince the person who don’t want you, while turning away the person who is probably meant for you. Life moves fast, and somethings just can’t be undone. We all have an engagement with our mistakes, this is only untied once we have truly learned and have evolved from the person who we were when we made them.

There is no such thing as coincidence, and there is no such thing as mistakes being done by the hands of God.
You are not a mistake!
Repeat it to yourself, “I am not a mistake!” Now turn around, your medicine is calling… tumblr_mtahiga2Bs1si1ap7o4_500

What Love Need's…


Good morning or evening friends. Wherever you are, I hope that this message reaches you well. I have some serious news to pass on to everyone throughout the globe. However, I would like to forewarn you, that what I’m about to say could mean the end of the world as you know it. It could change your emotions from joy and laughter to tears and pain, and then back again.
What I have to say…
In the words of the magnificent Stevie Wonder, “Love’s in need of love today”.


In this present time, we are seeing the world at a suffering state. After many years of fighting oppression and racism, black people are still having to scream out “Black Lives Matter.” We are at the potential of entering into a war that will be like no war that came before it. A war that would see a death rate of millions across the globe. A spiritual war.

We are seeing that unity comes through anger and frustration. Emotions that still divides. People are still divided within communities, more families are falling apart, long lasting friendships and relationships are ending, or have ended already. Trust and loyalty is more questionable. People are preferring to rather stay to themselves and be individuals vs. combining with other lives in the world. Love has become obsolete.


Relationships are apparent to be so rare today. There are more promotions for the single life and awesome that is, than are there shares of couples and how awesome it is to have a partner. Relationships have become such a rare thing that when seen, people either congratulate it “OMG! Look at that couple! Wow that’s nice to see”. Or hate on it, “Look at them, I give them a month… a week… ehh, a few days and they’ll be done. You can’t trust these hoes.”
You should know that I do not make any of this stuff up. These are statements that I have actually heard coming out of peoples mouths. A majority of us have stopped believing in love. A majority of us don’t know what love is.
Our nature is not to hate. Our nature is not to be divided or to divide ourselves from one another. I have said this many times and people have agreed, that we are naturally loving spiritual beings who have lost touch with our spiritual selves. It is not that we want to fight each other, kill each other, or separate from one another, but what we are involved in, in this present time is the game defined by philosopher Herbert Spencer known as, “survival of the fittest”. We are in survival mode.
“Everybody wants to be famous
  Nobody wants to be nameless, aimless
  People act shameless
  Tryna live like entertainers” – “Dirtee Cash” by Dizzee Rascal
There are many of us who feel like we have to be someone other than ourselves. Taking upon a whole new identity. We feel as if we have to prove something to be something, and we have to be involved with certain people, to matter to other people. Or we feel that we have to be a mirage of a trending look, create an illusion that we have a certain amount of money, in order to be looked at. We do things because we feel that these are the things that makes us feel complete, but that is wrong, and we are never left complete. Something is always missing, and that something is the you inside which you have lost connection with, your true identity, your true being, your spirit.
We are loving beings by nature, but our love needs love. We need to connect back into our heart space and let our heart be our guides, not our minds. The mind is a wonderful thing but a dangerous thing when given too much power of control.
The Mind vs. The Heart
The mind gives you what you want. The heart gives you what you need.
Following your mind may take you where you want to go, but following your heart will lead you to where you need to be. At the end of the day we each choose the path we walk on, but it is a very serious choice which is not realized. What you choose to follow, either the heart or the mind, will be the decision maker for the kind of life that you’ll live as well as the people who live in it with you. However, the heart loves us so much, that if we tell it that our mind is in control of things, it will say “ok”, and will easily let the mind be its guide.
The mind is good, because it helps us think about choices before we finalize them and it helps us see other options. But the heart is our confirmation, the heart verifies, and it is what helps enlighten the mind. Without the heart, the mind will only falsely think that it is enlightened and aware, and that is the ego in charge.


The world is seeing much suffering, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The path towards change begins with unity. In order for there to be unity however, we need to unite ourselves with our heart space. Unite ourselves with God, because that is the only way that we’ll be able to unite ourselves with each other.
aaahelpingthepoorWe need to do things not to receive, but because it fulfills us to give.
tumblr_n46ozmav5a1s942x1o1_500We need to be there for those that are suffering.


We need to quit our defense mechanism of being strangers, and welcome ourselves to talking to and meeting new people. We should feel comfortable with talking to someone who may be by themselves, or the ones who we notice are often quiet. These are the ones who suffer silently, because they feel as if they have no one to talk to. I have found that the consequences of individuals being left to suffer alone, tend to be suicide, or non-stopping self inflicting pain which soon leads to suicide.
We need to stop being afraid of Love, and start Loving each other! It is the only way that we’ll be able to see the positive change in the world if that’s what we really want to see for ourselves, and the generations to come.
We need to stop letting society be our guide, and just follow what our heart tells us.
We need to have the mindset of wanting to rather work out our issues than splitting apart because we are afraid of pain. We must stop avoiding pain and accept it for what it is. Which is a necessary discomfort that helps us evolve in our awareness of things, and evolve within ourselves because every ounce of pain received has a dose or two of a lesson.
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Love is in need of Love today, but in order for True Love to manifest, we must begin… Today.
You know how to change the world, so change it. It’s not hard.

How To Attract the Right Woman?

Men, men, men. My brothers, how are you today? I have faith that even though with all of the mishaps going on in the world, that all is well.
So, the question for today is for men, “How to attract the right woman?”




I’m going to start this off with a confession of my own, when I too, once desired the answers to the same exact question.
I used to believe that women are just tooooo difficult! I know, you’re probably saying out loud right now, “what does he mean? All women are difficult, that’s how they naturally are. What does he mean he used to believe that?” Lol, hear me out. I love women. I’ve always felt attached to women, in fact I was, for the most of my life, raised by women. I was always interested in having a relationship with a female ever since I was in kindergarten.I know, to a majority of people who may seem to be young to start thinking about wanting to have that have that type of attachment with a female who isn’t your mother. But what most people have to realize is that, whether male or female, we start the relationship attachment to a female, as soon as the first time our mother holds us in her arms, after we’ve just finished being born. Notice how the tears of a child stops as soon as he/she is in his/her mothers arms.


Well for me, as I said I was raised by women, but my mother was not able to be so much present during my childhood; I was living with my father. My father had many, many women. During my early childhood,I watched him get into several different relationships and I’ve met several here & go’s with my father. While witnessing my fathers trials, I felt a common connection between him and I. We both wanted to fill a void in our hearts, which was the lack of a free unconditional connection, with one woman. Although a very young child, neither my grandmother nor my aunts who helped in raising me, were able to fill in that void. However, I loved and still love them dearly.


Moving along further in my years, I wanted to figure out how I can get a female in my life, and keep her there. My father, who was obviously unsuccessful with maintaining just one relationship, and my mother, who obviously didn’t stay around, both made me realize that I needed to figure this all out on my own. So I would watch the guys around me at school, who seemed to receive all of the attention from females, and I paid attention to how they would attract the females. I was surprised to learn that I didn’t have to learn much, why? Because everybody was doing the same thing!
Everybody talked the same way, Everybody used the same “game” they all put on the same act! Although confused, I was at a bit of relief. I did not know why they were doing it, all I knew was that it worked. So I did it. I became a thug, I became a rapper ( a very good one), I adopted the slang, and I approached women the same way as all of the other guys approach them. Did I get the women? Yes. Did they stay? Hell No.


Why didn’t any of the relationships work out?
I attracted physically beautiful women, because I had “swag”. I attracted physically beautiful women, because they liked that I was among the popular group of individuals. I attracted physically beautiful women, because they liked my money. Notice how, none of what I said they liked, actually included me. At the end of the day, I was being a mimic, not myself, and what one woman would complained about a man, would be in other woman’s complaints, and at the end of the day, it all ended with the most famous complaint of them all! “All guys are the same!”


Let me get a Youuuuu Guessed it!
And they were right, all of the guys they dealt with, were acting the same. Including me. Therefore, none of us were able to keep a successful relationship. We were not able to attract the right woman, who we would end with for the rest of our lives. We weren’t being ourselves, therefore, subconsciously, we were attracting each others women, and ending up with the same results!

Man being rude to woman

So what’s the solution? What did I figure out? How can you attract the right woman in your life?


Let’s begin…
Number 1
Stop Doing too much!
Come on now fellas! How often are you looking in the mirror and how much time are you spending grooming yourself? Seriously?! I know, I was doing the same thing until I realized how foolish I looked, and that I was getting too in touched with a female trait. There’s nothing wrong with looking good, but a lot of you are competing with the women. Stop That!… Now! A real woman will look at you and not just call you out on your act, but she may not say anything to you at all and just say in her head, “this guy’s a bit funny.” Also, how much money are you spending daily? On clothes, jewelry, drinks, and the other things that guys are using to get women’s attention. The only time of women you are attracting, are materialistic lusting women. You will never be happy, because your happiness will be defined by how happy you are making her with the things you are buying her. Your clothes are not even your clothes. Because guaranteed, if they didn’t grab the attention of those physically gorgeous women, you wouldn’t wear them. You will never be happy this way and will keep moving through different relationships. Real women don’t care about your physical possessions, they’re more concerned about your brains possession. Are you wise? or are you a fool?
Number 2
Have Confidence
A lot of you aren’t confident in yourselves, and that’s why you’re either still single, or relationships don’t seem to work out for you. All women can sense whether a man has or lacks self-confidence. Be confident in yourselves! You are men! We are kings! We are gods! We are each individually unique beings. An outstanding possession of confidence within self, will without a doubt, attract the right woman. Don’t be afraid to approach a woman, and don’t be afraid to speak your mind to any woman. Real women, lusts confidence.
Number 3
Be Original
If you didn’t pick this up from my story above, my friend, I don’t know what to tell you, besides that you must be comfortable behind a mask. Besides loving yourself, there is absolutely nothing more important than being yourselves, and using number two’s rule by having confidence in being yourselves. Don’t be afraid of being who you are. You like comics? Keep loving it! You love animals (as you should) keep loving them! You love to read and seek knowledge? Keep reading and keep seeking! If a female doesn’t agree with it, oh well! She’s not the one for you! Move along my friend. What I’ve learned is that, you will find the person who you will love, by doing what you love! So just keep doing it! There’s only one you in this world, and you’re only in your flesh for one lifetime. Why put it to waste by pretending to be inside another?
Final 4
Love Yourself
I’m going to end these lesson on an even number because there is absolutely nothing odd, about loving yourself. If you do not love your self, nobody will truly love nor really respect you. Read that line again to yourselves and whomever you feel may need to hear it. The lack of love for ourselves is what makes this world seem like it’s under total destruction. Because we don’t love of ourselves, we are causing total destruction to our own selves. Putting whatever type of food in our mouths, acting outside of our true nature, treating other people with hate, having toxic emotions like jealousy and envy, allowing other people to treat us any kind of way. These are all things that derive from the lack of love, for ourselves. If you do not love yourself, men, you will fall for any relationship, and not only is it a high possibility that the female wont love you as well, but you will be treating each other bad. A lack of love for self, allows no love to enter into a relationship. A lack of love for self, disconnects you with your inner you, it disconnects you from the world. Love yourselves gentlemen, don’t worry about who doesn’t like or who may or may not love you. Love yourself, and your TruLove will come. You can hold my word on that one.
There you go fellas! The 4 ways to attract the right woman. I hope you use it effectively and I hope that your TruLove, is not too far away from entering into your lives. Fell free to ask questions or add onto the list!


This is TruLove- Opening your hearts & expanding your minds!

How To Love Within The Storm

Loving you is complicated, but I rather remain with you while you piss me off, than for our happiness to forever be, just a memory.
In life, there is a balance of good and bad. You can’t have the good without having the bad, you can’t have sunshine without a little rain, in a pile of good apples, there’s at least one that’s spoiled. These are all metaphors that each of us has had our share of experiencing in our lives. The key to enjoy life as it brings both the good and the bad, is to not let that one bad apple stop you from your satisfactory of all the good ones.


The good and bad principle applies heavily in relationships, whether the relationships is a friendship or an intimate one. Just as much as there are good times, there will be bad times which has an actual purpose of testing the persons involved in the relationship, faith for one another.

African American woman sitting at cocktail party with boyfriend

It can be difficult. There may come a time when you cannot stand the person you are involved with and you even start to question why the hell did you even get involved with them in the first place. Perhaps there is a situation going on with you right now as you are reading this. You may even call it cliche if I tell you the best way to resolve a current aggravating situation, is to remember how it was before the feelings that you feel now, came into existence. Well, think about it this way, there was once a time when the things that bother you now, had no control over your emotions yet they still existed, you just didn’t think of them as a problem.
When it rains it pours, and we’re all miserable. When the sun shines, we’re happy, and we forget that it even rained.


Nobody likes to stand in the rain, as soon as we start to feel the piglet drops on our head, we flee for shelter and dare not to go back outside, we say, “I’ll return when it’s clear.” Oh how alive is this in most relationships today, when many of us flee from our person as soon as we feel a peck of discomfort or dissatisfaction. I know, it doesn’t seem to be so easy to maintain your love when on the balance scale,during the moment at hand, the good is outweighed by the bad. The problem there is the thought that, anything worth having or valued is achieved easily. The fault in many of us is in that wrong inquiry.
It is quite understandable though, why we tend to flee when unpredictable situations start raining down on our relationships, because we’re so used to the joyfulness we were having, that when a relationship has arrived at its troubled times, we immediately forget how to love.
We forget to understand. We forget to consider the feelings of the other person. We forget about all the things we seen and felt about the other person, before they became seriously involved in our lives, the times when their presence alone whether physically or virtually, gave us butterflies. Being this forgetful, may land us in a predicament which won’t acknowledge until it becomes something we regret, such as loosing the person from our lives completely.
Here’s how to avoid this:
  • Allow idle time for the heat to wine down.
  • Be still and calm your own thoughts, so that you may consciously plan out what you’re going to say with consideration for how it’s going to affect the current situation, before you speak.
  • Before you acknowledge to the other person of their own flaws, look at your own. Recognize what you should have done vs. what you shouldn’t have done, and bring that to conversation.
  • Repel yourself from making judgement.
  • Discuss the problems along with possible solutions.
  • Do not fall victim to peer pressure of those who speak against the longevity of your relationship.
  • Think of something to say, like a happy memory, that will make the both of you smile.
  • Understand the other persons frustration.
  • Plan out together, a right action to both avoid a similar situation, and a plan of action to avoid things that may create similar feelings that was brewed upon the current conflict.
  • Go out for ice cream.
And it’s quite simple. We’re all human beings therefore we all have emotions and we’re all going to have to deal with conflict, the task is to not let the conflict, whatever it is, ruin you and what you love.
For the next time it rains…


Just take out your umbrella.

It's All In Your Head


It’s All in Your Head

Life can seem to be so difficult, that’s why it’s easy to underestimate the power of the mind.
 -Thoughts become things.
– What you believe to be true, is. According to you. It’s your own reality.
– As a man thinketh! So is he.
 These are all true quotes which identifies our own minds as the illustrator of our lives.
You know that voice in your head? The one that talks back to you. It tells you what’s right and what’s wrong, how you should feel towards a situation vs how you shouldn’t, and we end up in an argument trying to figure out which route to take. We all go through this short dilemma before actually taking action.
 We are the gods of our feelings and our actions. So that means, you can either be your own destruction, or your own prosperity. Ultimately, you decide who the master is, of you. Whether it be yourself, or outside forces that’s been forcing their way inside of your head which you allow in, when you forfeit the fight to remain in control. Stress is the outcome of not being in control of yourself.


 So, what is stress? Stress is the uncertainty about whether or not you have the ability to handle a situation put onto you, effectively, according to how you feel about it. With this uncertainty comes the rush of uneasiness; through uneasiness comes the feelings of anger, frustration, sorrow & pain. What is stress? Stress is a feeling made manifest through how negatively you perceived a situation to be. The thought process created this.


 Let’s say your job cut down your hours, and because you’re thinking about how much you need the money to pay your bills and eat, it’s stressing you out. You’re looking at it as either your boss has something against you or life is just being unfair to you. But what if you switched that around. What if you took that hourly loss at your job as something positive in your life? What if you seen it as leverage granted for you to have time to search for a new job that may end up paying better, and give you satisfying hours. Or maybe you realize that you no longer want to work under anyone else, and the cut back on hours granted you time to start your own business.
You see how much more enlightening the positives are than the negatives? It’s all about what way you choose to accept the things that come into your life.
You either deal with them, or let them deal with you.
Thanks to free will, the choice is always yours to make.


 Now let’s discuss the language of stress. How the way you speak of & on things, can create the feeling which begins in your brain.
 Saying things  like “I can’t”, “It isn’t possible”’ “it isn’t fair” or “I should have”, makes you inferior In a world full of predators, thus leaving you as prey to be devoured by conquerors. Once conquered, you’re a slave to whatever now has a hold on, and control over you. The only way to beat this before it even becomes, is to become conscious of your thoughts and the words you speak. You must hold yourself accountable for any outcome in any situation in your life, because somehow you could have prevented it. It’s so easy to not be in control of yourself, to not be the master of you. You can put blame on others, put blame on the world, say “it’s just life, so I gotta deal with it”, and then you might as well rename yourself Peter Pan, because you’ll never grow out of the life you’re in.


 A deadly word is the word “IF”.
 The way that the word “IF” is used, has a huge influence on why certain things happen the way they do, and how you feel about them.
 “It would be better “IF” this wouldn’t happen or that wouldn’t have occurred…”
 “I’d be able to only “IF” it wasn’t too much…”
 “I’d be happy “IF” she’d allow me or he’d make a way, or if things were like this…
 “I wouldn’t have done it “IF”
 The way “IF” is used in each of these sentences implies defeat, and states your incapability, rather than your ability. Once again, this is all created from thought and ones way of perceiving things.
 Start taking responsibility for the things you blame “IF” for, and you’ll find that instead of complaints, you’ll speak more on solutions.
Now… Scream!



Go ahead, scream aloud and let the pain, the frustration, the misery, and the confusion all exit out of your lungs. Scream it out! Scream at the things frustrating you, and while you are screaming, tell them that you are now taking back control of your life and they no longer have any power over you.


 Now ease the screaming up a little bit… You’ll notice that  this will happen naturally.



Know that it’s alright

Now… Pray.
Black-Woman-praying 168639563
Ask God to help you see that he’s there for you, ask for him to remove all the things that make you forget his presence in your life and the protection he has over you. Ask God for strength.
Once a person knows and accepts that God is not only their superior, but their friend, their protector, their guide. They shall fear no power, nor follow any instruction, that is not sent through by him.
What is Stress? My friends, stress does not exist, only you do. You have the power to decide what is real, and what isn’t.
Peace & Blessings.


How do you have sex without having to sacrifice your time or your money, and without having to be committed to the other person?

Friends-with-benefits--100419 (2)

Well you find someone you think is attractive and you say, “Hey, you want to be friends?” And if they say yes you say, “Ok great! And how about we add some benefits to that?”
Or what about if you already have a friend who you’re attractive to and you’ve been secretly thinking about having sex with this person for a while now but never dared to take that approach? You hit them up with a text saying “hey, wassup. So I’ve been thinking and… I think it’s time that we step up our friendship and make it beneficial, if you catch my drift.”
Now, there are 2 ways that this can go for each situation.
1. Your new friend could think that you’re an absolute creep and may either slap you or give you a “WTF” look and then walk away. Or…
2. They may find you attractive as well, and having someone to just mess around with may also be with their looking for. If so, congrats to you, and enjoy your fling for however long It may last.
But what about your friend that’s already a friend?
1. You may never get a response and your proposal will be the last message you ever see in that conversation. Either that or they may brush it off with a few “LOL’s”, or simply say, “not happening”, and will try to safely assume that you’re drunken texting. You’ve been curved either way.
I couldn't resist!
HAHA I couldn’t resist!
I Just couldn’t resist with that one! But Back to it.
2. You could be lucky. Your friend may have had these same feelings all along but just like you, they never said anything. Or maybe this txt just made them think about it and they’re willing to sign the contract. The Friends with benefits contract.
Here are the rules and regulations that go along with this contract.
1. You must understand that the two of you are friends, not boyfriend and girlfriend. The word relationship is found nowhere in the FWB Contract besides when it’s assuring you not to have one.
2. It’s just sex, that’s all it is. Rough, ass smacking, fantasy fulfilling, 50 shades of Grey if you’re brave, sex. Go all out! Make love once, and you fuck it all up.
3. None of that, “What’s your favorite color?” “What’s your favorite restaurant?” and “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” Type of questions and discussions. This is the type of conversations that mixes up emotions and messes with people’s heads into believing that something that’s not going to be, will be in the perhaps, near future. It makes the other person involved think; this is a pathway to a relationship, not a FWB situation.


But is it really just a FWB situation? What’s the one thing we can neither control nor avoid? Feelings and emotions. Once they come, you must make a decision on what you’re going to do with these feelings, and if your decision can be backed up with enough strength to handle whatever outcome.
First off, why do women agree to a FWB contract in the first place? It’s not in a woman’s nature to just have sex with someone she has no type of feelings or interests for, and then to keep having sex without getting emotionally involved. Women are not like us men. We can have sex with a person today, probably another person that same night, and move on to a new name tomorrow. Sad to say but the truth is the truth; we can be savages, but not her. No, if a woman does come across as a savage, there’s a man behind her actions. Either she’s been severely hurt before and trying to pay back an ex with revenge by using her body, or maybe she has never had a man in her life and is searching for that figure the only way she learned how, or she has a lack of funds and there’s a man aiding her lifestyle with a catch. It’s never just the woman.
Still, why the agreement to FWB? Well, if it isn’t to get back at an ex or that she’s never had a real man in her life to teach her better, then it’s not really a FWB contract for her, she’s just letting you believe that. “What? I just knew it! I knew that it was too good to be true.” Indeed it is.
Come on guys! Women are emotional creatures, their nature is to love and cater to their man, not just fuck around and not catch any emotions. No matter what they try to convince you. If she consistently texts you before booty call hours and you have lengthy conversations which do not concern her being horny or sex in general, but rather conversations which would be held if you were courting each other, she’s not here just for the sex bro. The shark… is on the hunt!
So what do you do? YOU RUN! Lol, no, well, that could be an option. But anyway, you must pay attention to the signs of attachment. If FWB is really want you want, then you would have to do what it takes to make sure she never see’s you as boyfriend material. Be an asshole. Yeah, that means you cannot respond to every single text, offer her a shot, not juice, and get familiar with one line responses. In no such way can you portray the nice guy image because then, you would look more dateable than just a late night fuck.
Listen brothers, although the whole idea of having sex with no strings attached can be great and is the desire for most of us, it’s definitely a dangerous thing to get involved with. And although we may love to deny it, eventually we too can get caught up in our feelings and then it’s the whole “what do you do next” scenario, because it’s hard to tell what the other person is thinking when there was a mutual agreement made. Maybe the two of you are scared of speaking out the true feelings that you may have for each other, but if you do catch feelings, let it be known immediately! Holding them in will only end up in yours getting hurt and you being left disappointed.


Unless you are sure you can handle it and you can make sure that she never see’s you as a potential lifetime partner, AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS!
But hold up, don’t get me wrong now, there have been relationships created from FWB situations. Although the agreement was to only have sex, both persons were able to find things in each other that they liked, the sex ended up being great and they were both very satisfied, conversations, then dates started to happen, and then BANG! The FWB contract was torn up and commitment became the new agreement…
Just know what you’re doing.

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