In the video below, Sandra Bland’s mother makes a statement regarding the case where no indictments were made on the death of Sandra Bland.   In case you’ve forgotten her name #SandraBland Meanwhile during the Steve Harvey hype.. ・・・ A grand jury will not indict anyone in connection with the death of Sandra Bland, who was […]

  In his final recorded speech, “I’ve been to the Mountain Top”, Dr. King addresses the illness of America and it’s contagious attachment to the black people, which still thrives on today. Dr. King speaks on the importance of unity, and even references the days of Pharaoh, how he was able to prolong the slaves […]

Instagram Star Shelah Marie, explained why she posts her thirst traps and says women shouldn’t be ashamed of their sensual bodies.    She stated that the negatice feedback she recieves from women, even those who she knows, towards her photos, -“highlights how deeply ingrained our self hatred and our body hatred is in who we […]