The message is, “Stop chasing “WHO’s” leaving you, when there is already “SOMEONE” who’s reaching for you.” – MansTruth This is the cause of your pain. We have to start singing the same song to our pain that we sing when it rains. “Pain pain, go away, don’t come back another day!” Then follow it […]

Good morning or evening friends. Wherever you are, I hope that this message reaches you well. I have some serious news to pass on to everyone throughout the globe. However, I would like to forewarn you, that what I’m about to say could mean the end of the world as you know it. It could […]

This is the reality which we all know. Many of us have actually done this form of catcalled and even at a more dissrespectful level. What is your reaction after seeing this? If you’re a catcaller, will you now stop the rude assaults after seeing it from the outside in? For those of you with […]

Men, men, men. My brothers, how are you today? I have faith that even though with all of the mishaps going on in the world, that all is well. So, the question for today is for men, “How to attract the right woman?”                                                                                                                                                                                     I’m going to start this […]